Lords Prayer by Shree Sukadeva

A?`m` - 4

O~ amOm nar{jV?Zo ^JdmZ Ho$ JwUm| H$m dU?Z H$aZo Ho$ {b`o lr ewH$XodOr go ?mW?Zm H$s, V~ lr ewH$XodOr Zo lrH??U H$m ~ma?~ma Bg ?H$ma ?_aU H$aHo$ AnZm ?dMZ ?ma?^ {H$`m?amp;& 11?amp;&

Z_: na?_?nw?fm` ^y`go


bmoH$?` g?mo {dYwZmo{V H$?_f?/font>

V?_? gw^?ldgo Z_mo Z_:?amp;& 15?amp;&

{OZH$m H$sV?Z, ?_aU, Xe?Z, d?XZ, ldU Am?a nyOZ Ordm| Ho$ nmnm| H$mo V?H$mb Z?gt; H$a XoVm h? CZ nw?`H$s{V?^JdmZ lrH??U H$mo ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 15?amp;&

" Sukadeva Gosvami said: Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead who, for the creation of the material world, accepts the three modes of  nature. He is the complete whole residing within the  body of everyone, and His ways are inconceivable.[12]

I again offer my respectful obeisances unto the form of complete existence and  transcendence, who is the liberator of the pious devotees from all distresses and the destroyer of the further advances in atheistic temperament of the nondevotee-demons. For the transcendentalist  who are situated in the topmost spiritual perfection, He grants their specific destinations.[13]

Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto He who is the associate of the members of the Yadu dynasty and who is always a problem for the nondevotees. He is the supreme enjoyer of both the material and spiritual worlds, yet He enjoys Hs own abode in the spirituals sky. There is no one equal to Him because His transcendental opulence is immeasurable.[14]

{OZH$m H$sV?Z, ?_aU, Xe?Z, d?XZ, ldU Am?a nyOZ Ordm| Ho$ nmnm| H$mo V?H$mb Z?gt; H$a XoVm h? CZ nw?`H$s{V?^JdmZ lrH??U H$mo ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 15?amp;&

Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the all-auspicious Lord Sri Krishna, about whom glorification, remembrances, audience, prayers, hearing and worship can at once cleanse the effects of all sins of the performer. [15]


{dMjUm `?aUmongmXZmV

g?J? ?`wX?`mo^`Vmo@?Vam?_Z:?amp;

{d?Xp?V {h ~??JqV JV?b_m-

?V?_? gw^?ldgo Z_mo Z_:?amp;& 16?amp;&

{ddoH$s nw?f {OZHo$ MaUH$_bm| H$s eaU boH$a AnZo ?X` go Bg bmoH$ Am?a nabmoH$ H$s Amg{? {ZH$mb S>mbVo h?Am?a {~Zm {H$gr n[al_ Ho$ hr ~??nX H$mo ?m?H$a boVo h? CZ _?Jb_` H$s{V?dmbo ^JdmZ lrH??U H$mo AZoH$~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 16?amp;&

Let me offer my respectful obeisances again and again unto the  all auspicious Lord Sri Krishna. The highly intellectual, simply by surrendering unto  His lotus feet, are relieved of all attachments to present and future existences and without difficulty progress toward spiritual existence.[16]


Vnp?dZmo XmZnam `ep?dZmo

_Zp?dZmo _??{dX: gw_?Jbm:?amp;

jo_? Z {d?Xp?V {dZm `Xn?U?/font>

V?_? gw^?ldgo Z_mo Z_:?amp;& 17?amp;&

~?S>o-~?S>o Vn?dr, XmZr, `e?dr, _Z?dr, gXmMmar Am?a _??do?mm O~ VH$ AnZr gmYZmAm| H$mo VWm AnZo AmnH$mo CZHo$ MaUm| _| g_{n?V Zht H$a XoVo, V~ VH$ C?h| H$?`mU H$s ?m{?Zht hmoVr?amp; {OZHo$ ?{V Am?_g_n?U H$s Eogr _{h_m h? CZ H$?`mU_`r H$s{V?dmbo ^JdmZ H$mo ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 17?amp;&

Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the all auspicious Lord Sri Krishan again and again because the great learned sages, the great performers of charity, the great workers of distinction, the great philosophers and mystics, the great chanters of the Vedic hymns and the great followers of Vedic principles cannot  achieve any fruitful result without dedication of such great qualities to the service of the Lord. [17]



Am^raH?H$m`dZm: IgmX`:?amp;

`o@?`o M nmnm `Xwnml`m?`m:

ew?`p?V V?_??^{d?Udo Z_:?amp;& 18?amp;&

{H$amV, h?U, Am?Y? nw{b?X, nw?H$g, Am^ra, H?H$, `dZ Am?a Ig Am{X ZrM Om{V`m?VWmXygao nmnr {OZHo$ eaUmJV ^?m| H$s eaU J?hU H$aZo go hr n{d?hmo OmVo h? CZ gd?e{?_mZ?^JdmZ H$mo ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 18?amp;&

Kirata, Huna, Andhra, Pulinda, Pulkasa Abhira, Sumbha, Yavana, members of the Khasa races and even others addicted to sinful acts can be purified by taking shelter of the devotees of the Lord, due to His being the supreme power. I beg to offer my respectful obeisances unto Him.? [18]


g Ef Am?_m@@?_dVm_Yr?a-

?`r_`mo Y_?_`?Vnmo_`:?amp;


{d?V??`qbJmo1 ^JdmZ??grXVm?&& 19?amp;&

do hr ^JdmZ km{Z`m| H$s Am?_m h? ^?m| Ho$ ?dm_r h? H$_?H$mp?S>`m| Ho$ {b`o doX_y{V?h? Ym{_?H$m| Ho$ {b`o Y_?_y{V?h?Am?a Vnp?d`m| Ho$ {b`o Vn?d?n h??& ~??m, e?H$a Am{X ~?S>o-~?S>o XodVm ^r AnZo ew??X` go CZHo$ ?d?n H$m {M?VZ H$aVo Am?a Am?M`?M{H$V hmoH$a XoIVo ahVo h??& do _wPna AZwJ?h Ho$ ---- ?gmX H$s dfm?H$a|?amp;& 19?amp;&

He is the Supersoul and the Supreme Lord of all self-realised souls. He is the personification of the Vedas, religious scriptures and austerities. He is worshiped by Lord Brahma and Siva and all those who are transcendental to all pretensions. Being so revered  with awe and veneration, may that Supreme Absolute be pleased with me.[19]


{l`: n{V`?kn{V: ?Omn{V-

{Y?`m? n{Vbm}H$n{VY?amn{V:?amp;


?grXVm? _o ^JdmZ?gVm?n{V:?amp;& 20?amp;&

Omo g_?V g?n{?m`m| H$s ?dm{_Zr b?_rXodr Ho$ n{V h? g_?V `km| Ho$ ^mo?m Ed?\$bXmVm h? ?Om Ho$ ajH$ h? g~Ho$ A?V`m?_r Am?a g_?V bmoH$m| Ho$ nmbZH$Vm?h?VWm n??drXodr Ho$ ?dm_r h? {O?hm|Zo `Xwd?e _| ?JQ> hmoH$a A?YH$, d?p?U Ed?`Xwd?e Ho$ bmoJm| H$s ajm H$s h? VWm Omo CZ bmoJm| Ho$ EH$_m?Aml` aho h?---- do ^?d?gb, g?VOZm| Ho$ gd??d lrH??U _wP na ?g?hm|?amp;& 20?amp;&

May Lord Sri Krishna, who is the worshipable Lord of all devotees, the protector and glory of all the kings like Andhaka and Vrishni of the Yadu dynasty, the husband of all Goddesses of fortune, the director of all sacrifices and therefore the leader of all living entities, the controller of all intelligence, the proprietor of all planets, spiritual and material, and t he supreme incarnation of the earth ( the supreme all in all), be merciful upon me.[20]


{Y`mZwn?`p?V {h V?d_m?_Z:?amp;

dXp?V M?VV?H$d`mo `Wm?M?/font>

g _o _wHw$?Xmo ^JdmZ??grXVm?&& 21?amp;&

{d?mZ nw?f {OZHo$ MaU-H$_bm| Ho$ {M?VZ ?n g_m{Y go ew?h?B?~w{?Ho$ ?mam Am?_V?d H$m gmjm?H$ma H$aVo h?VWm CZHo$ Xe?Z Ho$ AZ?Va AnZr-AnZr _{V Am?a ?{M Ho$ AZwgma {OZHo$ ?d?n H$m dU?Z H$aVo ahVo h? do ?o_ Am?a _w{? Ho$ bwQ>mZodmbo ^JdmZ lrH??U _wPna ?g?hm|?amp;& 21?amp;&

It is the Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna who gives liberation. By thinking of His lotus feet at every second, following in the footsteps of authorities, the devotee in trance in the footsteps of authorities, the devotee in trance  can see the Absolute Truth. The learned mental speculators, however, think of Him according to their whims. May the Lord be pleased with me.[21]


?Mmo{XVm `oZ nwam ga?dVr

{dV?dVmO?`1 gVt ?_?{V ?{X?amp;

?dbjUm2 ?mXwa^yV?{H$bm?`V:

g _o F$frUm_?f^: ?grXVm?&& 22?amp;&

{O?hm|Zo g?{?gt; Ho$ g_` ~??m Ho$ ?X` _| nyd?H$?n H$s ?_?{V OmJ[aV H$aZo Ho$ {b`o kmZ H$s A{Y?gt;m?r Xodr H$mo ?o[aV {H$`m Am?a do AnZo A?Jm| Ho$ g{hV doX Ho$ ?n _| CZHo$ _wI go?JQ> h?B? do kmZ Ho$ _yb H$maU ^JdmZ _wP na H?nm H$a|, _oao ?X` _| ?JQ> hm|?amp;& 22?amp;&

May the Lord, who in the beginning of the creation amplified the potent knowledge of Brahma from within his heart and inspired him with full knowledge of creation and of His own Self, and who appeared to be generated from the mouth of Bramha, be pleased with me.[22]

_yV?_?h{?`? B_m: nwamo {d^w-

{Z?_m?` eoVo `X_yfw ny?f:?amp;

^wL??o$ JwUmZ?fmoS>e fmoS>em?_H$:

gmo@b?H?fr?gt; ^JdmZ?dMm?{g _o?amp;& 23?amp;&

^JdmZ hr n?M_hm^yVm| go BZ earam| H$m {Z_m?U H$aHo$ BZ_| Ord?n go e`Z H$aVo h?Am?a nm?M kmZop??`, nm?M H$_}p??`, nm?M ?mU Am?a EH$ _Z ---- BZ gmobh H$bmAm| go `w? hmoH$a BZHo$ ?mam gmobh {df`m| H$m ^moJ H$aVo h??& do gd?^yV_` ^JdmZ _oar dmUr H$mo AnZo JwUm| go Ab?H?V H$a X|?amp;& 23?amp;&

May the supreme Personality of Godhead who enlivens the materially created bodies of the elements by lying down within the universe, and who in His purusa incarnation causes the living being to be subjected to the sixteen divisions of material modes which are his generator, be pleased to decorated my statements. [23].

Z_?V?_? ^JdVo dmgwXodm` doYgo?amp;

nnwkm?Z_`? gm??`m `?_wIm?~w?hmgd?&& 24?amp;&

g?V nw?f {OZHo$ _wI-H$_b go _H$a?X Ho$ g_mZ PaVr h?B?kmZ_`r gwYm H$m nmZ H$aVo ahVo h?CZ dmgwXodmdVma gd?k ^JdmZ ?`mg Ho$ MaUm| _| _oam ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma h??&& 24?amp;&

I offer my respectful obeisances unto Bhagwan Vyas, the incarnation of Vasudeva who complied the Vedic scriptures. The pure devotees drink up the nectarean transcendental knowledge dropping from the lotus like mouth of the Lord. [24]

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