Lords Prayers by Brahma ji


aOoJwU go `m ~mOr aMZm H$aZm MmhVo Wo& O~ Chm|Zo g{> Ho$ H$maU$n Ho$db `o nmM nXmW (H$_b, Ob, AmH$me, dm`w Ama AnZm eara) XoIo, V~ bmoH$ aMZm Ho$ {bE CgwH$ hmoZo Ho$ H$maU do A{M`J{V lrh[a _| {Mm bJmH$a CZ na_ nyOZr` ^w H$s Vw{V H$aZo bJo :----


kmVmo@{g _o@ gw{MamZw Xoh^mOm

Z km`Vo ^JdVmo J{V[a`d&

Zm`dXpV ^Jd{n V1 ewէ

_m`mJwU`{VH$amXw{d^m{g && 1&&

~mOr mam ^JdmZ H$s Vw{V ----

^mo! AmO ~hV g_` Ho$ ~mX _ AmnH$mo OmZ gH$m h& Ahmo! H$go Xw^m` H$s ~mV h {H$ XohYmar Ord AmnHo$ d$n H$mo Zht OmZ nmVo& ^JdZ! AmnHo$ {gdm Ama H$moB dVw Zht h& Omo dVw VrV hmoVr h, dh ^r d$nV: g` Zht h, `m|{H$ _m`m Ho$ JwUm| Ho$ jw{^V hmoZo Ho$ H$maU Ho$db Amn hr AZoH$m| $nm| _| VrV hmo aho h&& 1&&

Lord Brahma said: O my lord, today, after many and  many years of penance, I have come to know about You. Oh, how unfortunate the embodied living entities are that they are unable to know Your personality ! My Lord, You are the only knowable object because there is nothing supreme beyond You. If there is nothing supposedly superior to you, it is not the Absolute. You exits as the Supreme by exhibiting the creative energy of matter.[1]


$n `XoVXd~moYagmoX`oZ

e{dmV_g: gXZwJhm`&

AmXm JhrV_dVmaeVH$~rO

`m{^n^dZmXh_m{damg_ && 2&&

Xod! AmnHo$ {Mm --- e{$ Ho$ H$m{eV ahZo Ho$ H$maU AkmZ Amngo gdXm Xya hr ahVm h& AmnH$m `h $n, {OgHo$ Zm{^H$_b go _ JQ> hAm h, gH$S>m| AdVmam| H$m _yb H$maU h& Bgo AmnZo gnwfm| na H$nm H$aZo Ho$ {b`o hr nhbo nhb JQ> {H$`m h&& 2&&

The form which I see is eternally freed from material contamination and has advented to show mercy to the devotees as a manifestation of internal potency. This incarnation is the origin of many other incarnations, and I am born from the lotus flower grown from Your navel home.[2]


ZmV: na na_ `dV: d$n-

_mZX_m_{dH$n_{ddM: &

n`m{_ {dgO_oH$_{d_m_Z

^yVop`m_H$_XV1 Cnm{lVmo@p_&& 3&&

na_m_Z! AmnH$m Omo AmZX_m, ^oXa{hV, AIS> VoOmo_` d$n h, Cgo _ Bggo {^ Zht g_PVm& Bg{b`o _Zo {d H$s aMZm H$aZo na ^r {dmVrV AmnHo$ Bg A{Vr` $n H$s hr eaU br h& `hr gnyU ^yV Ama Bp`m| H$m ^r A{Y>mZ h&& 3&&

O my Lord, I do not see a form superior to Your present form of eternal bliss and knowledge. In your impersonal Brahman effulgence in the spiritual sky, there is no occasional change and no deterioration of internal potency. I surrender unto You because whereas I am proud of my material body and sense, Your Lordship is the cause of the cosmic manifestation and yet You are untouched by matter.[3]


Vm BX ^wdZ_Jb _Jbm`

`mZo _ Zmo X{eV V CnmgH$mZm&

V_ Z_mo ^JdVo@Zw{dYo_ Vw`

`mo@ZmVmo ZaH$^mp^aggJ&& 4&&

ho {dH$`mU_`! _ AmnH$m CnmgH$ h, AmnZo _oao {hV Ho$ {b`o hr _wPo `mZ _| AnZm `h $n {XIbm`m h& Omo nmnm_m {df`mg$ Ord h do hr BgH$m AZmXa H$aVo h& _ Vmo AmnH$mo Bgr $n _| ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 4&&

This present form, or any transcendental form expanded by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, is equally auspicious for all the universe. Since You have manifested this eternal personal form upon whom Your devotees meditate, I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You. Those who are destined to be dispatched to the path of hell neglect Your personal form because of speculating on material topics.[4]


`o Vw dXr`MaUm~wOH$moeJY

{OKpV H$U{dda: lw{VdmVZrV&

^`m JhrVMaU: na`m M Vofm

Zmn{f ZmW X`m~whmdnwgm&& 5&&

_oao dm_r! Omo bmoJ doX$n dm`w go bmB hB AmnHo$ MaU$n H$_bH$moe H$s JY H$mo AnZo H$UnwQ>m| go JhU H$aVo h, CZ AnZo ^$OZm| Ho$ X`-H$_b go Amn H$^r Xya Zht hmoVo; `m|{H$ do nam^{$$n S>moar go AmnHo$ nmXnm| H$mo ~mY boVo h&& 5&&

O my Lord , persons who smell the aroma of Your lotus feet, carried by the airs of Vedic sound through the holes of the ears, accept Your devotional service. For them You are never separated from the lotus of their hearts.[5]


Vmd` {dUJohgw{{_m1

emoH$: nhm n[a^dmo {dnwbM bmo^:&

Vmd__o`gXdJh Am{V_yb

`md Vo@["_^` dUrV bmoH$:&& 6&&

O~ VH$ nwf AmnHo$ A^`X MaUma{dXm| H$m Aml` Zht boVm, V^r VH$ Cgo YZ, Ka Ama ~YwOZm| Ho$ H$maU m hmoZodmbo ^`, emoH$, bmbgm, XrZVm Ama A`V bmo^ Am{X gVmVo h Ama V^r VH$ Cgo _---_oao --nZH$m XwamJh ahVm h, Omo Xw:I H$m EH$ _m H$maU h&& 6&&

O my Lord, the people of the world are embarrassed by all material anxieties-they are always afraid. They always try to protect wealth, body and friends, they are filled with lamination and unlawful desires  and  paraphernalia, and they avariciously base their undertaking on the perishable conceptions of my and mine. As long as they do not take shelter of Your safe lotus feet, they are full of such anxieties.[6]


XdoZ Vo hV{Y`mo ^dV: gJmV

gdmew^mone_Zm{_wIop`m1 `o &

Hw$dpV H$m_gwIboebdm` XrZm

bmo^m{^^yV_Zgmo@H$ebm{Z e˟&& 7&&

Omo bmoJ g~ H$ma Ho$ A_Jbm| H$mo Z> H$aZodmbo AmnHo$ ldU-H$sVZm{X gJm| go Bp`m| H$mo hQ>mH$a boe_m {df`-gwI Ho$ {b`o XrZ Ama _Z-hr-_Z bmbm{`V hmoH$a {ZaVa XwH$_m] _| bJo ahVo h, CZ ~oMmam| H$s ~w{ Xd Zo ha br h&& 7&&

O my Lord, personas who are bereft of the all auspicious performance of chanting and hearing about Your transcendental activities are certainly unfortunate and are also bereft of good sense. They engage in inauspicious activities, enjoying sense gratification for a very little while.[7]


jwmpXYmVw{^[a_m _whaک_mZm:

erVmoUdmVdf[aVaoVam &

H$m_m{Zm`wV fm M gwXw^aoU

gn`Vmo _Z CH$_ grXVo _o&& 8&&

A`wV! CH$_! Bg Om H$mo ^yI `mg dmV, {nm, H$\$, gXu, J_u, hdm Ama dfm go, nana EH$-Xygao go VWm H$m_m{ Ama Xw:gh H$moY go ~ma-~ma H$> CR>mVo XoIH$a _oam _Z ~S>m {I hmoVm h&& 8&&

O great actor, my Lord, all these poor creatures are constantly perplexed by hunger, thirst severe cold, secretion and bile, attracted by coughing winter, blasting summer, rains and many other disturbing elements, and overwhelmed by strong sex urges and indefatigable anger. I take pity on them, and I am very much aggrieved for them.[8]


`mdnWd{_X_m_Z1 Bp`mW-

_m`m~b ^JdVmo OZ Be n`o˟&

Vmd gg{Vagm {VgH$_oV

`Wm{n2 Xw:I{Zdh dhVr {H$`mWm&& 9&&

dm{_Z! O~ VH$ _Zw` Bp` Ama {df`$nr _m`m Ho$ ^md go Amngo AnZo H$mo {^ XoIVm h, V~ VH$ CgHo$ {b`o Bg ggmaMH$ H$s {Zd{m Zht hmoVr& `{n `h {_`m h, VWm{n H$_\$b ^moJ H$m jo hmoZo Ho$ H$maU Cgo ZmZm H$ma Ho$ Xw:Im| _| S>mbVm ahVm h&& 9&&

O my Lord, the material miseries are without factual existence for the soul. Yet as long as the conditional soul sees the body as meant for sense enjoyment, he cannot get out of the entanglement of material miseries, being influenced by Your external energy.[9]


A`nVmVH$aUm {Z{e {Z:e`mZm

ZmZm_ZmoaW{Y`m jU^{Zm:&

XdmhVmWaMZm F$f`mo@{n Xod

`w_gJ{d_wIm Bh ggapV&& 10&&

Xod! Amam| H$s Vmo ~mV hr `m --- Omo gmjmV _w{Z h, do ^r `{X AmnHo$ H$Wm gJ go {d_wI ahVo h Vmo Ch| ggma _| \$gZm nS>Vm h& do {XZ _| AZoH$ H$ma Ho$ `mnmam| Ho$ H$maU {d{j{Mm ahVo h, am{ _| {Zm _| AMoV nS>o ahVo h; Cg g_` ^r Vah Vah Ho$ _ZmoaWm| Ho$ H$maU jU-jU _| CZH$s ZtX Qy>Q>Vr ahVr h VWm Xdde CZH$s AW{g{ Ho$ g~ CmoJ ^r {d\$b hmoVo ahVo h&& 10&&

Such nondevotees engage their senses in very troublesome and extensive work, and they suffer insomnia at night because their intelligence constantly breaks  their sleep with various mental speculations. They are frustrated in all their various plans by supernatural power. Even great sages, if they are against Your transcendental topics , must rotate in this material world.[10]


d ^md`moJn[a^m{dVgamoO

Amgo lwVo{jVnWmo ZZw ZmW nwgm&

`{`m V CJm` {d^md`pV

Vmnw: U`go gXZwJhm`1&& 11&&


ZmW! AmnH$m _mJ Ho$db JwU-ldU go hr OmZm OmVm h& Amn {ZM` hr _Zw`m| Ho$ ^{$`moJ Ho$ mam n[aew hE X`-H$_b _| {Zdmg H$aVo h& nw`bmoH$ ^mo! AmnHo$ ^$OZ {Og-{Og ^mdZm go AmnH$m {MVZ H$aVo h, CZ gmYw nwfm| na AZwJh H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Amn dhr-dhr $n YmaU H$a boVo h&& 11&&

O my Lord, Your devotees can see You through the ears by the process of bonafide hearing , and thus their hearts become cleansed, and You take Your seat there. You are so merciful to Your devotees that You manifest Yourself in the particular eternal form of transcendence in which they always think of You. [11]


Zm{VgrX{V VWmon{MVmonMma-

amam{YV: gwaJU {X ~H$m_:&


ZmZOZodd{hV: gwXVam_m&& 12&&

^JdZ! Amn EH$ h VWm gnyU m{U`m| Ho$ AV:H$aUm| _| pWV CZH$s na_ {hVH$mar AVam_m h& Bg{b`o `{X XodVm bmoJ ^r X` _| Vah-Vah H$s H$m_ZmE aIH$a ^m{V-^m{V H$s {dnwb gm_{J`m| go AmnH$m nyOZ H$aVo h Vmo Cggo Amn CVZo g Zht hmoVo {OVZo g~ m{U`m| na X`m H$aZo go hmoVo h& {H$Vw dh gd^yVX`m AgV nwfm| H$mo A`V Xwb^ h&& 12&&

My Lord, You are not very much satisfied by the worship of the demigods, who arrange for Your worship very pompously, with various paraphernalia, but who are full of material hankerings. You are situated in everyones heart as the Supersoul just to show Your causeless mercy, and You are the eternal well-wisher, but You are unavailable for the nondevotee.[12]



XmZoZ MmoJVngm dVM``m M&

AmamYZ ^JdVVd gpH$`mWm}

Y_m}@{nV: H${h{M{ի`Vo Z `̟&& 13&&

Omo H$_ AmnH$mo AnU H$a {X`m OmVm h, CgH$m H$^r Zme Zht hmoVm --- dh Aj` hmo OmVm h& AV: ZmZm H$ma Ho$ H$_ - `k, XmZ, H${R>Z Vn`m Ama dVm{X Ho$ mam AmnH$s gVm m H$aZm hr _Zw` H$m g~go ~S>m H$_\$b h, `m|{H$ AmnHo$ g hmoZo na Eogm H$mZ-gm \$b h Omo gwb^ Zht hmo OmVm&& 13&&

But the pious activities of the people, such as performance of Vedic rituals, charity, austere penances, and transcendental service performed with a view  to worship You and satisfy You by offering You the fruitive results, are also beneficial. Such acts of religion never go in vain.[13]

ed$n_hgd {ZnrV^oX-

_mohm` ~moY{YfUm`1

Z_: na_&

{dmodpW{Vb`ofw {Z{_mbrbm-

amgm` Vo Z_ BX MH$_oam`&& 14&&

Amn gdXm AnZo d$n Ho$ H$me go hr m{U`m| Ho$ ^oX-^_$n AYH$ma H$m Zme H$aVo ahVo h VWm kmZ Ho$ A{Y>mZ gmjmV na_ nwf h; _ AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h& ggma H$s Cn{m, pW{V Ama ggma Ho$ {Z{_m go Omo _m`m H$s brbm hmoVr h, dh AmnH$m hr Iob h; AV: Amn na_oa H$mo _ ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 14&&

Let me offer my obeisances unto Supreme Transcendence, who is eternally distinguished By His internal potency. His indistinguishable impersonal feature is realized by intelligence for self-realisation. I offer my obeisances unto Him who by His pastime enjoys the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic manifestation.[14]



Zm_m{Z `o@gw{dJ_o {ddem JwUpV&

VoZH$O_e_b1 ghgd {hdm

g`m`nmdV_V V_O no&& 15&&

Omo bmoJ mU`mJ H$aVo g_` AmnHo$ AdVma, JwU Ama H$_m] H$mo gy{MV H$aZodmbo XodH$sZXZ, OZmXZ, H$g{ZH$XZ Am{X Zm_m| H$m {dde hmoH$a ^r CmaU H$aVo h, do AZoH$m| O_m| Ho$ nmnm| go VH$mb Ny>Q>H$a _m`m{X AmdaUm| go a{hV ~nX m H$aVo h& Amn {Z` AO_m h, _ AmnH$s eaU boVm h&& 15&&

Let me take shelter of the lotus feet of Him whose incarnations, qualities and activities are mysterious imitations of worldly affairs. One who invokes His transcendental names, even unconsciously, at the time he quits this life, is certainly washed immediately of the sins of many, many births and attains Him without fail.[15]


`mo dm Ah M {J[aeM {d^w: d` M

pW`wdb`hoVd Am__yb&

{^dm {nmdY EH Camoh-

V_ Z_mo ^JdVo ^wdZw_m`&& 16&&

^JdZ! Bg {d dj Ho$ $n _| Amn hr {damO_mZ h& Amn hr AnZr _yb H${V H$mo drH$ma H$aHo$ OJV H$s Cn{m, pW{V Ama b` Ho$ {b`o _oao, AnZo Ama _hmXodOr Ho$ $n _| VrZ YmZ emImAm| _| {d^$ hE h Ama {\$a Omn{V Ed _Zw Am{X emIm-emImAm| Ho$ $n _| \$b H$a ~hV {dVV hmo J`o h& _ Amn H$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 16&&

Your Lordship in the prime root of the tree of the planetary systems. This tree has grown by first penetrating the material nature in three trunks as me, Siva and You, the Almighty-for creation, maintenance and dissolution, and we three have grown with many branches, Therefore I offer my obeisances unto You, the tree of the cosmic manifestation.[16]


bmoH$mo {dH$_{ZaV: Hw$ebo _m:

H$_`` dXw{XVo ^dXMZo do&

`VmdX`~bdm{Zh Or{dVmem

gpN>Z`{Z{_fm` Z_mo@Vw V_&& 17&&

^JdZ! AmnZo AnZr AmamYZm H$mo hr bmoH$m| Ho$ {b`o H$`mUH$mar dY_ ~Vm`m h& {H$Vw do Bg Amoa go CXmgrZ ahH$a gdXm {dnarV ({Z{f) H$_m] _| bJo ahVo h& Eogo _mX H$s AdWm _| nS>o hE BZ Ordm| H$s OrdZ-Amem H$mo Omo gXm gmdYmZ ahH$a ~S>r erKVm go H$mQ>Vm ahVm h, dh ~bdmZ H$mb ^r AmnH$m hr $n h, _ Cgo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 17&&

People in general all engage in foolish acts, not in the really beneficial activities enunciated directly by you for their guidance. As long as their tendency for foolish work remains powerful, all their plans in the struggle for existence will be cut to pieces. I therefore offer my obeisances unto Him who acts as eternal time. [17]


`_m{^o`h_{n {namY{Y`-

_`m{gV: gH$bbmoH$Z_H$V `˟&

Vono Vnmo ~hgdmo@dg_mZ1-

V_ Z_mo ^JdVo@{Y_Im` Vw`&& 18&&

`{n _ g`bmoH$ H$m A{Y>mVm h, Omo Xmo namթn`V ahZodmbm Ama g_V bmoH$m| H$m dXZr` h, Vmo ^r AmnHo$ Cg H$mb$n go S>aVm ahVm h& Cggo ~MZo Ama AmnH$mo m H$aZo Ho$ {b`o hr _Zo ~hV g_` VH$ Vn`m H$s h& Amn hr A{Y`k $n go _oar Bg Vn`m Ho$ gmjr h, _ AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 18&&

Your Lordship, I offer my respectful obisances unto You who are indefatigable time and the enjoyer off all sacrifices. Although I am situated in an abode which will continue to exist for a time duration of two parardhas, although I am the leader of all other planets in the universe, and although I have undergone many, many years of penance for self-realisation, still I offer my respects unto You.[18]


{V`_Zw`{d~wYm{Xfw Ord`mo{Z-

dm_oN>`m@@_H$VgoVwnarg`m `:&

ao_o {ZaVa{Va`dXoh-

V_ Z_mo ^JdVo nwfmom_m`&& 19&&

Amn nyUH$m_ h, AmnH$mo {H$gr {df`-

gwI H$s BN>m Zht h, Vmo ^r AmnZo AnZr ~Zm`r hB Y_ _`mXm H$s ajm Ho$ {b`o new-njr, _Zw` Ama XodVm Am{X Ord `mo{Z`m| _| AnZr hr BN>m go eara YmaU H$a AZoH$m| brbmE H$s h& Eogo Amn nwfmom_-^JdmZ H$mo _oam Z_H$ma h&& 19&&

O my Lord, by Your own will You appear in the various species of living entities, among animals lower than human beings as well as among the demigods, to perform Your transcendental pastimes. You are not affected by material contamination. You come just to fulfill the obligations of Your own principles of religion, and therefore, O Supreme Personality, I offer my obeisances unto You for manifesting such different forms.[19]


`mo@{d`mZwnhVmo@{n XemYd`m

{Zm_wdmh OR>arH$VbmoH$`m:&


^r_mo{__m{b{Z OZ` gwI {dddݟ&& 20&&

^mo! Amn A{dm, Ap_Vm, amJ, of Ama A{^{Zdoe --- nmMm| _| go {H$gr Ho$ ^r AYrZ Zht h, VWm{n Bg g_` Omo gmao ggma H$mo AnZo CXa _| brZ H$a ^`H$a VaJ_mbmAm| go {djwY b`H$mbrZ Ob _| AZV {dJh H$s H$mo_b e`m na e`Z H$a aho h, dh nydH$nH$s H$_ nanam go l{_V h`o Ordm| H$mo {dlm_ XoZo Ho$ {b`o hr h&& 20&&

My Lord, you accept the pleasure of sleeping in the water devastaion, where there are violent waves, and You enjoy pleasure on the bed of snakes, showing the happiness of Your sleep to intelligent persons. At that time , all the universal, planet are stationed within Your abdomen. [20]



bmoH$`monH$aUmo `XZwJhoU&

V_ Z_V CXaW^dm` `moJ-

{ZmdgmZ{dH$g{bZojUm` && 21&&

AmnHo$ Zm{^H$_b$n ^dZ go _oam O_ hAm h& `h gnyU {d AmnHo$ CXa _| g_m`m hAm h& AmnH$s H$nm go hr _ {bmoH$s H$s aMZm$n CnH$ma _| dm hAm h& Bg g_` `moJ{Zm H$m AV hmo OmZo Ho$ H$maU AmnHo$ Zo-H$_b {dH${gV hmo aho h, AmnH$mo _oam Z_H$ma h&& 21&&

O object of my worship, I am born from the house of Your lotus navel for the purpose of creating the universe by Your mercy. All these planets of the universe were stationed within Your transcendental abdomen while You were enjoying sleep, Now , Your sleep having ended, Your eyes are open like blossoming lotuses in the morning.[21]


gmo@` g_VOJVm gwXoH$ Am_m

gdoZ `_S>`Vo ^JdmZ ^JoZ&

VoZd _o e_ZwneVmWmh

`m{_ nydd{XX UV{`mo@gm1&& 22&&


Amn gnyU OJV Ho$ EH$_m gwX Ama Am_m h VWm eaUmJVm| na H$nm H$aZo dmbo h& AV: AnZo {Og kmZ Ama Eo` go Amn {d H$mo AmZpXV H$aVo h, Cgr go _oar ~w{ H$mo ^r `w$ H$a| --- {Oggo _ nydH$n Ho$ g_mZ Bg g_` ^r OJV H$s aMZm H$a gHy&&$ 22&&

Let the Supreme Lord be merciful towards me. He is the one friend and soul of all living entities in the world, and He maintains all, for their ultimate happiness, by His six transcendental opulences. May He be merciful towards me so that I, as before , may be empowered with the introspection to create, for I am also one of the surrendered souls who are dear to the Lord.[22]


Ef ndaXmo a_`m@@_e`m

`H$[a`{V JhrVJwUmdVma:2&

Vp_Z d{dH$_{_X3 gOVmo@{n MoVmo

`wOrV H$_e_b M `Wm {dOm&& 23&&

Amn ^$dmN>mH$nV h& AnZr e{$ b_rOr Ho$ g{hV AZoH$m| JwUmdVma boH$a Amn Omo-Omo AwV H$_ H$a|Jo, _oao Bg OJV H$s aMZm H$aZo H$m C_ ^r Cht _| go EH$ h& AV: Bgo aMVo g_` Amn _oao {Mm H$mo o[aV H$a|---e{$ XmZ H$a|, {Oggo _ g{> aMZm {df`H$ A{^_mZ$n _b go Xya ah gHy&&$ 23&&

The Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, is always the benefactor of the surrendered souls. His activities are always enacted through His internal potency, Rama , or the goddess of fortune. I pray only to engage in His service in the creation of the material world, and I pray that I not be materially affected by my works, for thus I may by able to give up the false prestige of being the creator.[23]


Zm{^Xm{Xh gVmo@^{g `` nwgmo

{dkmZe{$ah_mg_ZVeo$: &

$n {d{M{_X_` {dddVmo _o

_m ar[afr> {ZJ_` {Jam {dgJ:&& 24&&


^mo! Bg b`H$mbrZ Ob _| e`Z H$aVo hE Amn AZVe{$ na_ nwf Ho$ Zm{^H$_b go _oam nmXw^md hAm h Ama _ h ^r AmnH$s hr {dkmZ-e{$; AV: Bg OJV Ho$ {d{M $n H$m {dVma H$aVo g_` AmnH$s H$nm go _oar doX $n dmUr H$m CmaU bw Z hmo&& 24&&

The Lords potencies are innumerable. As He lies down in the water of devastation, I am born as the total universal energy from the navel lake in which the lotus sprouts. I am now engaged in manifesting His diverse energies in the form of the cosmic manifestation. I therefore pray that in the course of my material activities I may not be deviated from the vibration of the Vedic  hymns.[24]


gmo@gmdX^H$Umo ^JdmZ {dd1-o_p_VoZ Z`Zm~wh {dO^ݟ&

CWm` {d{dO`m` M Zmo {dfmX

_m`m {JamnZ`Vmnwf: nwamU:&& 25&&

Amn Anma H$Um_` nwamU nwf h& Amn na_ o__`r _wH$mZ Ho$ g{hV AnZo Zo H$_b Imo{b`o Ama eof-e`m go CR>H$a {d Ho$ Cd Ho$ {b`o AnZr gw_Ywa dmUr go _oam {dfmX Xya H$s{O`o&& 25&&

The Lord, who is supreme and is the oldest of all, is unlimitedly merciful. I wish that he may smilingly bestow His benediction upon me by opening His lotus eyes. He can uplift the entire cosmic creation and remove our dejection by kindly speaking His directions.[25]

~mOr, _hmXodOr VWm XodVmAm| Ho$ {b`o gwXa {dJh YmaU H$aZo dmbo lrh[a H$s AwV N>{d H$mo XoIH$a gZH$m{X _wZram| Zo Ch| PwH$ H$a Um_ {H$`m VWm A` gmYZm| go {g Z hmoZodmbr dm^m{dH$ A>{g{`m| go gn lrh[a H$s Bg H$ma Vw{V H$s :---


`mo@V{hVmo {X JVmo@{n Xwam_Zm d1

gmo@ڡd Zmo Z`Z_yb_ZV am:&

`}d H$U{ddaoU Jwhm JVmo Z:

{nmZwd{UVahm ^dXwdoZ&& 46&&

gZH$m{X _w{Z`m| Zo H$hm --- AZV! `{n Amn AV`m_r $n go Xw>{Mm nwfm| Ho$ X` _| ^r pWV ahVo h, VWm{n CZH$s {> go AmoPb hr ahVo h& {H$Vw AmO h_mao Zom| Ho$ gm_Zo Vmo Amn gmjmV {damO_mZ h& ^mo! {Og g_` Amngo Cn hE h_mao {nVm ~mOr Zo AmnH$m ah` dUZ {H$`m Wm, Cgr g_` ldU-aYm| mam h_mar ~w{ _| Vmo Amn Am {damOo Wo; {H$Vw `j XeZ H$m _hmZ gm^m` Vmo h_| AmO hr m hAm h&& 46&&

The  Kumaras said: Our dear Lord, You not manifested to rascals, even though You are seated within the heart of everyone . But as far as we are concerned we see You face to face, although You are unlimited. The statements we have heard about You from our father, Brahman, through the ears have now been actually realized by Your kind appearance.[46]

V dm {dXm_ ^JdZ na_m_Vd

gdoZ g{V aqV aM`V_ofm&


ҫW`mo {X {dXw_wZ`mo {damJm:&& 47&&

^JdZ! h_ AmnH$mo gmjmV na_m_Vd hr OmZVo h& Bg g_` Amn AnZo {dew gd_` {dJh go AnZo BZ ^$m| H$mo AmZpXV H$a aho h& AmnH$s Bg gwJU-gmH$ma _y{V H$mo amJ Ama AhH$ma go _w$ _w{ZOZ AmnH$s H$nm {> go m hE gwыT> ^{$`moJ Ho$ mam AnZo X` _| CnbY H$aVo h&& 47&&

We know that You are the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, who manifests His transcendental form in the uncontaminated   mode of pure goodness. This transcendental eternal form of Your personality can be understood only by Your mercy, through unflinching devotional service, by great sages whose heart have been purified in the devotional way.[47]

Zm`pVH$ {dJU``{n Vo gmX

{H$d`X{nV^` ^wd C`Vo&

`o@LdX["eaUm1 ^dV: H$Wm`m:

H$sV`VrW`eg: Hw$ebm agkm:&& 48&&

^mo! AmnH$m gw`e A`V H$sVZr` Ama gmgm[aH$ Xw:Im| H$s {Zd{m H$aZo dmbm h& AmnHo$ MaUm| H$s eaU _| ahZo dmbo Omo _hm^mJ AmnH$s H$WmAm| Ho$ a{gH$ h, do AmnHo$ Am`pVH$ gmX _mojnX H$mo ^r Hw$N> A{YH$ Zht {JZVo; {\$a ^r {Oh| AmnH$s Oam-gr Q>oT>r ^mh hr ^`^rV H$a XoVr h, CZ BnX Am{X A` ^mmoJm| Ho$ {df` _| Vmo H$hZm hr `m h&& 48&&

Persons who are very expert and most intelligent in understanding things as they are engaged in hearing narrations of the auspicious activities and pastimes of the Lord, which are worthchanting and worthhearing. Such persons do not care even for the highest material benediction, namely liberation, to say nothing of other less important benedictions like the material happiness of the heavenly kingdom.[48]

H$m_ ^d: dd{OZ{Za`ofw Z: Vm-

oVmo@{bd{X Zw Vo nX`mo a_oV&

dmMM ZVwb{gd{X Vo@["emo^m:

ny`}V Vo JwUJU`{X H$UaY:&& 49&&

^JdZ! `{X h_mam {Mm ^mao H$s Vah AmnHo$ MaU-H$_bm| _| hr a_U H$aVm aho, h_mar dmUr Vwbgr Ho$ g_mZ AmnHo$ MaU-g~Y go hr gwemo{^V hmo Ama h_mao H$mZ AmnH$s gw`e-gwYm go n[anyU ah| Vmo AnZo nmnm| Ho$ H$maU ^bo hr h_mam O_ ZaH$m{X `mo{Z`m| _| hmo Om` ---BgH$s h_| H$moB {MVm Zht h&& 49&&

O Lord, we pray that You let us be born in any hellish condition of life, just as long as our hearts and minds are always engaged in the service of Your lotus feet, our words are made beautiful [ by speaking of your activities ] just as tulasi leaves are beautified when offered unto Your lotus feet, and as long as our ears are always filled with the chanting of Your transcendental qualities.[49]

mXwMH$W `{XX nwhV $n

VoZoe {Zd{V_dmnwab emo Z:&

V_m1 BX ^JdVo Z_ B{Yo_

`mo@Zm_Zm XwX`mo ^JdmZ VrV:&& 50&&


{dnwbH$s{V ^mo! AmnZo h_mao gm_Zo Omo `h _Zmoha $n JQ> {H$`m h, Cggo h_mao Zom| H$mo ~S>m hr gwI {_bm h; {df`mg$ A{OVop` nwfm| Ho$ {b`o BgH$m {>JmoMa hmoZm A`V H${R>Z h& Amn gmjmV ^JdmZ h Ama Bg H$ma n>V`m h_mao Zom| Ho$ gm_ZoJQ> hE h& h_ AmnH$mo Um_ H$aVo h&& 50&&

O Lord, we therefore offer our respectful obeisances unto Your eternal form as the Personality of Godhead, which You have so kindly manifested before us. Your supreme, eternal form cannot be seen by unfortunate, less intelligent persons, but we care so much satisfied in our mind and vision to see it. [50]


(O`-{dO` H$m dHw$R> go nVZ Ho$ gX^ _|)

`moJ_m`m Ho$ ^md go AnZo na_ Eo` H$m ^md JQ> H$aZo dmbo ^w go _w{Z`m| Zo Bg H$ma Vw{V H$s :--Z d` ^JdZ {dVd Xod {MH$s{fV& H$Vmo _o@ZwJhMo{V `X`j: ^mfgo&& 16&&

dH$me ^JdZ! Amn gd}a hmoH$a ^r Omo `h H$h aho h {H$ "`h AmnZo _wP na ~S>m AZwJh {H$`m'& gmo Bggo AmnH$m `m A{^m` h ---- `h h_ Zht OmZ gHo$ h&& 16&&

The sages said: O Supreme Personality of Godhead, we are unable to know what You intend for us to do , for even though You are the supreme ruler of all, You speak in our favour as if we had done sometime good for You. [16]

~`` na Xd ~mUm: {H$b Vo ^mo&

{dmUm XodXodmZm ^JdmZm_XdV&& 17&&


^mo! Amn ~mUm| Ho$ na_ {hVH$mar h; Bggo bmoH${ejm Ho$ {b`o Amn ^bo hr Eogm _mZ| {H$ ~mU _oao Amam` Xod h& dVwV: Vmo ~mU VWm XodVmAm| Ho$ ^r XodVm ~m{X Ho$ ^r Amn hr Am_m Ama Amam` Xod h&& 17&&

O Lord you are the supreme director of the brahminical culture. Your considering the brahmanas to be in the highest position is Your example for teaching others. Actually You are the supreme worshipbale Deity , not only for the gods but for the brahmanas also.[17]

dm: gZmVZmo Y_m} a`Vo VZw{^Vd&

Y_` na_mo Jwmo {Z{dH$mamo ^dm_V:&& 18&&

gZmVZ Y_ Amngo hr Cn hAm h, AmnHo$ AdVmam| mam hr g_`-g_` na CgH$s ajm hmoVr h VWm {Z{dH$ma d$n Amnhr Y_ Ho$ na_ Jw ah` h --- `h emm| H$m _V h&& 18&&

You are the source of the eternal occupation of all living entities and by Your multimanifestations of Personalities of Godhead, You have always protected religious principles, and in our opinion You are inexhaustible and unchangeable eternally.[18]

VapV Ogm _`w {Zdmm `XZwJhm˟&

`mo{JZ: g ^dmZ qH$pdXZwJoV1 `na:&& 19&&

AmnH$s H$nm go {Zd{m nam`U `moJrOZ ghO _| hr _`w$n ggma-gmJa go nma hmo OmVo h; {\$a ^bm, Xygam H$moB Amn na `m H$nm H$a gH$Vm h?&& 19&&

Mystics and transcendentalists, by the mercy of the Lord, cross beyond nescience by ceasing all material desires. It is not possible, therefore, that the Supreme Lord can be favoured by others.[19]

` d {d^y{Vn`m`Zwdob_`-
aWm{W{^: d{eagm YVnmXaoUw:&
bmoH$ _YwdVnVo[ad H$m_`mZm&& 20&&
^JdZ! Xygao AWmWuOZ {OZH$s MaU-aO H$mo gdXm AnZo _VH$ na YmaU H$aVo h, do b_rOr {ZaVa AmnH$s godm _| bJr ahVr h; gmo Eogm OmZ nS>Vm h {H$ ^m`dmZ ^$OZ AmnHo$ MaUm| na Omo ZyVZ Vwbgr H$s _mbmE AnU H$aVo h, CZ na JwOma H$aVo hE ^mam| Ho$ g_mZ do ^r AmnHo$ nmXnm| H$mo hr AnZm {Zdmg WmZ ~ZmZm MmhVo h&& 20&&

The goddess of fortune, Laksmi, the dust of whose feet is worn on the head by others, waits upon You, as appointed, for she is anxious to secure a place in the abode of the king of bees, who hovers on the fresh wreath of tulasi leaves offered at Your feet by some blessed devotee.[20]

`Vm {d{d$M[aVaZwdV_mZm1
Zm`m{`na_^mJdVgJ: &
g d {OmZwnWnw`aO: nwZrV:
lrdgb_ {H$_Jm ^J^mOZd&& 21&&
{H$Vw AnZo n{d M[am| go {ZaVa godm _| Vna ahZodmbr CZ b_rOr H$m ^r Amn {deof AmXa Zht H$aVo, Amn Vmo ^$m| go hr {deof o_ aIVo h& Amn d` hr gnyU ^OZr` JwUm| Ho$ Aml` h; `m Ohm-Vhm {dMaVo hE ~mUm| Ho$ MaUm| _| bJZo go n{d hE _mJ H$s Yy{b Ama lrdg H$m {Mh AmnH$mo n{d H$a gH$Vo h? `m BZgo AmnH$s emo^m ~T> gH$Vr h?&& 21&&

O Lord, you are exceedingly attached to the activities of Your pure devotees, yet You are never attached to the goddesses of fortune who constantly engage in Your transcendental loving service. How can You be purified, therefore , by  the dust of the path traversed by the brahmanas and how can You  be glorified of made fortunate by the marks of Srivatsa on Your chest? [21]

Y_` Vo ^JdV{`wJ {{^: d:
n{MamMa{_X {OXodVmW&
ZyZ ^V VX{^Km{V aOV_M
gdoZ Zmo daX`m VZwdm {Za`&& 22&&
^JdZ! Amn gmjmV Y_d$n h& Amn g`m{X VrZm| `wJm| _| `j$n go {d_mZ ahVo h VWm ~mU Ama XodVmAm| Ho$ {b`o Vn, emM Ama X`m --- AnZo BZ VrZ MaUm| go Bg MamMa OJV H$s ajm H$aVo h& A~ Amn AnZr ew gd_`r daXm{`Zr _y{V go h_mao Y_{damoYr aOmoJwU-V_moJwU H$mo Xya H$a Xr{O`o&& 22&&

O Lord, You are the personification of all religion. Therefore You manifest Yourself in three millenniums, and thus You protect this universe, which consists of animate and inanimate beings. By Your grace, which is of pure goodness and is the bestower of all blessing, kindly drive away the elements of rajas and tamas for the sake of the demigods and twice-born.[22]

Z d {Omom_Hw$b `{Xhm_Jmon
Jmom df: dhUoZ ggyZVoZ&
V}d ZL`{V {edVd Xod nWm
bmoH$mo@Jhr`f^` {h V_mU&& 23&&
Xod! `h ~mUHw$b AmnHo$ mam Ad` ajUr` h& `{X gmjmV Y_$n hmoH$a ^r Amn gw_Ywa dmUr Ama nyOZm{X Ho$ mam Bg Cm_ Hw$b H$s ajm Z H$a| Vmo AmnH$m {ZpMV {H$`m hAm H$`mU_mJ hr Z> hmo Om`; `m|{H$ bmoH$ Vmo lo> nwfm| Ho$ AmMaU H$mo hr _mU$n go JhU H$aVm h&& 23&&

O Lord, You are the protector of the highest of the twice-born. If you do not protect them by offering worship and mild words, then certainly the auspicious path of worship will be rejected by people in general, who act on the strength and authority of Your Lordship.[23]

Vmo@Z^r>{_d gd{ZYo{d{Ygmo:
jo_ OZm` {ZOe{${^եVmao:&
ZVmdVm `{YnVo~V {d^Vw-
VoO: jV ddZV` g Vo {dZmoX:&& 24&&
^mo! Amn gdJwU H$s ImZ h& Ama g^r Ordm| H$m H$`mU H$aZo Ho$ {b`o CgwH$ h& Bgr go Amn AnZr e{$$n amOm Am{X Ho$ mam Y_ Ho$ ewAm| H$m ghma H$aVo h; `m|{H$ doX_mJ H$m CN>oX AmnH$mo A^r> Zht h& Amn {bmoH$sZmW Ama OJ{VnmbH$ hmoH$a ^r ~mUm| Ho$ {V BVZo Z_ ahVo h, Bggo AmnHo$ VoO H$s H$moB hm{Z Zht hmoVr; `h Vmo AmnH$s brbm _m h&& 24&&

Dear Lord, You never want the auspicious path to be destroyed, for You are the reservoir of all goodness. Just to benefit people in general, You destroy the evil element by Your mighty potency. You are the proprietor of the three creations and the maintainer of the entire universe. Therefore Your potency is not reduced by Your submissive behavior. Rather, by submission You exhibit Your transcendental pastime.[24]

` dmZ`moX__Yre ^dmZ {dYmo
dqm Zw dm VXZw__{h {Z`brH$&
A_mgw dm ` C{MVmo{Y`Vm g XS>mo
`o@ZmJgm d`_`wL_{h {H$p~foU&& 25&&

O Lord, whatever punishment You wish to award these two innocent persons or also to us we shall accept without duplicity. We understand that we have cursed two faultless persons.[25]



_o`Or Zo {dXwaOr go H$hm {H$ O~ ~mOr Zo ^JdmZ H$X_ H$mo gVmZ Cn{m H$s Amkm Xr, H$X_Or Zo Xg hOma dfm] VH$ gadVr ZXr Ho$ Vra na Vn`m H$s& CZH$s Vn`m go g hmoH$a lrh[a Zo AnZo eX~_` d$n go _y{V_mZ hmoH$a XeZ {X`o& H$X_Or Zo gmZX X` go ndr na {ga Q>oH$ H$a ^JdmZ H$mo gm>mJ Um_ {H$`m Ama {\$a o_dU{Mm go hmW OmoS> H$a gw_Ywa dmUr go lr ^JdmZ H$s Vw{V H$aZo bJo:-

Ow> ~Vmm{Ibgdameo:1
gm{g`_UmoVd XeZm:&
`eZ O_{^arS> g{-
amemgVo `mo{JZmo $T>`moJm:&& 13&&
H$X_Or Zo H$hm --- Vw{V H$aZo `mo` na_oa! Amn gnyU gdJwU Ho$ AmYma h& `mo{JOZ Cmamoma ew^ `mo{Z`m| _| O_ boH$a AV _| `moJW hmoZo na AmnHo$ XeZm| H$s BN>m aIVo h; AmO AmnH$m dhr XeZ nmH$a h_| Zom| H$m \$b {_b J`m&& 13&&

The great sage Kardama said: O supreme worshipful Lord, my power of sight is now fulfilled, having attained the greatest perfection of the sight of You, who are the reservoir of all existences. Through many successive births of deep mediation, advanced yogis aspire to see Your transcendental form. [13]

`o _m``m Vo hV_oYgdV
nmXma{dX ^d{gYwnmoV&
CnmgVo H$m_bdm` Vofm
amgre H$m_m{a`o@{n `o `w:&& 14&&
AmnHo$ MaU-H$_b ^dgmJa go nma OmZo Ho$ {b`o OhmO h& {OZH$s ~w{ AmnH$s _m`m go _mar J`r h, do hr CZ VwN> j{UH$ {df`-gwIm| Ho$ {b`o, Omo ZaH$ _| ^r {_b gH$Vo h, CZ MaUm| H$m Aml` boVo h; {H$Vw dm{_Z! Amn Vmo Ch| do {df`-^moJ ^r Xo XoVo h&& 14&&

Your lotus feet are the true vessel to take one across the ocean of mundane nescience. Only persons deprived of their intelligence by the spell of the deluding energy will worship those feet with a view to attain the trivial and momentary pleasures of the sense, which even persons rotting in hell can attain. However, O my Lord, You are so kind that you bestow mercy even upon them. [14]

VWm g Mmh n[adTw>H$m_:
g_mZerbm Jh_oYYoZw&
Xwame`: H$m_XwKm[n`&& 15&&
^mo! Amn H$ndj h& AmnHo$ MaU g_V _ZmoaWm| H$mo nyU H$aZo dmbo h& _oam X` H$m_ H$bw{fV h& _ ^r AnZo AZw$n d^mddmbr Ama JhWY_ Ho$ nmbZ _| ghm`H$ erbdVr H$`m go {ddmh H$aZo Ho$ {b`o AmnHo$ MaU H$_bm| H$s eaU _| Am`m h&& 15&&

Therefore, desiring to marry a girl of like disposition who may prove to be a veritable cow of plenty in my married life, to satisfy my lustful desire I too have sought the shelter of Your lotus feet, which are the source of everything, for You are like a desire tree. [15]

OmnVoVo dMgmYre V`m
bmoH$: {H$bm` H$m_hVmo@Zw~:&
Ah M bmoH$mZwJVmo dhm{_
~qb M ewbm{Z{_fm` Vw`&& 16&&
gd}a! Amn gnyU bmoH$m| Ho$ A{Yn{V h& ZmZm H$ma H$s H$m_ZmAm| _| \$gm hAm `h bmoH$ AmnH$s doXdmUr $n S>moar _| ~Ym h& Y__yV}! Cgr H$m AZwJ_Z H$aVm hAm _ ^r H$mb$n AmnH$s Amkm nmbZ $n nyOmonhmam{X g_{nV H$aVm h&& 16&&

O my Lord, you are the master and leader of all living entities. Under Your direction, all conditioned souls, as if bound by rope, are constantly engaged in satisfying their desires. Following them, O embodiment of religion, I also bear oblations for You, who are eternal time. [16]

bmmoH$mM bmoH$mZwJVmZ bmoH$mZwJVmZ neyM
{hdm {lVmVo MaUmVn&
nana dwUdmXgrYw-
nr`yf{Z`m{nVXohY_m: && 17&&
^mo! AmnHo$ ^$ {df`mg$ bmoJm| Ama Cht Ho$ _mJ H$m AZwgaU H$aZo dmbo _wP Ogo H$_ OS> newAm| H$mo Hw$N> ^r Z {JZ H$a AmnHo$ MaUm| H$s N>N>m`m H$m hr Aml` boVo h VWm nana AmnHo$ JwUJmZ$n _mXH$ gwYm H$m hr nmZ H$aHo$ AnZo jwYm-{nnmgm{X XohY_m] H$mo emV H$aVo ahVo h&& 17&&

However, persons who have given up stereotyped worldly affairs and the beastly followers of these affairs, and who have taken shelter of the umbrella of Your lotus feet by drinking the intoxicating nectar of Your qualities and activities in discussions with one another, can be freed from the primary necessities of the material body.[17]

Z Vo@Oamj^{_am`waofm1
`moXema {eV f{>nd&
fZo`ZVN>Xr `{mUm{^
H$ambmoVmo OJXmpN> YmdV2&& 18&&
^mo! `h H$mb MH$ ~S>m ~b h& gmjmV ~ hr BgHo$ Ky_Zo H$s Ywar h, A{YH$ _mg g{hV Voah _hrZo Aao h, VrZ gm gmR> {XZ OmoS> h, N>: F$VwE Zo{_ (hmb) h, AZV jU-nb Am{X Bg_| nmH$ma YmamE h VWm VrZ MmVw_m` BgH$s AmYma^yV Zm{^ h& `h A`V doJdmZ gdga$n H$mbMH$ MamMa OJV H$s Am`w H$m N>oXZ H$aVm hAm Ky_Vm ahVm h, {H$Vw AmnHo$ ^$m| H$s Am`w H$m mg Zht H$a gH$Vm&& 18&&

Your wheel, which has three naves, rotates around the axis of the imperishable Brahma. It has thirteen spokes, 360 joints, six rims and numberless leaves carved upon it. Though its revolution cuts short the life-span of the entire creation, this wheel of tremendous velocity cannot touch the life span of the devotees of the Lord.[18]

EH$: d` gOJV: {ggj`m-
{Vr``m@@_{Y`moJ_m``m &
gO`X: nm{g nwZJ{g`go
`WmoUZm{^^JdZ de{${^:&& 19&&
^JdZ! {Og H$ma _H$S>r d` hr Ombo H$mo \$bmVr, CgH$s ajm H$aVr Ama AV _| Cgo {ZJb OmVr h --- Cgr H$ma Amn AHo$bo hr OJV H$s aMZm H$aZo Ho$ {b`o AnZo go A{^ AnZr `moJ_m`m H$mo drH$ma H$a Cggo A{^`$ hB AnZr gdm{X e{$`m| mam d` hr Bg OJV H$s aMZm nmbZ Ama ghma H$aVo h&& 19&&

My dear Lord, You alone creating the universes. O Personality of Godhead, desiring to create these universe, you create them, maintain them and again wind them up by Your own energies, which are under the control of Your second energy, called yogamaya, just as a spider creates a cobwed by its won energy and again winds it up.[19]

ZVmVmYre nX VdopgV
`_m``m ZVZwfo ^yVgy_&
AZwJhm`md{n `{h _m``m
bgmwb`m VZwdm1 {db{jV:&& 20&&
^mo! Bg g_` AmnZo h_| AnZr Vwbgr_mbm _pS>V, _m`m go n[apN>-gr {XImB XoZodmbr gJwU _y{V go XeZ {X`m h& Amn h_ ^$m| H$mo Omo eXm{X {df`-gwI XmZ H$aVo h, do _m{`H$ hmoZo Ho$ H$maU `{n AmnH$mo ngX Zht h, VWm{n n[aUm_ _| h_mam ew^ H$aZo Ho$ {b`o do h_| m hm|&& 20&&

My dear Lord, although it is not Your desire, You manifest this creation of gross and subtle elements just for your sensual satisfaction. Let Your causeless mercy by upon us, for You have appeared before us in Your eternal form, adorned with s splendid wreath of tulsi leaves.[20]

V dmZw^y`monaV{H$`mW
d_m``m d{VVbmoH$V&
Z_m`^rU Z_Zr`nmX-
gamoO_nr`{g H$m_df&& 21&&
ZmW! Amn d$n go {ZpH$` hmoZo na ^r _m`m Ho$ mam gmao ggma H$m `dhma MbmZo dmbo h VWm WmoS>r-gr CnmgZm H$aZodmbo na ^r g_V A{^bm{fV dVwAm| H$s dfm H$aVo ahVo h& AmnHo$ MaU-H$_b dXZr` h, _ AmnH$mo ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 21&&

I continuously offer my respectful obesances unto Your lotus feet, of which it I worthy to take shelter, because You shower all benedictions on the insignificant. To give all living entities detachment from fruitive activity by realising You, You have expanded these material worlds You, You have expanded these material worlds by Your own energy. [21]

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