Krishna's Prayer by Kunti


"Srimati Kunti said: O Krishna, I offer my obeisances unto You because You are the original personality and are unaffected by the qualities of the material world. You are existing both within and without everything, yet You are invisible to all. [18]

A`m` - 8

O~ AWm_m Zo nmS>dm| Ho$ de H$mo {Z~uO H$aZo Ho$ {b`o ~m?H$m `moJ {H$`m Wm, V~ gde{?_mZ?^JdmZ lrH?U Zo AnZo {ZO A? gwXeZ-MH? go eaUmJV ^?m| H$s ajm H$s?amp; Cmam Ho$ J^? H$mo nmS>dm| H$s de nanam MbmZo Ho$ {bE AnZr _m`m Ho$ H$dM go T>H$ H$a ajm H$s?amp; {\$a O~ ^JdmZ?lrH?U m[aH$m OmZo bJo V~ AnZo nwm| Ho$ Ama mnXr Ho$ gmW gVr Hw$Vr Zo ^JdmZ?lrH?U H$s Bg H$ma `h Vw{V H$s :--

Z_`o nwf?dm@@_ra?H?Vo: na_??amp;

Ab`? gd^yVmZm_V~{hadpWV&& 18?amp;&

Hw$Vr Zo H$hm --- Amn g_V OZm| Ho$ ~mha Ama ^rVa EH$ag pWV h& {\$a ^r Bp`m| Ama d{m`m| go XoIo Zht OmVo, `m|{H$ Amn H?{V go nao Am{X nwf na_oa h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVr h&& 18?amp;&

_m`mOd{ZH$mN>_kmYmojO_``_? ?amp;

Z b`go _yT>em ZQ>mo ZmQ>Yamo `Wm?amp;& 19?amp;&

Bp`m| go Omo Hw$N> OmZm OmVm h? CgH$s Vh _| Amn {d_mZ ahVo h?Ama AnZr hr _m`m Ho$ nX} go AnZo H$mo T>Ho$ ahVo h& _?A~moY Zmar Amn A{dZmer nwfmom_ H$mo ^bm, H?go OmZ gH$Vr h? Ogo _yT>bmoJ Xygam ^of YmaU {H$`o hE ZQ> H$mo `j XoIH$a ^r Zht nhMmZ gH$Vo, dgo hr Amn {XIVo hE ^r Zht {XIVo?amp;& 19?amp;&

Being beyond the range of limited sense perception, You are the eternally irreproachable factor covered by the curtain of deluding energy. You are invisible to the foolish observe, exactly as an actor dressed as a player is not recognized.[19]

VWm na_hgmZm?_wZrZm__bm_Zm&

^{?`moJ{dYmZmW? H$W?n`o_ {h {`:?amp;& 20?amp;&

Amn ew? X`dmbo {dMmaerb OrdZ _w? na_hgm| Ho$ X` _| AnZr o__`r ^{? H$m gOZ H$aZo Ho$ {b`o AdVrU?hE h& {\$a h_ An-~w{? {`m?AmnH$mo H?go nhMmZ gH$Vr h&& 20?amp;&

You Yourself descend to propagate the transcendental science of devotional service unto the hearts of the advanced transcendentalists and mental speculators, who are purified by being able to discriminate between matter and spirit. How, then, can we women know You perfectly? [20]

H?Um` dmgwXodm` XodH$sZXZm` M?amp;

ZXJmonHw$_mam` Jmo{dXm` Z_mo Z_:?amp;& 21?amp;&

Amn lrH?U, dmgwXod, XodH$sZXZ, ZXJmon Ho$ bmS>bo bmb Jmo{dX H$mo h_mam ~ma~ma Um_ h&& 21?amp;&

Let me therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord, who has become the  son of Vasudeva, the pleasure of Devaki, the boy of Nanda and the other cowherd men of Vrindavan, and the enlivener of the cows and the senses.[21]

Z_: nH$OZm^m` Z_: nH$O_m{bZo?amp;

Z_: nH$OZom` Z_Vo nH$Om"`o?amp;& 22?amp;&

{OZH$s Zm{^ go ~m H$m O_WmZ H$_b JQ> hAm h? Omo gwXa H$_bm| H$s _mbm YmaU H$aVo h? {OZHo$ Zo?H$_b Ho$ g_mZ {demb Ama H$mo_b h? {OZHo$ MaU-H$_bm| _| H$_b H$m {Mh h?--- lrH?U! Eogo AmnH$mo _oam ~ma~ma Z_H$ma h&& 22?amp;&

My respectful obeisancs are unto you, O Lord, whose abdomen is marked with a depression like a lotus flower, who bare always decorated with garlands of lotus flowers, whose glance is as cool as the lotus and whose feet are engraved with lotuses.[22]

{dfm_hmo: nwfmXXeZm-

Xgg^m`m dZdmgH?N?gt;V:?amp;

_Yo _Yo@ZoH$_hmaWmVmo

m`VMm_ hao@{^a{jVm:?amp;& 24?amp;&

{fHo$e! OgoAmnZo Xw?gt; H?g Ho$ mam H?X H$s hB?Ama {MaH$mb go emoH$JV XodH$s H$s ajm H$s Wr, dgo hr nwm| Ho$ gmW _oar ^r AmnZo ~ma-~ma {dn{m`m| go ajm H$s h& Amn hr h_mao dm_r h& Amn gde{?_mZ?h& lrH?U! H$hm?VH$ {JZmD? --- {df go, bmjmJh H$s ^`mZH$ AmJ go, {h{S>~ Am{X amjgm| H$s {?gt; go, Xw?gt;m| H$s yV-g^m go, dZdmg H$s {dn{m`m| go Ama AZoH$~ma Ho$ `wm| _| AZoH$ _hma{W`m| Ho$ emm| go Ama A^r-A^r Bg AWm_m Ho$ ~m?go ^r AmnZo hr h_mar ajm H$s h&& 23-24?amp;&

O Hrisikesh, master of the senses and Lord of lords, You have released You mother, Devaki, who was long imprisoned and distressed by the envious King Kansa, and me and my children from a series of constant dangers.

My dear Krishana, Your Lordship has protected us from a poisoned cake, from a great fire, from cannibals, from the vicious assemble, from suffering during our exile in the forest and from the battle where great generals fought. And now You have saved us from the weapon of Asvatthama. [23-24]

{dnX gVw Z:1 em?V?OJwamo?amp;

^dVmo XeZ?``mXnwZ^dXeZ&& 25?amp;&

OJw?! h_mao OrdZ _| gdXm nX-nX na {dn{m`m?AmVr ah|; `m|{H$ {dn{m`m| _| hr {ZpMV ?n go AmnHo$ XeZ hAm H$aVo h?Ama AmnHo$ XeZ hmo OmZo na {\$a O_-_`w Ho$ M?a _| Zht AmZm nS>Vm?amp;& 25?amp;&

I wish that all those calamities would happen again and again so that we could see You again and again, for seeing You means that we will no longer see repeated births and deaths.[25]

O_`lwVlr{^aoY_mZ_X: nw_mݟ&

Zdmh`{^YmVw? d?dm_{H$#mZJmoMa&& 26?amp;&

D?Mo Hw$b _| O_, Eo`? {dm Ama gn{m Ho$ H$maU {OgH$m K_S> ~T> ahm h? dh _Zw` Vmo AmnH$m Zm_ ^r Zht bo gH$Vm; `m|{H$ Amn Vmo CZ bmoJm| H$mo XeZ XoVo h?Omo AqH$MZ h&& 26?amp;&

My Lod, Your Lordship  can easily be approached, but only  by those who are materially exhausted. One who is no the path of [material] progress, trying to improve himself with respectable parentage, great opulence, high education and bodily beauty, cannot approach You with sincere feeling. [26]

Z_mo@{H$#mZ{dmm` {ZdmJwUdm`o?amp;

Am_mam_m` emVm` H?d`nV`o Z_:?amp;& 27?amp;&

Amn {ZYZm| Ho$ na_?YZ h& _m`m H$m nM AmnH$m ne?^r Zht H$a gH$Vm?amp; Amn AnZo Amn _| hr {dhma H$aZodmbo, na_ emV d?n h& Amn hr H?d` _moj Ho$ A{Yn{V h& AmnH$mo _? ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVr h&& 27?amp;&

My Obeisances are unto You, who are the property of the materially impoverished, You have nothings to do with the actions and reactions of the material modes of nature. You are self-satisfied, and therefore You are the most gentle and are master of the monists.[27]

_`o dm?H$mb_remZ_Zm{X{ZYZ?{d^w&

g_? MaV?gd ^yVmZm?`p_W: H${b:?amp;& 28?amp;&

_?AmnH$mo AZm{X, AZV, gd`mnH$, g~Ho$ {Z`Vm,H$mb?n na_oa g_PVr h& ggma Ho$ g_V nXmW?Ama mUr Amng _| Q>H$amH$a {df_Vm Ho$ H$maU nana {d hmo aho h? naVw Amn g~_| g_mZ ?n go {dMa aho h&&

My Lord, I consider Your Lordship to be eternal time, the supreme controller, without beginning and end, the all pervasive one. In distributing Your mercy , You are equal to everyone. The dissensions between living beings are due to social intercourse.[28]

Z doX H$pMJdpMH$s{fV?/font>

Vdoh_mZ` ZUm?{dS>~Z&

Z `` H$pM{`Vmo@pV H${h{MX

o`M `p_Z?{df_m _{VZUm&& 29?amp;&

^JdZ? Amn O~ _Zw`m| H$s - gr brbm H$aVo h? V~ Amn `m H$aZm MmhVo h?- `h H$moB?Zht OmZVm?amp; AmnH$m H$^r H$moB?Z {` h?Ama Z A{`?amp; AmnHo$ g~Y _| bmoJm| H$s ~w{?hr {df_ hAm H$aVr h&& 29?amp;&

O Lord, no one can understand Your transcendental pastimes, which appear to be human and so are misleading. You have no specific object of favour, nor do You have any object of envy, People only imagine You are partial. [29]

O_ H$_?M {dm_O`mH$Vwam_Z:?amp;

{V`LZ{ffw1 `mX:gw VX`V{dS>~Z&& 30?amp;&

Amn {d?H$s Am_m h? {d$n h& Z Amn O_ boVo h? Ama Z H$_? hr H$aVo h& {\$a ^r new-njr, _Zw`, F${f, ObMa Am{X _| Amn O_ boVo h?Ama CZ `mo{Z`m| Ho$ AZw?n {X`H$_?^r H$aVo h& `h AmnH$s brbm hr Vmo h&& 30?amp;&

Of course it is bewildering, O soul of the universe, that You work, though You are inactive, and that You take birth, though you are the vital force and the unborn. You Yourself descend amongst animals, men, sages and aquatics. Verily, this is bewildering.[30]

Jmo`XXo d{` H?VmJ{g Xm_ VmdX

`m Vo XemlwH${bbmOZg^_mj_??amp;

d? {ZZr` ^`^mdZ`m pWV`

gm _m?{d_moh`{V ^ra{n `{^o{V?amp;& 31?amp;&

O~ ~MnZ _| AmnZo XyY H$s _Q>H$s \$moS>H$a `emoXm _`m H$mo {IPm {X`m Wm Ama Chm|Zo AmnH$mo ~mYZo Ho$ {b`o hmW _| agr br Wr, V~ AmnH$s AmIm| _| Amgy N>bH$ Am`o Wo?amp; H$mOb H$nmobm| na ~h Mbm Wm, Zo?MMb hmo aho Wo Ama ^` H$s ^mdZm go AmnZo AnZo _wI H$mo ZrMo H$s Amoa PwH$m {b`m Wm! AmnH$s Cg Xem H$s --- brbm-N>{d H$m `mZ H$aHo$ _?_mo{hV hmo OmVr h& ^bm, {Oggo ^` ^r ^` _mZVm h? CgH$s `h Xem!?amp;& 31?amp;&

My dear Krishna, Yosada took up a rope to bind You when You committed an offense, and Your perturbed eyes Overflooded with tears, which washed the mascara from Your eyes. And You were afraid, though fear personified is afraid of You. This sight is bewildering to me.[31]

Ho${MXmhaO? OmV?nw`bmoH$` H$sV`o?amp;

`Xmo: {``mddm`o _b``od MXZ&& 32?amp;&

AmnZo AO_m hmoH$a ^r O_ `m| {b`m h? BgH$m H$maU ~VbmVo hE H$moB?H$moB? _hmnwf `m| H$hVo h?{H$ Ogo _b`mMb H$s H$s{V?H$m {dVma H$aZo Ho$ {bE Cg_| MXZ JQ> hmoVm h? dgo hr AnZo {` ^? nw`bmoH$ amOm `Xw H$s H$s{V?H$m {dVma H$aZo Ho$ {b`o hr AmnZo CZHo$ de _| AdVma JhU {H$`m h&& 32?amp;&

Some say that the Unborn is born for the glorification of pious kjngs, and others say that He is born to please King Yadu, One of Your dearest devotees. You appear in his family as sandalwood appears in the Malaya hills.[32]

Anao dgwXod` Xod`m?`m{MVmo@`Jm˟&

AOd_` jo_m` dYm` M gwa{fm&& 33?amp;&

Xygao bmoJ `m| H$hVo h?{H$ dmgwXod Ama XodH$s Zo nydO_ _| (gwVnm Ama n{?Ho$ ?n _|) Amngo `hr daXmZ m?{H$`m Wm, Bgr{b`o Amn AO_m hmoVo hE ^r OJV?Ho$ H$`mU Ama X`m| Ho$ Zme Ho$ {b`o CZHo$ nw?~Zo h&& 33?amp;&

Others say that since both Vasudeva and Devaki prayed for You, You have taken Your birth as their son, Undoubtedly You are unborn, yet You take Your birth for their welfare and to kill those who are envious of the demigods.[33]

^mamdVmaUm`m`o ^wdmo Zmd BdmoXYm&

grX`m ^y[a^maoU OmVmo m_^wdm{WV:?amp;& 34?amp;&

Hw$N> Ama bmoJ `m| H$hVo h?{H$ `h ndr X`m| Ho$ A`V ^ma go g_w? _| Sy>~Vo hE OhmO H$s Vah S>J_Jm ahr Wr --- nr{S>V hmo ahr Wr, V~ ~m H$s mWZm go CgH$m ^ma CVmaZo Ho$ {b`o hr Amn JQ> hE?amp;& 34?amp;&

Others say that the world, being overburdened like a boat sea, is much aggrieved, and that Brahma, who is Your son, prayed for You, and  You have appeared to diminish the trouble.[34]

^do@p_Z? pb`_mZmZm_{dmH$m_H$_{^:?amp;

ldU_aUmhm{U H$[a`{{V Ho$MZ1?amp;& 35?amp;&

H$moB?_hmnwf `m| H$hVo h?{H$ Omo bmoJ Bg ggma _| AkmZ, H$m_Zm Ama H$_m] Ho$ ~YZ _| OH$S>o hE nr{S>V hmo aho h? CZbmoJm| Ho$ {b`o ldU Ama _aU H$aZo `mo` brbm H$aZo Ho$ {dMma go hr AmnZo AdVma JhU {H$`m h&& 35?amp;&

And yet others say that You appeared to rejuvenate the devotional service of hearing, remembering, worshiping and so on in order that the conditioned souls suffering from material pangs might take advantage and again liberation.[35]

edpV Jm`pV JU`^rUe:2

_apV ZXpV Vdo{hV?OZm:?amp;

m Ed n``{MaoU VmdH?

^ddmhmona_? nXm~wO&& 36?amp;&

^?OZ ~ma-~ma AmnHo$ M[a?H$m ldU, JmZ, H$sVZ Ed?_aU H$aHo$ AmZpXV hmoVo ahVo h? do hr A{db~ AmnHo$ Cg MaU-H$_b H$m XeZ H$a nmVo h? Omo O_-_`w Ho$ dmh H$mo gXm Ho$ {b`o amoH$ XoVm h&& 36?amp;&

O Krishna, those who continuously hear, chant and repeat Your transcendental activities, or take pleasure in others?doing so, certainly see Your lotus feet, which alone can stop the repetition of birth and death.[36]

 A`? Zd?dH?Vo{hV5 ^mo

{Ohmg{g pdgwXmo@ZwOr{dZ:?amp;

`ofm? Z Mm`dV: nXm~wOmV

nam`U? amOgw `mo{OVmhgm&& 37?amp;&

^?dmN>mH$nV? ^mo! `m A~ Amn AnZo Am{lV Ama g~Yr h_bmoJm| H$mo N>moS>H$a OmZm MmhVo h? Amn OmZVo h?{H$ AmnHo$ MaU-H$_b Ho$ A{V[a? h_| Ama {H$gr H$m ghmam Zht h& ndr Ho$ amOmAm| Ho$ Vmo h_ `m| hr {damoYr hmo J`o h&& 37?amp;&

O my Lord, You have executed all duties Yourself. Are you leaving us today, though we are completely dependent on Your mercy and have no one else to protect us, now when all kings are at enmity with us? [37]

Ho$ d`?Zm_?nm`m?`Xw{^: gh nmS>dm:?amp;

^dVmo@XeZ? `{h?frH$mUm{_do{eVw:?amp;& 38?amp;&

Ogo Ord Ho$ {~Zm Bp`m?e{?hrZ hmo OmVr h? dgo hr AmnHo$ XeZ {~Zm `Xwd{e`m| Ho$ Ama h_mao nw?nmS>dm| Ho$ Zm_ VWm ?n H$m ApVd hr `m ah OmVm h&& 38?amp;&

As the name and fame of a particular body is finished with the disappearance of the living spirit, similarly if You do not look upon us., all our fame and activities, along with the Pandavas and Yadus, will end at once. [38]

Zo`? emo{^`Vo V?`WoXmZt JXmYa?amp;

dnXa{H$Vm ^m{V dbjU{db{jV??amp;& 39?amp;&

JXmYa! AmnHo$ {dbjU MaU-{Mhm| go {MphV `h Hw$OmJb --- Xoe H$s ^y{_ AmO Ogr emo^m`_mZ hmo ahr h? dgr AmnHo$ Mbo OmZo Ho$ ~mX Z ahoJr?amp;& 39?amp;&

O Gadadhara[Krishna], our kingdom is now being marked by the impressions of Your feet, and therefore it appears beautiful, But when You leave, it will no longer be so. [39]

B_o OZnXm: dm: gwn?mf{YdrY:?amp;

dZm{ZwXdVmo moYVo Vd dr{jV?1?amp;& 40?amp;&

AmnH$s {?gt; Ho$ ^md go hr `h Xoe nH$s hB?\$gb VWm bVm-djm| go g_ hmo ahm h& `o dZ, ndV, ZXr Ama g_w?^r AmnH$s {?gt; go d{?H$mo m?hmo aho h&& 40?amp;&

All these cities and villages are flourishing in all respects because the herbs and grains are in abundance, the trees are full of fruits, the rivers are flowing, the hills are full of minerals and the oceans full of wealth. And this is all due to Your glancing over them.[40]

AW {doe {dm_Z?{d_yV} dHo$fw _o?amp;

Zohnme{__? {N>pY T>?nmSw>fw dpUfw?amp;& 41?amp;&

Amn {d?Ho$ dm_r h? {d?H$s Am_m h?Ama {d$n h& `Xwd{e`m| Ama nmS>dm| _| _oar ~S>r __Vm hmo J`r h& Amn H?nm H$aHo$ dOZm| Ho$ gmW OmoS>o h`o Bg Zoh H$s ыT> \$mgr H$mo H$mQ> Xr{O`o?amp;& 41?amp;&

O Lord of the universe, soul of the universe, O personality of the form of the universe please, therefore, serve my tie of affection for my kinsmen, the Pandavas and the Yadubanshis.[41]

d{` _o@Z`{df`m _{V_YwnVo@gH?˟&

a{V_whVmXm1 JJodmK_wXd{V?amp;& 42?amp;&

lrH?U! Ogo JJm H$s AIS> Ymam g_w?_| {JaVr ahVr h? dgo hr _oar ~w{?{H$gr Xygar Amoa Z OmH$a Amngo hr {ZaVa o_ H$aVr aho?amp;& 42?amp;&

O Lord of Madhu, as the Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance, let my attraction be constantly drawn unto You without being diverted to anyone else.[42]

lrH?U H?UgI dU`f^md{ZYwJ?

amO`deXhZmZndJdr`? ?amp;

Jmo{dX Jmo{Ogwam{VhamdVma

`moJoam{IbJwamo ^Jd_Vo?amp;& 43?amp;&

lrH?U! AOwZ Ho$ `mao gIm `Xwde {eamo_{U! Amn ndr Ho$ ^ma?n amOdoeYmar X`m| H$mo ObmZo Ho$ {b`o A{d?n h& AmnH$s e{? AZV h& Jmo{dX! AmnH$m `h AdVma Jm? ~mU Ama XodVmAm| H$m Xw:I {_Q>mZo Ho$ {bE hr h& `moJoa! MamMa Ho$ Jw?^JdZ? _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVr h&& 43?amp;&

O Krishna, O friend of Arjuna, O chief amongst the descendants of Vrsni , You are the destroyer of those political parties which are disturbing elements on this earth. Your prowess never deteriorates . You are the proprietor of the transcendental adobe, and You descend to relieve the distresses of the cows, the brahmanas and the devotees. You possess all mystic powers, and You are the preceptor of the entire universe. You are the almighty God, and I offer You my respectful obeisances.[43]


A`m` - 9

amOm `w{Y{?gt;a Zo Ommoh go ^`^rV hmoH$a g~ Y_m] H$m kmZ m?H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Hw$jo?H$s `mm H$s, Ohm?^r_{nVm_h eae`m na nS>o hE Wo?amp; AOwZ Ho$ gmW ^JdmZ?lrH?U ^r dhm?CnpWV hE?amp; ^aVd{e`m| Ho$ Jmad?n ^r_{nVm_h H$mo XoIZo Ho$ {b`o g^r ~{f? Xod{f?Ama amO{f?dhm?nYmao?amp; CZHo$ ~rM Y_? H$m dMZ H$a hr aho Wo {H$ Cmam`U H$m g_` Am J`m?amp; eara N>moS>Zo Ho$ g_` ^r_{nVm_h Zo AnZr g_V Bp`m| Ho$ d{m-{dbmg H$mo amoH$ {X`m Ama ~S>o o_ go ^JdmZ?H$s Vw{V Bg H$ma H$s :----

B{V _{VnH$pnVm {dVUm

^Jd{V gmdVnwJdo {d^ypZ?amp;

dgwI_wnJVo ?{M{hVw?/font>

H?{V_wno`w{f `ddmh:?amp;& 32?amp;&

^r_Or Zo H$hm ---- A~ _`w Ho$ g_` _?AnZr `h ~w{? Omo AZoH$ H$ma Ho$ gmYZm| H$m AZw?gt;mZ H$aZo go A`V ew?Ed?H$m_Zm a{hV hmo J`r h? `Xwde-{eamo_{U AZV ^JdmZ?lrH?U Ho$ MaUm| _| g_{nV H$aVm h? Omo gXm-gdXm AnZo AmZX_` d?n _| pWV ahVo hE hr H$^r {dhma H$aZo H$s ---- brbm H$aZo H$s BN>m go H?{V H$mo drH$ma H$a boVo h? {Oggo `h g{?gt; nanam MbVr h&& 32?amp;&

" Bhismadeva said: Let me now invest my thinking, feeling and willing, which were so long engaged in different subjects and occupational duties, in the all-powerful Lord Sri Krishna. He is always self-satisfied, but sometimes, being the leader of the devotees, He enjoys transcendental pleasure by descending on the material world, although from Him only the material world is created. [32]

{^wdZH$_Z? V_mbdU?/font>

a{dH$aJmadam~a? XYmZo?amp;


{dO`gIo a{VaVw1

_o@Zdm?amp;& 33?amp;&

{OZH$m eara {^wdZ-gwXa Ed?`m_ V_mb Ho$ g_mZ gmdbm h? {Og na gy`ap_`m| Ho$ g_mZ lo?gt; nrVm~a bhamVm ahVm h?Ama H$_b-ge _wIna KwKambr AbH|$ bQ>H$Vr ahVr h? CZ AOwZ-gIm lrH?U _| _oar {ZH$nQ> r{V hmo?amp;& 33?amp;&

Sri Krishna is the intimate friend of Arjuna. He has appeared on this earth in His transcendental body, which resembles the bluish color of the tamala tree. His body attracts everyone in the three planetary systems [upper, middle and lower]. May His glittering yellow dress and His lotus face, covered with paintings of sandalwood pulp, be the object of my attraction, and may I not desire furtive results.[33]

`w{Y VwaJaOmo{dYy_{ddH?-

H$Mbw{bVl_dm`bH?Vm`o ?amp;

__ {Z{eVea{d{^_mZ-

d{M {dbgH$dMo@Vw H?U Am_m?amp;& 34?amp;&

_wPo `w? Ho$ g_` H$s CZH$s dh {dbjU N>{d `mX AmVr h& CZHo$ _wI na bhamVo hE KwKambo ~mb KmoS>m| H$s Q>mnH$s Yyb go _Q>_bo hmo aho Wo Ama ngrZo H$s N>moQ>r-N>moQ>r ~yX| emo^m`_mZ hmo ahr Wt?amp; _?AnZo VrIo ~mUm| go CZH$s dMm H$mo ~tY ahm Wm?amp; CZ gwXa H$dM_pS>V ^JdmZ lrH?U Ho$ {V _oam eara, AV:H$aU Ama Am_m g_{nV hmo Om`&& 34?amp;&

On the battlefield [ where Sri Krishna attended Arjuna out of friendship], the flowing hair of Lord Krishan turned ashen due to the dust raised by  the hoofs of the horses. And because of His labour, beads of sweat wetted His face. All these decorations, intensified by the wounds dealt by my sharp arrows, were enjoyed by him, Let me mind thus go unto Sri Krishna.[34]

gn{X g{IdMmo {Ze` _`o

{ZOna`mo~b`mo aW?{Zdo`1?amp;

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AnZo {_? AOwZ H$s ~mV gwZH$a, Omo VwaV hr nmS>d-goZm Ama H$mad-goZm Ho$ ~rM _| AnZm aW bo Am`o Ama dhm?pWV hmoH$a {Ohm|Zo AnZr {?gt; go hr ewnj Ho$ g{ZH$m| H$s Am`w N>rZ br, CZ nmWgIm ^JdmZ lrH?U _| _oar na_ r{V hmo?amp;& 35?amp;&

In obedience to the command of His friend, Lord Sri Krishna entered the arena of the battlefield of Kurukestra between the soldiers of Arjuna and Duryodhana , and while there He shortened  the life spans of the opposite party by His mereiful glance. This was done simply by His looking at the enemy . Let my mind be fixed upon that Sri Krishna.[35]

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AOwZ Zo O~ Xya go H$madm| H$s goZm Ho$ _w{I`m AnZm| H$mo XoIm, V~ nmn g_PH$a dh AnZo dOZm| Ho$ dY go {d_wI hmo J`m?amp; Cg g_` {Ohm|Zo JrVm Ho$ ?n _| Am_{dm H$m CnXoe H$aHo$ CgHo$ gm_{`H$ AkmZ H$m Zme H$a {X`m, CZ na_ nwf ^JdmZ lrH?U Ho$ MaUm| _| _oar r{V ~Zr aho?amp;& 36?amp;&

When Arjuna was seemingly polluted by ignorance upon observing the soldiers and commanders before him on the battlefield, the Lord eradicated his ignorance by delivering transcendental knowledge. May His lotus feet always remain the object of my attraction.[36]

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h[a[ad hVw{_^?JVmomar`:?amp;& 37?amp;&

_Zo {Vkm H$a br Wr {H$ _?lrH?U H$mo e?JhU H$amH$a N>moS>Jm; Cgo g` Ed?D?Mr H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Chm|Zo AnZr e?JhU Z H$aZo H$s {Vkm VmoS> Xr?amp; Cg g_` do aW go ZrMo Hy$X nS>o Ama qgh Ogo hmWr H$mo _maZo Ho$ {b`o Cg na Qy>Q> nS>Vo h? dgo hr aW H$m n{h`m boH$a _wPna PnQ> nS>o?amp; Cg g_` do BVZo doJ go XmS>o {H$ CZHo$ H$Yo go {nVm~a {Ja J`m Ama ndr H$mnZo bJr?amp;& 37?amp;&

Fulfilling my desire and sacrificing His own promise, He got down from the chariot, took up its wheel, and ran towards me hurriedly, just as a lion goes to kill an elephant. He even dropped His outer garment on the way.[37]

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g ^dVw _o ^JdmZ?J{V_wHw$X:?amp;& 38?amp;&

_wP AmVVm`r Zo VrIo ~mU _ma-_ma H$a CZHo$ eara H$m H$dM VmoS> S>mbm Wm, {Oggo CZH$m gmam eara bhbwhmZ hmo ahm Wm, AOwZ Ho$ amoH$Zo na ^r do ~bnydH$ _wPo _maZo Ho$ {b`o _oar Amoa XmS>o Am aho Wo?amp; do hr ^JdmZ lrH?U, Omo Eogm H$aVo h`o ^r _oao {V AZwJh Ama ^?dgbVm go n[anyU?Wo, _oar EH$_m?J{V hm| --- Aml` hm|?amp;& 38?amp;&

May He, Lord Sri Krishna, the Personality of Godhead, who awards salvation, be my ultimate destination. On the battlefield He charged me, as if angry because of the wounds dealt by my sharp arrows. His shield was scattered, and His body was smeared with blood due to wounds.[38]

{dO`aWHw$Qw>~ AmmVmooYVh`ap_{Z VpN?gt;`ojUr`o?amp;

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`{_h {Zar` hVm JVm: g?n&& 39?amp;&

AOwZ Ho$ aW H$s ajm _| gmdYmZ {OZ lrH?U Ho$ ~m`| hmW _| KmoS>m| H$s amg Wr Ama Xm{hZo hmW _| Mm~wH$, BZ XmoZm| H$s emo^m go Cg g_` {OZH$s Anyd?N>{d ~Z J`r Wr VWm _hm^maV `w?_| _aZodmbo dra {OZH$s Bg N>{d H$m XeZ H$aVo ahZo Ho$ H$maU gm?` _moj H$mo m?hmo J`o, Cht nmWgmaWr ^JdmZ lrH?U _| _wP _aUmg?H$s na_ r{V hmo?amp;& 39?amp;&

At  the moment of death, let my ultimate attraction be to Sri Krishna, the Personality of Godhead. I concentrate my mind upon the chariot driver of Arjun who stood with a whip in His right hand and a bridle rope in His left, who was very careful to give protection to Arjhunas chariot by all means. Those who saw Him on the Battlefield of Kurukestra attained their original forms after death.[39]      

`H$sVZ? `_aU?`XrjU?/font>

`XZ? `N?gt;dU?`XhU&

{OZH$s bQ>H$sbr gwXa Mmb hmd-^md `w? Mo?gt;m`|, _Ywa _wH$mZ Ama o_ ^ar {MVdZ go A`V g_m{ZV Jmo{n`m?amg-brbm _| CZHo$ AVYmZ hmo OmZo na o_mo_mX go _Vdmbr hmoH$a {OZH$s brbmAm| H$m AZwH$aU H$aHo$ V_` hmo J`r Wt, Cht ^JdmZ lrH?U _| _oam na_ o_ hmo?amp;& 40?amp;&

Let me mind be fixed upon Lord Sri Krishna, whose motion and smiles of love attracted     the damsels of Vrajadhama[ the gopis]. The damsels imitated the characteristic movements of the Lord [ after His disappearance from the rasa dance].[40]


gX{g `w{Y{?gt;aamOgy` Efm&


__ {eJmoMa Ef Am{dam_m?amp;& 41?amp;&

{Og g_` `w{Y{?gt;a H$m amOgy`-`k hmo ahm Wm, _w{Z`m| Ama ~S>o-~S>o amOmAm| go ^ar hB?g^m _| g~go nhbo g~H$s Amoa go Bht g~Ho$ XeZr` ^JdmZ lrH?U H$s _oar AmIm| Ho$ gm_Zo nyOm hB?Wr; do hr g~Ho$ Am_m ^w AmO Bg _`w Ho$ g_` _oao gm_Zo IS>o h&& 41?amp;&

At the Rajasuya-yajna [sacrifice] performed by Maharaja Yudhisthir, there was the greatest assembly of all the elite men of the world, the royal and learned orders, and in that great assembly Lord Sri Krishna was worshiped by one and all as the most exalted Personality of Godhead. This happened during my presence, and I remembered the incident in order to keep in  my mind upon the Lord.[41]

V{___h_O? eara^mOm?/font>

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g_{YJVmo@p_ {dYyV^oX_moh:?amp;& 42?amp;&

Ogo EH$ hr gy`?AZoH$ AmIm| go AZoH$ ?nm| _| {XIVo h? dgo hr AO_m ^JdmZ lrH?U AnZo hr mam a{MV AZoH$ earaYm[a`m| Ho$ X` _| AZoH$ ?n go OmZ nS>Vo h? dmVd _| Vmo do EH$ Ama g~Ho$ X` _| {damO_mZ h?hr?amp; Cht BZ ^JdmZ lrH?U H$mo _?^oX-^_ go a{hV hmoH$a m?hmo J`m h&& 42?amp;&

Now I can mediate with full concentration upon that one Lord, Sri Krishna, now present before  me because  now I have transcended the misconceptions of duality in regard to His presence in everyones heart, even in the hearts of the mental speculators. He is in everyone s heart. The sun may be perceived differently, but the sum is one.[42]

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