Lords Prayers by Brahma ji


lr ewH$XodOr amOm nar{jV go H$hVo h---
V` _ybXoeo qemoOZghmVa AmVo `m d H$bm ^JdVVm_gr g_m`mVmZV B{V gmdVr`m >``mo: gH$fU_h{_`{^_mZbjU ` gH$fU{_`mMjVo&& 1&&
amOZ! nmVmbbmoH$ Ho$ ZrMo Vrg hOma `moOZ H$s Xyar na AZV Zm_ go {d`mV ^JdmZ H$s Vm_gr {Z` H$bm h& `h AhH$ma$nm hmoZo go >m Ama ` H$mo ItMH$a EH$ H$a XoVr h& Bg{b`o nmMam AmJ_ Ho$ AZw`m`r ^$OZ Bgo
""gH$fU'' H$hVo h&&1&&

Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said to Maharaja Parikshit : My dear King, approximately 240,000 miles beneath the planet Patala lives another incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the expansion of Lord Vishnu known as Lord Ananta or Lord Sankarsana. He is always in the transcendental position, but because He is worshiped by Lord Siva, the deity of tamo-guna or darkness, He is sometimes called Tamasi. Lord Ananta is the pre-dominating Deity of the material mode of ignorance as well as the false ego of all conditioned souls. [1]

``oX {j{V_S>b ^JdVmo@ZV_yV}: gh{eag EH$p_od erf{U {Y`_mU {gmW Bd b`Vo&& 2&& 

BZ ^JdmZ AZV Ho$ EH$ hOma _VH$ h& CZ_| go EH$ na aIm hAm `h gmam ^y_S>b gagm| Ho$ XmZo Ho$ g_mZ {XImB XoVm h&& 2&&

Sukadeva Gosvami continued : This great universe, situated on one of Lord Anantadeva's thousands of hoods, appears just like a white mustard seed. It is infinitesimal compared to the hood of Lord Ananta. [2]

`` h dm BX H$mboZmong{OhrfVmo@_f-{da{MV{Ma^_ثwdmoaVaoU gmH$fUmo Zm_ EH$mXe`yh`j{{eI eyb_wm^`wX-{V>˟&& 3&&
b`H$mb CnpWV hmoZo na O~ Bh| Bg {d H$m Cnghma H$aZo H$s BN>m hmoVr h, V~ BZH$s H$moYde Ky_Vr hB _Zmoha ^wHw${Q>`m| Ho$ _` ^mJ go gH$fU Zm_H$ JQ> hmoVo h& CZH$s `yh g`m `mah h& do g^r VrZ Zom|dmbo hmoVo h Ama hmW _| VrZ ZmoH$m| dmbo eyb {b`o ahVo h&& 3&&

At the time of devastation, when Lord Anantadeva desires to destroy the entire creation, He becomes slightly angry. Then from between His two eyebrows appears three-eyed Rudra, carrying a trident. This Rudra, who is known as Sankarsana, is the embodiment of the eleven Rudras, or incarnations of Lord Siva. He appears in order to devastate the entire creation. [3]

g Ed ^JdmZZVmo @ZVJwUmUd Am{XXod CngVm_famofdoJmo bmoH$mZm dV` AmVo&& 6&&
do AZV JwUm| Ho$ gmJa Am{X Xod ^JdmZ AZV AnZo A_f (AghZerbVm) Ama amof Ho$ doJ H$mo amoHo$ hE dhm g_V bmoH$m| Ho$ H$`mU Ho$ {b`o {damO_mZ h&& 6&&

Lord Sankarsana is the ocean of unlimited spiritual qualities, and thus He is known as Anantadeva. He is nondifferent from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. For the welfare of all living entities within this material world, He resides in His abode, restraining His anger and intolerance. [6]

` Ef Ed_ZwlwVmo `m`_mZmo _w_wjyUm_Zm{X-H$mbH$_dmgZmJ{WV_ {dm_` X`JpW gdaOV_mo_`_VX` JV Amew {Z{^Z{m V`mZw^mdmZ ^JdmZ dm`^wdmo ZmaX: gh Vw~wUm g^m`m~U: gbmoH$`m_mg&& 8&&
CZHo$ JwUm| H$m EH$~ma ~mOr Ho$ nw ^JdmZ ZmaX Zo Vw~w JYd Ho$ gmW ~mOr H$s g^m _| Bg H$ma JmZ {H$`m Wm&& 8&&

Narada Muni, the son of Lord Brahma, always glorifies Anantadeva in his father's assembly. There he sings blissful verses of his own composition, accompanied by his stringed instrument [of a celestial singer] known as Tumbrur. [8]

{OZH$s {> nS>Zo go hr OJV H$s Cn{m, pW{V Ama b` Ho$ hoVw ^yV gdm{X mH$V JwU AnZo-AnZo H$m` _| g_W hmoVo h, {OZH$m d$n Ywd (AZV) Ama AH$V (AZm{X) h VWm Omo AHo$bo hmoVo hE hr Bg ZmZm_H$ nM H$mo AnZo _| YmaU {H$`o hE h --- CZ ^JdmZ gH$fU Ho$ Vd H$mo H$moB H$go OmZ gH$Vm h&& 9&&

By His glance, the Supreme Personality of Godhead enables the modes of material nature to act as the causes of universal creation, maintenance and destruction. The Supreme Soul is unlimited and beginningless, and although He is one, He has manifested Himself in many forms. How can human society understand the ways of the Supreme ? [9]

_y{V Z: nwH$n`m ~^ma gd
gewէ gXg{XX {d^m{V `̟&
`rbm _Jn{VamXXo@Zdm-
_mXmVw dOZ_Zm`wXmadr`:&& 10&&
{OZ_| `h H$m`-H$maU$n gmam nM ^mg ahm h VWm AnZo {ZO OZm| H$m {Mm AmH${fV H$aZo Ho$ {b`o H$s hB {OZH$s draVmnyU brbmH$mo na_ namH$_r qgh Zo AmXe _mZH$a AnZm`m h, CZ CXmadr` gH$fU ^JdmZ Zo h_ na ~S>r H$nm H$aHo$ `h {dew gd_` d$n YmaU {H$`m h&& 10&&

This manifestation of subtle and gross matter exists within the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Out of causeless mercy toward His devotees, He exhibits various forms, which are all transcendental. The Supreme Lord is most liberal, and He possesses all mystic power. To conquer the minds of His devotees and give pleasure to their hearts, He appears in different incarnations and manifests many pastimes. [10]

`m_ lwV_ZwH$sV`oXH$_m-
XmVm} dm `{X n{VV: b^Zmm&
h`h: gn{X ZUm_eof_`
H$ eofmJdV Aml`o_w_wjw:&& 11&&
{OZHo$ gwZo-gwZm`o Zm_ H$m H$moB nr{S>V AWdm n{VV nwf AH$_mV AWdm hgr _| ^r CmaU H$a boVm h Vmo dh nwf Xygao _Zw`m| Ho$ ^r gmao nmnm|H$moVH$mb Z> H$a XoVm h -- Eogo eof ^JdmZ H$mo N>moS> H$a _w_wjw nwf Ama {H$gH$m Aml` bo gH$Vm h ?&& 11&&

Even if he be distressed or degraded, any person who chants the holy name of the Lord, having heard it from a bonafide spiritual master, is immediately purified. Even if he chants the Lord's name jokingly or by chance, he and anyone who hears him are freed from all sins. Therefore how can anyone seeking disentangle-ment from the material clutches avoid chanting the name of Lord Sesa ? Of whom else should one take shelter ? [11]

^yJmob g{J[ag[ag_wgd&
AmZ`mX{Z{_V{dH$_` ^yZ:
H$mo dr`m`{YJU`ogh{O:&& 12&&
`h ndV, ZXr Ama g_wm{X go nyU gnyU ^y_S>b CZ gherfm ^JdmZ Ho$ EH$ _VH$ na EH$ aO:H$U Ho$ g_mZ aIm hAm h& do AZV h, Bg{b`o CZHo$ namH$_ H$m H$moB n[a_mU Zht h& {H$gr Ho$ hOma Or^| hm|, Vmo ^r CZ gd`mnH$ ^JdmZ Ho$ namH$_m| H$s JUZm H$aZo H$m gmhg dh H$go H$a gH$Vmh ?&& 12&&

Because the Lord is unlimited, no one can estimate His power. This entire universe, filled  with its many great mountains, rivers, oceans, trees and living entities, is resting just like an atom on one of His many thousands of hoods. Is there anyone, even with thousands of tongues, who can describe His glories ? [12]

Ed^mdmo ^JdmZZVmo
_ybo agm`m: pWV Am_Vmo
`mo brb`m _m pWV`o {~^{V&& 13&&

dmVd _| CZHo$ dr`, A{Ve` JwU Ama ^md Agr_ h& Eogo ^mdembr ^JdmZ AZV agmVbHo$ _yb_| AnZr hr _{h_m _| pWV dV h Ama gnyU bmoH$m| H$s pW{V Ho$ {b`o brbm go hr ndr H$mo YmaU {H$`o hE h&& 13&&

There is no end to the great and glorious qualities of that powerful Lord Anantadeva. Indeed, His prowess is unlimited. Though self-sufficient, He Himself is the support of everything. He resides beneath the lower planetary systems and easily sustains the entire universe. [13]

EVm odoh Z{^nJV`m JV`mo `WmH$_-{d{Z{_Vm `WmonXoe_Zwd{UVm: H$m_mZ-H$m_`_mZ:&& 14&&
^moJm| H$s H$m_Zmdmbo nwfm| H$s AnZo H$_m] Ho$ AZwgma m hmoZodmbr ^JdmZ H$s aMr hB `o hr J{V`m h&&& 14&&

Those conditioned souls, who are full of material desires, achieve various situations in different planetary systems, and in this way they live within this material creation. [14]

_mhm`--AZV ^JdmZ JwUm| Ho$ gmJa h& do AnZo A_f (AghZerbVm) Ama amof Ho$ doJ H$mo amoHo$ hE (nmVmbbmoH$) dhm g_V bmoH$m| Ho$ H$`mU Ho$ {b`o {damO_mZ h& ^JdmZ AZV Ho$ _mhm` ldU Ama `mZ go _w_wjwOZ AnZr H$_dmgZm go _w$ hmo OmVo h& CZHo$ `mZ go gd, aO Ama V_ H$s J{W VH$mb H$Q> OmVr h& {OZHo$ gwZo-gwZm`o Zm_ H$m H$moB ^r nr{S>V AWdm n{VV nwf AH$_mV AWdm hgr _| ^r CmaU H$a boVm h Vmo dh nwf Xygao _Zw`m| Ho$ ^r gmao nmnm| H$mo VH$mb Z> H$a XoVm h& gnyU bmoH$m| H$s pW{V Ho$ {b`o brbm go hr ndr H$mo YmaU H$aZo dmbo BZ ^JdmZ AZV H$s {d{Y Ama lm Ho$ gmW mWZm H$aZo go Am_m ew Ama VoO{X hmoVr h&                        


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