Prayer to Bhagawan Sesh by Raja Chitraketu

A`m` - 4

Chapter - 4
lr ewH$XodOr Zo amOm nar{jV?go H$hm {H$ O~ Omn{V Xj mam aMr hB? g{?gt; (Ob, Wb, XodVm, _Zw` Am{X) ~T> Zht ahr Wr V~ Chm|Zo {d`mMb Ho$ {ZH$Q>dVu ndVm| na OmH$a Kmoa Vn`m H$s?amp; dhm?EH$ ""AK_fU'' Zm_ H$m A`V lo?gt; VrW?Wm {Og_| do {H$mb ZmZ H$aVo Ama ^JdmZ?H$s AmamYZm H$aVo?amp; Omn{V Zo "hgJw? Zm_H$ Vmo?go ^JdmZ?H$s Vw{V H$s?amp;
Z_: nam`m{dVWmZw^yV`o
A>YmZo JwUVd~w{{^-
{Zdm_mZm` XYo d`^wdo?amp;& 23?amp;&
Xj Omn{V Zo Bg H$ma Vw{V H$s -- ^JdZ? AmnH$s AZw^y{V, AmnH$s {MV?e{? A_moK h& Amn Ord Ama H?{V go nao, CZH$s {Z`Vm Ama Ch| gmm\y${V?XoZo dmbo h& {OZ Ordm| Zo {JwU_`r g{?gt; H$mo hr dmV{dH$ g` g_P aIm h? do AmnHo$ d?n H$m gmjmH$ma Zht H$a gHo$ h?; `m|{H$ Amn VH$ {H$gr ^r _mU H$s nhM Zht h?--- AmnH$s H$moB?Ad{Y, H$moB?gr_m Zht h& Amn d`H$me Ama namna h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 23?amp;&

Prajapati Daksha said : The Supreme Personality of Godhead is transcendental to the illusory energy and the physical categories it produces. He possesses the potency for unfailing knowledge and supreme willpower, and He is the controller of the living entities and the illusory energy. The conditioned souls who have accepted this material manifestation as everything cannot see Him, for He is above the evidence of experimental knowledge. Self-evident and self-sufficient, He is not caused by any superior cause. Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto Him. [23]

Z `` g`?nwfmo@d{V g`w:
gIm dgZ?gdgV: nwao@p_ݟ&
JwUmo `Wm Jw{UZmo `?>o-
V_?_hoem` Z_H$amo{_?amp;& 24?amp;&
`m| Vmo Ord Ama
Ba EH$-Xygao Ho$ gIm h?VWm Bgr eara _| BH$?gt;o hr {Zdmg H$aVo h?; naVw Ord gde{?_mZ?AmnHo$ g`^md H$mo Zht OmZVm --- R>rH$ dgo hr Ogo ?n, ag, JY Am{X {df` AnZo H$m{eV H$aZodmbr Zo? KmU Am{X, Bp`d{m`m| H$mo Zht OmZVo?amp; `m|{H$ Amn Ord Ama OJV?Ho$ >m h? ` Zht?amp; _hoa ! _?AmnHo$ lrMaUm| _| Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 24?amp;&

As the sense objects [form, taste, touch, smell and sound] cannot understand how the senses perceive them, so the conditioned soul, although residing in his body along with the Supersoul, cannot understand how the supreme spiritual person, the master of the material creation, directs his senses. Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto that Supreme Person, who is the supreme controller. [24]

Xohmo@gdmo@jm _Zdmo ^yV_mm-
Zm_mZ_`?M {dXw: na`˟&
gd?nw_mZ?doX JwUmM Vkmo
Z doX gdk_ZV_rS>o?amp;& 25?amp;&
Xoh, mU, Bp`, AV:H$aU H$s d{m`m? nM_hm^yV Ama CZH$s V_mmE?--- `o g~ OS> hmoZo Ho$ H$maU AnZo H$mo Ama AnZo go A{V[a? H$mo ^r Zht OmZVo?amp; naVw Ord BZ g~H$mo Ama BZHo$ H$maU gd, aO Ama V_ --- BZ VrZ JwUm| H$mo ^r OmZVm h& naVw dh ^r ` AWdm ko` ?n go AmnH$mo Zht OmZ gH$Vm?amp; `m|{H$ Amnhr g~Ho$ kmVm Ama AZV h& Bg{b`o ^mo ! _?Vmo Ho$db AmnH$s Vw{V H$aVm h&& 25?amp;&

Because they are only matter, the body, the life airs, the external and internal senses, the five gross elements and the subtle sense objects [form, taste, smell, sound and touch] cannot know their own nature, the nature of the other senses or the nature of their controllers. But the living being, because of his spiritual nature, can know his body, the life airs, the senses, the elements and the sense objects, and he can also know the three qualities that form their roots. Nevertheless, although the living being is completely aware of them, he is unable to see the Supreme Being, who is omniscient and unlimited. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto Him. [25]

`Xmonam_mo _Zgmo Zm_?n-
?n` >_{Vg_mofm˟&
` B`Vo Ho$db`m dgW`m
hgm` V_?ew{MgZo Z_:?amp;& 26?amp;&
O~ g_m{YH$mb _| _mU, {dH$n Ama {dn`` ?n {d{dY kmZ Ama _aUe{? H$m bmon hmo OmZo go Bg Zm_-?nm_H$ OJV?H$m {Z?nU H$aZodmbm _Z CnaV hmo OmVm h? Cg g_` {~Zm _Z Ho$ ^r Ho$db g{XmZX_`r AnZr d?n pW{V Ho$ mam Amn H$m{eV hmoVo ahVo h& ^mo ! Amn ew?h?Ama ew?X`-_pXa hr AmnH$m {ZdmgWmZ h& AmnH$mo _oam Z_H$ma h&& 26?amp;&

When one's consciousness is completely purified of the contamination of material existence, groos and subtle, without being agitated as in the working and dreaming states, and when the mind is not dissolved as in susupti, deep sleep, one comes to the platform of trance. Then one's material vision and the memories of the mind, which manifests names and forms, are vanquished. Only in such a trance is the Supreme Personality of Godhead revealed. Thus let us offer our respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is seen in that uncontaminated, transcendental state. [26]

_Zr{fUmo@V{X g{Zdo{eV?br> de{?{^Zd{^M {d{??amp;
dph?`Wm Xm{U nm#mX`?br> _Zrf`m {ZH$fpV JyT>&& 27?amp;&
g d?__meof{deof_m`m-
{ZfoY{ZdmUgwImZw^y{V: ?amp;
g gdZm_m g M {d$n:
grXVm_{Z$m_e{?: ?amp;& 28?amp;&
Ogo `m{kH$ bmoJ H$m?gt; _| {N>no hE A{?H$mo

gm{_YoZr' Zm_ Ho$ nh _m|Ho$ mam JQ> H$aVo h? dgo hr kmZr nwf AnZr gmmBg e{?`m| Ho$ ^rVa JyT> ^md go {N>no hE AmnH$mo AnZr ew?~w{?mam X` _| hr Ty>T> {ZH$mbVo h&& 27?amp;&
OJV?_| {OVZr {^VmE?XoI nS>Vr h? do g~ _m`m H$s hr h& _m`m H$m {ZfoY H$a XoZo na Ho$db na_ gwI Ho$ gmjmH$ma d?n Amn hr Adeof ahVo h& naVw O~ {dMma H$aZo bJVo h? V~ AmnHo$ d?n _| _m`m H$s CnbpY --- {ZdMZ Zht hmo gH$Vm?amp; AWmV? _m`m ^r Amn hr h& AV: gmao Zm_ Ama gmao ?n AmnHo$ hr h& ^mo ! Amn _wP na g?hmoB`o?amp; _wPo Am_gmX go nyU?H$a Xr{O`o?amp;& 28?amp;&

Just as great learned brahmanas who are expert in performing ritualistic ceremonies and sacrifices can extract the fire dormant within wooden fuel by chanting the fifteen Samidheni mantras, thus proving the efficacy of the Vedic mantras, so those who are actually advanced in consciousness - can find the Supersoul, who by His own spiritual potency is situated within the heart. The heart is covered by the three modes of material nature and the nine material elements [material nature, the total material energy, the ego,
the mind and the five objects of sense gratification], and also by the five material elements and the ten senses. These twenty-seven elements constitute the external energy of the Lord. Great yogis meditate upon the Lord, who is situated as the Supersoul, Paramatma, within the core of the heart. May that Supersoul be pleased with me. The Supersoul is realized when one is eager for liberation from the unlimited varieties of material life. One actually attains such liberation when he engages in the transcendental loving service of the Lord and realizes the Lord because of his attitude of service. The Lord may be addressed by various spiritual names, which are inconceivable to the material senses. When will that Supreme Personality of Godhead be pleased with me ? [27-28]

m{麧$ dMgm {Z?{nV?br> {Y`mj{^dm_ZgmdmoV ``?amp;
_m ^yV?d?n?JwU?n?{h VmV
g d?JwUmnm`{dgJbjU:?amp;& 29?amp;&
^mo ! Omo Hw$N> dmUr go H$hm OmVm h?AWdm Omo Hw$N> _Z, ~w{? Ama Bp`m| go JhU {H$`m OmVm h? dh AmnH$m d?n Zht h?; `m|{H$ dh Vmo JwU?n h?Ama Amn JwUm| H$s Cn{m Ama b` Ho$ A{Y?gt;mZ h& Amn_| Ho$db CZH$s Vr{V _m?h&& 29?amp;&

Anything expressed by material vibrations, anything ascertained by material intelligence and anything experienced by the material senses or concocted within the material mind is but an effect of the modes of material nature and therefore has nothing to do with the real nature of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Supreme Lord is beyond the creation of this material world, for He is the source of the material qualities and creation. As the cause of all causes, He exists before the creation and after the creation. I wish to offer my respectful obeisances unto Him. [29]

`p_Z?`Vmo `oZ M `` `_?br> `X?`mo `Wm Hw$Vo H$m`Vo M?amp;
namdaofm?na_?mH? {gէ
VX?~ VoVwaZ`XoH$&& 30?amp;&
^JdZ?! Amn _| hr `h gmam OJV?pWV h?; Amngo hr {ZH$bm h?Ama AmnZo Ama {H$gr Ho$ ghmao Zht --- AnZo Amngo hr BgH$m {Z_mU {H$`m h& `h AmnH$m hr h?Ama AmnHo$ {b`o hr h& BgHo$ ?n _| ~ZZo dmbo ^r Amn h?Ama ~ZmZo dmbo ^r Amn hr h& ~ZZo-~ZmZo H$s {d{Y ^r Amn hr h& Amn hr g~go H$m_ boZo dmbo ^r h& O~ H$m`?Ama H$maU H$m ^oX Zht Wm, V~ ^r Amn d`{g?d?n go pWV Wo?amp; Bgr go Amn g~Ho$ H$maU ^r h& gr ~mV Vmo `h h?{H$ Amn Ord-OJV?Ho$ ^oX Ama dJV^oX go gdWm a{hV EH$, A{Vr` h& Amn d`?~ h& Amn _wP na g?hm|?amp;& 30?amp;&

The Supreme Brahman, Krishna, is the ultimate resting place and source of everything. Everything is done by Him, everything belongs to Him, and everything is offered to Him. He is the ultimate objective, and whether acting or causing others to act, He is the ultimate doer. There are many causes, high and low, but since He is the cause of all causes, He is well known as the Supreme Brahman who existed before all activities. He is one without a second and has no other cause. I therefore offer my respects unto Him. [30]

`N>?`mo dXVm?dm{XZm?d?br> {ddmXgdmX^wdmo ^dpV?amp;
Hw$dpV Mfm?_wham__moh?br> V_?Z_mo@ZVJwUm` ^yZo?amp;& 31?amp;&
^mo ! AmnH$s hr e{?`m?dmXr-{Vdm{X`m| Ho$ {ddmX Ama gdmX (EoH$_`) H$m {df` hmoVr h?Ama Ch| ~ma-~ma _moh _| S>mb {X`m H$aVr h& Amn AZV AmH?V H$`mU-JwUm| go `w? Ed?d`? AZV h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 31?amp;&

Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the all-pervading Supreme Personality of Godhead, who possesses unlimited transcendental qualities. Acting from within the cores of the hearts of all philosophers, who propagate various views, He causes them to forget their own souls while sometimes agreeing and sometimes disagreeing among themselves. Thus He creates within this material world a situation in which they are unable to come to a conclusion. I offer my obeisances unto Him. [31]

AVr{V ZmVr{V M dVw{Z?gt;`mo-
aoH$W`mo{^{dY_`mo: ?amp;
Ado{jV?{H$#mZ `moJgm``mo:
g_?na?ZwHy$b?~hm˟&& 32?amp;&
^JdZ?! CnmgH$bmoJ H$hVo h?{H$ h_mao ^w hV-nmXm{X go `w? gmH$ma --- {dJh h?Ama gm`dmXr H$hVo h?{H$ ^JdmZ?hV-nmXm{X {dJh go a{hV --- {ZamH$ma h& `{n Bg H$ma do EH$ hr dVw Ho$ Xmo nana {damoYr Y_m] H$m dUZ H$aVo h? naVw {\$a ^r Cg_| {damoY Zht h& `m|{H$ XmoZm| EH$ hr na_ dVw _| pWV h& {~Zm AmYma Ho$ hmW-na Am{XH$m hmoZm g^d Zht Ama {ZfoY H$s ^r H$moB?Z-H$moB?Ad{Y hmoZr hr Mm{h`o?amp; Amn dhr AmYma Ama {ZfoY H$s Ad{Y h& Bg{b`o Amn gmH$ma, {ZamH$ma XmoZm| go hr A{d g_ na~ h&& 32?amp;&

There are two parties ?namely, the theists and the atheists. The theist, who accepts the Supersoul, finds the spiritual cause through mystic yoga. The Sankhyite, however, who merely analyses the material elements, comes to a conclusion of impersonalism and does not accept a supreme cause - whether Bhagavan, Paramatma or even Brahman. Instead, he is preoccupied with the superfluous, external activities of material nature. Ultimately, however, both parties demonstrate the Absolute Truth because although they offer opposing statements, their object is the same ultimate cause. They are both approaching the same Supreme Brahman, to whom I offer my respectful obeisances. [32]

`mo@ZwJhmW? ^OVm?nmX_yb-
_Zm_?nmo ^JdmZZV:?amp;
Zm_m{Z ?nm{U M O_H$_{^-
^}Oo g _ na_: grXVw?amp;& 33?amp;&
^mo ! Amn AZV h& AmnH$m Z Vmo H$moB?mH?V Zm_ h? Ama Z H$moB?mH?V ?n ; {\$a ^r Omo AmnHo$ MaUH$_bm| H$m ^OZ H$aVo h? CZ na AZwJh H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Amn AZoH$ ?nm| _| JQ> hmoH$a AZoH$m| brbmE?H$aVo h?VWm CZ-CZ ?nm| Ed?brbmAm| Ho$ AZwgma AZoH$m| Zm_ YmaU H$a boVo h& na_m_Z?! Amn _wP na H?nm-gmX H$s{O`o?amp;& 33?amp;&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is inconceivably opulent, who is devoid of all material names, forms and pastimes, and who is all-pervading, is especially merciful to the devotees who worship His lotus feet. Thus He exhibits transcendental forms and names with His different pastimes. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose form is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss, be merciful to me. [33]

`: mH?VkmZnWOZmZm?br> `Wme`?XohJVmo {d^m{V?amp;
`Wm{Zb: nm{Wd_m{lVmo JwU?br> g Bamo _| Hw$Vm_ZmoaW&& 34?amp;&
bmoJm| H$s CnmgZmE?m`: gmYmaU H$mo{Q> H$s hmoVr h& AV: Amn g~Ho$ X`_| ahH$a CZH$s ^mdZm Ho$ AZwgma {^?{^?XodVmAm| Ho$ ?n_| VrV hmoVo ahVo h?--- R>rH$ dgo hr Ogo hdm JY H$m Aml` boH$a gwJpYV VrV hmoVr h?; naVw dmVd _| gwJpYV Zht hmoVr?amp; Eogo g~H$s ^mdZmAm| H$m AZwgaU H$aZo dmbo ^w _oar A{^bmfm nyU?H$a|?amp;& 34?amp;&

As the air carries various characteristics of the physical elements, like the aroma of a flower or colors resulting from a mixture of dust in the air, the Lord appears through lower systems of worship according to one's desires, although He appears as the demigods and not in His original form. What is the use of these other forms ? May the original Supreme Personality of Godhead please fulfill my desires. [34]

_mhm`--{d`mMb Ho$ AK_fU VrW?_| Omn{V Xj Zo ^JdmZ?H$s Omo Vw{V H$s Wr dh A`V _mhm` H$s h& Omo _Zw` Bg Vw{V H$m {Z`{_V nmR> H$aVm h? CgH$s Cgr Vah A{^bmfmAm| H$s ny{V?hmoVr h?Ogo Xj Omn{V H$s A{^bmfmE?nyU?hB& Bg Vw{V H$m _hm^md Wm {H$ ^?dgb ^JdmZ CZHo$ gm_Zo JQ> hmo J`o?amp; Bg Vw{V go OJV?Ho$ g_V mUr Vmo A{^d{?Ama g_{?H$mo m?hmoVo hr h? Bggo _Zw` H$mo YZ, OZ Ama Eo`?H$s m{?hmoVr h& g{?gt; Ho$ H$`mU Ho$ {b`o Bg Vw{V H$m {Z`{_V On A`V _hd H$m h&

`m` - 8
Chapter - 8

amOm nar{jV?mam Zmam`UH$dM Ho$ ~mao _| nyN>o OmZo na lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h?{H$ O~ XodVmAm| Zo {d$n H$mo nwamo{hV ~Zm {b`m V~ XodamO B Ho$ nyN>Zo na {d$n Zo Ch| Bg Zmam`UH$dM H$m CnXoe {X`m --- (Bg H$dM Ho$ nmR> mam g^r AnZo gH$Q> Xya H$a gH$Vo h?
{d$n Zo H$hm ---
?h[a{dX`m__ gd?ajm?br> `Vm[n? nVJon>o?amp;
Xam[aM_m{gJXofwMmn-nmemZ?XYmZmo@?gt;JwUmo@?gt;~mh??amp;& 12?amp;&
^JdmZ?lrh[a JS>Or H$s nrR> na AnZo MaUH$_b aIo hE h& A{U_m{X AmR>m| {g{`m?CZH$s godm H$a ahr h& AmR> hmWm| _| eI, MH?, T>mb, Vbdma, JXm, ~mU, YZwf Ama nme (\?Xm) YmaU {H$`o hE h& do hr H$mad?n g~ H$ma go, g~ Amoa go _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 12?amp;&

The Supreme Lord, who sits on the back of the bird Garuda, touching him with His lotus feet, holds eight weapons - the conchshell, disc, shield, sword, club, arrows, how and ropes. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead protect me at all times with His eight arms. He is all powerful because He fully possesses the eight mystic power [anima, laghima, etc.]. [12]

Obofw _m?ajVw _`_y{V?
`mXmoJUo`mo dU` nmem˟&
Wbofw _m`mdQw>dm_Zmo@`mV
{{dH?_: Io@dVw {d$n:?amp;& 13?amp;&
_` _y{V?^JdmZ?Ob Ho$ ^rVa Ob-OVwAm| go Ama dU Ho$ nme go _oar ajm H$a|?amp; _m`m go ~Mmar H$m ?n YmaU H$aZo dmbo dm_Z ^JdmZ?Wb na Ama {d$n lr{{dH?_ ^JdmZ?AmH$me _| _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 13?amp;&

May the Lord, who assumes the body of a great fish, protect me in the water from the fierce animals that are associates of the demigod Varuna. By expanding His illusory energy, the Lord assumed the form of the dwarf Vamana. May Vamana protect me on the land. Since the gigantic form of the Lord, Visvarupa, conquers the three worlds, may He protect me in the sky. [13]

XwJ}dQ>`m{O_wIm{Xfw ^w:
nm`mޥqghmo@gwa`yWnm[a: ?amp;
{d_w#mVmo `` _hm?gt;hmg?br> {Xemo {dZoXw`nVM J^m??amp;& 14?amp;&
{OZHo$ Kmoa A?gt;hmg go g~ {XemE?JyO CR>r Wt Ama J^dVr X`npZ`m| Ho$ J^?{Ja J`o Wo, do X`-`yW n{V`m| Ho$ ew ^JdmZ?Zqgh {H$bo, OJb, aU^y{_ Am{X {dH$Q> WmZm| _| _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 14?amp;&

May Lord Nrisinhadeva, who appeared as the enemy of Hiranyakasipu, protect me in all directions. His loud laughing vibrated in all directions and caused the pregnant wives of the asuras to have miscarriages. May that Lord be kind enough to protect me in difficult places like the forest and battlefront. [14]

ajdgm? _md{Z `kH$n:
dX?gt;`morVYamo damh:?amp;
am_mo@{Hy$Q>odW {ddmgo
gb_Umo@`maVmJOmo@_mݟ&& 15?amp;&
AnZr XmT>m| na ndr H$mo YmaU H$aZo dmbo `k_y{V?damh ^JdmZ?_mJ?_|, naewam_Or ndVm| Ho$ {eIam| na Ama b_UOr Ho$ g{hV ^aV Ho$ ~S>o ^mB?^JdmZ?am_M dmg Ho$ g_` _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 15?amp;&

The Supreme indestructible Lord is ascertained through the performance of ritualistic sacrifices and is therefore known as Yajnesvara. In His incarnation as Lord Boar, He raised the planet earth from the water at the botton of the universe and kept it on His pointed tusks. May that Lord protect me from rogues on the street. May Parasurama protect me on the tops of mountains, and may the elder brother of Bharata, Lord Ramachandra, along with His brother Lakshmana, protect me in foreign countries. [15]

_m_wJY_mX{IbmV? _mXm-
mam`U: nmVw ZaM
Xmd`moJmXW `moJZmW:
nm`mwUoe: H${nb: H$_~Ym˟&& 16?amp;&
^JdmZ?Zmam`U _maU-_mohZ Am{X ^`H$a A{^Mmam| Ama g~ H$ma Ho$ _mXm| go _oar ajm H$a|?amp; F${flo?gt; Za Jd?go, `moJoa ^JdmZ?Xmmo` `moJ Ho$ {dZm| go Ama {JwUm{Yn{V ^JdmZ? H${nb H$_~YZm| go _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 16?amp;&

May Lord Narayana protect me from unnecessarily following false religious systems and falling from my duties due to madness. May the Lord in His appearance as Nara protect me from unnecessary price. May Lord Dattatreya, the master of all mystic power, protect me from falling while performing bhakti-yoga, and may Lord Kapila, the master of all good qualities, protect me from the material bondage of fruitive activities. [16]

gZHw$_mamo@dVw H$m_Xodm-
`erfm?_m?n{W XodhobZmV
Xod{fd`? nwfmMZmVamV
Hy$_m} h[a_m?{Za`mXeofm˟&& 17?amp;&
na_{f?gZHw$_ma H$m_Xod go, h`Jrd ^JdmZ?_mJ?_| MbVo g_` Xod-_y{V`m| H$mo Z_H$ma Am{X Z H$aZo Ho$ AnamY go, Xod{f?ZmaX godmnamYm| go Ama ^JdmZ?H$N>n g~ H$ma Ho$ ZaH$m| go _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 17?amp;&

May Sanat-kumara protect me from lusty desires. As I begin some auspicious activity, may Lord Hayagriva protect me from being an offender by neglecting to offer respectful obeisances to the Supreme Lord. May Devarsi Narada protect me from committing offenses in worshiping the Deity, and my Lord Kurma, the tortoise, protect me from falling to the unlimited hellish planets. [17]

YdV[a^JdmZ? nmdn`mX
mX?^`mf^mo {Z{OVm_m?amp;
`kM bmoH$mXdVmmZmVmX
~bmo JUmV?H?moYdemXhr:?amp;& 18?amp;&
^JdmZ?YdV[a Hw$n` go, {OVop` ^JdmZ?F$f^Xod gwI-Xw:Im{X ^`Xm`H$ m| go, `k^JdmZ?bmoH$mndmX go, ~bam_Or _Zw`H?V H$?gt;m| go Ama lreof Or H?moYde Zm_H$ gnm] Ho$ JU go _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 18?amp;&

May the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His incarnation as Dhanvantari relieve me from undesirable eatables and protect me from physical illness. May Lord Rasbhadeva, who conquered His inner and outer senses, protect me from fear produced by the duality of heat and cold. May Yajna protect me from defamation and harm from the populace, and may Lord Balarama as Sesa protect me from envious serpents. [18]

ۡnm`Zmo ^JdmZ~moYmX
~wVw nmIS>JUm_mXm˟&
H$pH$: H$bo: H$mb_bmV?nmVw
Y_mdZm`moH?VmdVma: ?amp;& 19?amp;&
^JdmZ?lr H?Uۡnm`Z `mgOr AkmZ go VWm ~wXod nmIpS>`m| go Ama _mX go _oar ajm H$a|?amp; Y_ajm Ho$ {b`o _hmZ?AdVma YmaU H$aZo dmbo ^JdmZ?H$pH$ nmn~hb H${bH$mb Ho$ Xmofm| go _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 19?amp;&

May the Personality of Godhead in His incarnation as Vyasadeva protect me from all kinds of ignorance resulting from the absence of Vedic knowledge. May Lord Buddhadeva protect me from activities opposed to Vedic principles and from laziness that causes one to madly forget the Vedic principles of knowledge and ritualistic action. May Kalkideva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared as an incarnation to protect religious principles, protect me from the dirt of the age of Kali. [19]

_m? Ho$edmo JX`m mVa`mX
Jmo{dX AmgJd_mmdoUw:?amp;
Zmam`U: m?CXmme{?-
_`pXZo {dUwaarnm{U:?amp;& 20?amp;&
mV: H$mb ^JdmZ?Ho$ed AnZr JXm boH$a, Hw$N> {XZ MT> AmZo na ^JdmZ?Jmo{dX AnZr ~mgwar boH$a, Xmonha Ho$ nhbo ^JdmZ? Zmam`U AnZr VrU e{? boH$a Ama Xmonha H$mo ^JdmZ?{dUw MH?amO gwXeZ boH$a _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 20?amp;&

May Lord Kesava protect me with His club in the first portion of the day, and may Govinda, who is always engaged in playing His flute, protect me in the second portion of the day. May Lord Narayana, who is equipped with all potencies, protect me in the third part of the day, and may Lord Vishnu, who carries a disc to kill His enemies, protect me in the fourth part of the day. [20]

Xodmo@namo _YwhmoJYdm
gm`?{Ym_mdVw _mYdmo _m&
Xmofo frHo$e CVmYamo
{ZerW EH$mo@dVw nZm^:?amp;& 21?amp;&
Vrgao nha _| ^JdmZ?_YwgyXZ AnZm MS> YZwf {b`o h`o _oar ajm H$a|?amp; gm`H$mb _| ~m Am{X {_y{VYmar _mYd, gy`mV Ho$ ~mX frHo$e, AYam{?Ho$ nyd?VWm AYam{?Ho$ g_` AHo$bo ^JdmZ?nZm^ _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 21?amp;&

May Lord Madhusudana, who carries a bow very fearful for the demons, protect me during the fifth part of the day. In the evening,may Lord Madhava, appearing as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesvara, protect me, and in the beginning of night may Lord Hrsikesa protect me. At the dead of night [in the second and third parts of night] may Lord Padmanabha alone protect me. [21]

`yf Bemo@{gYamo OZmXZ:?amp;
{doamo ^JdmZ?H$mb_y{V??amp;& 22?amp;&
am{?Ho$ g_` {nN>bo ha _| lrdgbmN>Z lrh[a, CfmH$mb _| IS>JYmar ^JdmZ?OZmXZ, gy`m}X` go nyd?lr Xm_moXa Ama gnyU? g`mAm| _| H$mb_y{V?^JdmZ?{doa _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 22?amp;&

May the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who bears the Srivatsa on His chest, protect me after midnight until the sky becomes pinkish. May Lord Janardana, who carries a sword in His hand, protect me at the end of night [during the last four ghatikas of night].May Lord Damodara protect me in the early morning, and may Lord Visvesvara protect me during the junctions of day and night. [22]

MH$ `wJmVmZb{V_Zo{_
XXpY XX`[ag`_mew
H$j?`Wm dmVgImo hVme:?amp;& 23?amp;&
gwXeZ ! AmnH$m AmH$ma MH? (aW Ho$ n{h`o) H$s Vah h& AmnHo$ {H$Zmao H$m ^mJ b`H$mbrZ A{?Ho$ g_mZ A`V Vrd?h& Amn ^JdmZ?H$s oaUm go g~ Amoa Ky_Vo ahVo h& Ogo AmJ dm`w H$s ghm`Vm go gyIo Kmg \y$g H$mo Obm S>mbVr h? dgo hr Amn h_mar ew-goZm H$mo erK?go-erK?Obm Xr{O`o, Obm Xr{O`o?amp;& 23?amp;&

Set into motion by the Supreme Personality of Godhead and wandering in all the four directions, the disc of the Supreme Lord has sharp edges as destructive as the fire of devastation at the end of the millennium. As a blazing fire burns dry grass to ashes with the assistance of the breeze, may that Sudarsana chakra burn our enemies to ashes. [23]

{ZpnpT> {ZpnT>{OV{`m{g?amp;
^yVJhmMyU` MyU`marݟ&& 24?amp;
H$m_moXH$s JXm ! Amngo Ny>Q>Zo dmbr {MZJm[a`m| H$m ne?dO? Ho$ g_mZ Ag?h& Amn ^JdmZ?A{OV H$s {`m h?Ama _? CZH$m godH$ h& Bg{b`o Amn Hy$_mS>, {dZm`H$, `j, amjg, ^yV Ama oVm{X ~m| H$mo A^r Hw$Mb S>m{b`o, Hw$Mb S>m{b`o VWm _oao ewAm| H$mo Mya-Mya H$a Xr{O`o?amp;& 24?amp;&

O club in the hand of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you produce sparks of fire as powerful as thunderbolts, and you are extremely dear to the Lord. I am also His servant. Therefore kindly help me pound to pieces the evil living beings known as Kusmandas, Vinayakas, Yaksas, Raksasas, Bhutas and Grahas. Please pulverize them. [24]

d? `mVwYmZ_WoV_mV?
Xao {dmd` H?Uny[aVmo
^r_dZmo@aoX`m{Z H$n`ݟ&& 25?amp;&
eIlo?gt; ! Amn ^JdmZ?lrH?U Ho$ \y?H$Zo go ^`H$a eX H$aHo$ _oao ewAm| H$m {Xb Xhbm Xr{O`o Ed?`mVwYmZ, _W, oV _mVH$m, {nemM VWm ~amjg Am{X ^`mdZo m{U`m| H$mo `hm?go PQ>nQ> ^Jm Xr{O`o?amp;& 25?amp;&

O best of conchshells, O Pancajanya in the hands of the Lord, you are always filled with the breath of Lord Krishna. Therefore you create a fearful sound vibration that causes trembling in the hearts of enemies the Raksasas, Pramatha ghosts, Pretas, Matas, Pisachas and brahmana ghosts with fearful eyes. [25]

d? {V_Ymam{gdam[ag`-
_re`w?mo __ {N>pY {N>pY?amp;
Mjy{f M_N>VM N>mX`
{fm_KmoZm?ha nmnMjwfm&& 26?amp;&
^JdmZ?H$s `mar Vbdma ! AmnH$s Yma ~hV VrU h& Amn ^JdmZ?H$s oaUm go _oao ewAm| H$mo {N>?{^?H$a Xr{O`o?amp; ^JdmZ?H$s `mar T>mb ! Amn_| gH$S>m| MmH$ma _S>b h& Amn nmn-{?gt; nmnm_m ewAm| H$s AmI| ~XH$a Xr{O`o Ama Ch| gXm Ho$ {b`o AYm ~Zm Xr{O`o?amp;& 26?amp;&

O king of sharp-edged swords, you are engaged by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Please cut the soldiers of my enemies to pieces. Please cut them to pieces ! O shield marked with a hundred brilliant moonlike circles, please cover the eyes of the sinful enemies. Pluck out their sinful eyes. [26]

`mo ^`?Jho`mo@^yV?Ho$Vw`mo Z` Ed M?amp;
gargno`mo X{>`mo ^yVo`m|@hmo` Ed dm?amp;& 27?amp;&
gdm`oVm{Z ^Jdm_?nmH$sVZm˟&
`mVw gj`?gmo `o Z: lo`:VrnH$m:?amp;& 28?amp;&
gy`?Am{X Jh, Yy_Ho$Vw (nwN>b Vmao) Am{X Ho$Vw, Xw?gt; _Zw`, gnm{X a|JZodmbo OVw, XmT>m| dmbo qhgH$ new, ^yV-oV Am{X VWm nmnr m{U`m| go h_| Omo-Omo ^` hm| Ama Omo-Omo h_mao _Jb {damoYr hm| --- do g^r ^JdmZ?Ho$ Zm_, ?n VWm Am`wYm| H$m H$sVZ H$aZo go VH$mb Z?gt; hmo Om`&& 27-28?amp;&

May the glorification of the transcendental name, form, qualities and paraphernalia of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect us from the influence of bad planets, meteors, envious human beings, serpents, scorpions, and animals like tigers and wolves. May it protect us from ghosts and the material elements like earth, water, fire and air, and may it also protect us from lightning and our past sins. We are always afraid of these hindrances to our auspicious life. Therefore, may they all be completely destroyed by the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. [27-28]

JS>mo ^JdmZ?VmoVmo^N>Xmo_`:^w:?amp;
ajdeofH?N?gt;o`mo {ddgoZ: dZm_{^:?amp;& 29?amp;&

~hX? aWVa Am{X gm_doXr` Vmom| go {OZH$s Vw{V H$s OmVr h? do doX_y{V?^JdmZ?JS> Ama {ddgoZOr AnZo Zm_momaU Ho$ ^md go h_| g~ H$ma H$s {dn{m`m| go ~Mm`|?amp;& 29?amp;&

Lord Garuda, the carrier of Lord Vishnu, is the most worshipable lord, for he is as powerful as the Supreme Lord Himself. He is the personified Vedas and is worshiped by selected verses. May he protect us from all dangerous conditions, and may Lord Visvaksena, the Personality of Godhead, also protect us from all dangers by His holy names. [29]

gdmnX`mo haoZm_?n`mZm`wYm{Z Z:?amp;
~wrp`_Z:UmZ?nmVw nmfX^yfUm:?amp;& 30?amp;&
lrh[a Ho$ Zm_, ?n, dmhZ, Am`wY Ama lo?gt; nmfX h_mar ~w{? Bp`, _Z Ama mUm| H$mo g~ H$ma H$s Amn{m`m| go ~Mm`|?amp;& 30?amp;&

May the Supreme Personality of Godhead's holy names, His transcendental forms, His carriers and all the weapons decorating Him as personal associates protect our intelligence, senses, mind and life air from all dangers. [30]

`Wm {h ^JdmZod dVwV: gXg?`˟&
g`oZmZoZ Z: gd} `mVw Zme_wndm:?amp;& 31?amp;&
"{OVZm ^r H$m`?AWdm H$maU?n OJV?h? dh dmVd _| ^JdmZ?hr h? --- Bg g` Ho$ ^md go h_mao gmao
Cnd Z?gt; hmo Om`&& 31?amp;&

The subtle and gross cosmic manifestation is material, but nevertheless it is nondifferent from the Supreme Personality of Godhead because He is ultimately the cause of all causes. Cause and effect are factually one because the cause is present in the effect. Therefore the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, can destroy all our dangers by any of His potent parts. [31]

`WH$m`mZw^mdmZm? {dH$na{hV: d`&
^yfUm`wYqbJm`m Ymo e?s: d_m``m?amp;& 32?amp;&
VoZd g`_mZoZ gdkmo ^JdmZ?h[a:?amp;
nmVw gd? d?nZ? gXm gd gdJ:?amp;& 33?amp;&
Omo bmoJ ~ Ama Am_m H$s EH$Vm H$m AZw^d H$a MwHo$ h? CZH$s {?gt; _| ^JdmZ?H$m d?n g_V {dH$nm|-^oXm| go a{hV h? {\$a ^r do AnZr _m`m-e{? Ho$ mam ^yfU; Am`wY Ama ?n Zm_H$ e{?`m| H$mo YmaU H$aVo h? `h ~mV {ZpMV ?n go g` h& Bg H$maU gdk, gd`mnH$ ^JdmZ?lrh[a gXm-gd g~ d?nm| go h_mar ajm H$a|?amp;& 32-33?amp;&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the living entities, the material energy, the spiritual energy and the entire creation are all individual substances. In the ultimate analysis, however, together they constitute the supreme one, the Personality of Godhead. Therefore those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge, see unity in diversity. For such advanced persons, the Lord's bodily decorations, His name, His fame, His attributes and forms and the weapons in His hand are manifestations of the strength of His potency. According to their elevated spiritual understanding, the omniscient Lord, who manifests various forms, is present everywhere. May He always protect us everywhere from all calamities. [32-33]

{d{Xjw {Xjyd_Y: g_Vm-
XV~{h^JdmZ?Zmaqgh: ?amp;
dVoOgm JVg_VVoOm:?amp;& 34?amp;&
Omo AnZo ^`H$a A?gt;hmg go g~ bmoJm| Ho$ ^`H$mo ^Jm XoVo h?Ama AnZo VoO go g~H$m VoO Jg boVo h? do ^JdmZ?Zqgh {Xem-{d{Xem _| ZrMo-D$na, ~mha-^rVa --- g~ Amoa h_mar ajm H$a|?amp;& 34?amp;&

Prahlada Maharaja loudly chanted the holy name of Lord Nrsinhadeva. May Lord Nrsinhadeva, roaring for His devotee Prahlada Maharaja, protect us from all fear of dangers created by stalwart leaders in all directions through poison, weapons, water, fire, air and so on, May the Lord cover their influence by His own transcendental influence. May Nrsinhadeva protect us in all directions and in all corners, above, below, within and without. [34]

godmnamY :--~mrg H$ma Ho$ godmnamY _mZo J`o h?(1) gdmar na MT>H$a AWdm nam| _| IS>mD? nhZ H$a lr ^JdmZ?Ho$ _pXa _| OmZm?amp; (2) aW`mm, O_m?gt;_r Am{X Cgdm| H$m Z H$aZm `m CZHo$ XeZ Z H$aZm?amp;
(3) lr_y{V?Ho$ XeZ H$aHo$ Um_ Z H$aZm?amp; (4) Aew{M AdWm _| XeZ H$aZm?amp; (5) EH$ hmW go Um_ H$aZm?amp; (6) n[aH?_m H$aVo g_` ^JdmZ?Ho$ gm_Zo AmH$a Hw$N>-Z-Hw$N> H$H$a {\$a n[aH?_m H$aZm AWdm Ho$db gm_Zo hr n[aH?_m H$aVo ahZm?amp; (7) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr {dJh Ho$ gm_Zo na ngma H$a ~R>Zm?amp; (8)
lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo XmoZm| KwQ>Zm| H$mo D?Mm H$aHo$ CZH$mo hmWm| go bnoQ>H$a ~R> OmZm?amp; (9) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo gmoZm?amp; (10) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo ^moOZ H$aZm?amp; (11) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo PyR> ~mobZm?amp; (12) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Omoa go ~mobZm?amp; (13) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Amng _| ~mVMrV H$aZm?amp; (14) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Amng _| {MmZm?amp; (15) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo H$bh H$aZm?amp; (16) lr^JdmZ? Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo {H$gr H$mo nrS>m XoZm?amp; (17) lr^JdmZ? Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo {H$gr na AZwJh H$aZm?amp; (18) lr^JdmZ? Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo {H$gr H$mo {Zw>a dMZ ~mobZm?amp;
(19) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo H$~b go gmam eara T>H$ boZm?amp; (20) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Xygao H$s {ZXm H$aZm?amp; (21) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Xygao H$s Vw{V H$aZm?amp; (22) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Abrb eX ~mobZm?amp; (23) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo AYmodm`w H$m `mJ H$aZm?amp; (24) e{? ahVo hE ^r JmU AWmV?gm_m` CnMmam| go ^JdmZ? H$s godm-nyOm H$aZm?amp; (25) lr^JdmZ?H$mo {Zdo{XV {H$`o {~Zm {H$gr ^r dVw H$m ImZm-nrZm?amp; (26) {Og F$Vw _| Omo \$b hmo, Cgo g~go nhbo lr^JdmZ?H$mo Z MT>mZm?amp;
(27) {H$gr emH$ `m \$bm{X Ho$ AJbo ^mJ H$mo VmoS>H$a ^JdmZ? Ho$ `OZm{X Ho$ {b`o XoZm?amp; (28) lr ^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh H$mo nrR> XoH$a ~R>Zm?amp; (29) lr^JdmZ?Ho$ lr{dJh Ho$ gm_Zo Xygao {H$gr H$mo Um_ H$aZm?amp;
(30) JwXod H$s A`WZm, Hw$eb Ama CZH$m VdZ Z H$aZm?amp; (31) AnZo _wI go AnZr egm H$aZm?amp;
(32) Ama {H$gr ^r XodVm H$s {ZXm H$aZm?amp;
_mhm`--Bg Zmam`UH$dM H$m CnXoe h_ g~Ho$ {b`o A`V _hdnyU? Ama {hVH$a h& Bgr Zmam`UH$dM Ho$ Vmn go XodamO B Zo ewAm| na {dO` m?H$a {bmoH$s H$s amOb_r H$m Cn^moJ {H$`m?amp; Omo H$moB?BgH$m EH$mJ{Mm go ldU-_ZZ Ama nR>Z H$aoJm, CgH$m H$`mU Ad` hmoJm?amp; Bg Zmam`UH$dM H$mo YmaU H$aZo dmbm nwf {OgH$mo ^r AnZo Zom| go XoI boVm h? dh VH$mb g_V ^`m| go _w? hmo OmVm h& Omo Bg dUdr{dm H$mo YmaU H$a boVm h& Cgo amOm, S>mHy$, oV-{nemMm{X Ama ~mK Am{X qhgH$ Ordm| go H$^r {H$gr H$ma H$m ^` Zht hmoVm?amp; Omo nwf Bg Zmam`U H$dM H$mo g_` na gwZVm h?Ama Omo AmXanydH$ Bgo YmaU H$aVm h? CgHo$ gm_Zo g^r mUr AmXa go PwH$ OmVo h?Ama dh g~ H$ma Ho$ ^` Ama gH$Q> go _w? hmo OmVm h&


A`m` - 16

lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h?--- ^JdmZ?ZmaX Zo XoIm {H$ {MHo$Vw {OVop`, ^Jdغ$ Ama eaUmJV h& AV: Chm|Zo ~hV g?hmoH$a Ch| Bg {dm H$m CnXoe {H$`m?amp; (Xod{f?ZmaX Zo `m| CnXoe {H$`m---)
?Z_Vw`?^JdVo dmgwXodm` Yr_{h?amp;
wZm`m{Zm` Z_: gH$fUm` M?amp;& 18?amp;&
Z_mo {dkmZ_mm` na_mZX_yV`o?amp;Am_mam_m` emVm` {ZdmۡV>`o?amp;& 19?amp;&

?H$ma d?n^JdZ?! Amn dmgwXod, wZ, A{Z Ama gH$fU Ho$ ?n _| H?_e: {Mm, ~w{? _Z Ama AhH$ma Ho$ A{Y?gt;mVm h& _?AmnHo$ Bg MVw`yh?nH$m ~ma-~ma Z_H$manydH$ `mZ H$aVm h&& 18?amp;&
Amn {dew?{dkmZd?n h& AmnH$s _y{V?na_mZX_`r h& Amn AnZo d?n-^yV AmZX _| hr _?Ama na_ emV h& ۡV{?gt; AmnH$mo Ny> VH$ Zht gH$Vr?amp; _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 19?amp;&

Narada gave Chitraketu the following mantra.] O Lord, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, who are addressed by the omkara [pranava], I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. O Lord Vasudeva, I meditate upon You. O Lord Pradyumna, Lord Aniruddha and Lord Sankarsana, I offer You my respectful obeisances. O reservoir of Spiritual potency, O supreme bliss, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who are self-sufficient and most peaceful. O ultimate truth, one without a second, You are realized as brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan and are therefore the reservoir of all knowledge. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [18-19]

Am_mZXmZw^y`d `Ve`y_`oZ_:?amp;
frHo$em` _hVo Z_Vo{d_yV`o?amp;& 20?amp;&
AnZo d?n^yV AmZX H$s AZw^y{V go hr AmnZo _m`mO{ZV amJ-of Am{X Xmofm| H$m {VaH$ma H$a aIm h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h& Amn g~H$s g_V Bp`m| Ho$ oaH$, na_ _hmZ? Ama {damQd?n h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 20?amp;&

Perceiving Your personal bliss. You are always transcendental to the waves of material nature. Therefore, my Lord, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. You are the supreme controller of the senses, and Your expansions of form are unlimited. You are the greatest, and therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [20]

dM`wnaVo@m` ` EH$mo _Zgm gh?amp;
AZm_?npM_m? gmo@`m? gXgna:?amp;& 21?amp;&
_Z g{hV dmUr Amn VH$ Z nhM H$a ~rM go hr bmQ> AmVr h& CgHo$ CnaV hmo OmZo na Omo A{Vr`, Zm_-d?na{hV, MoVZ_m?Ama H$m`?H$maU go nao H$s dVw ah OmVr h?--- dh h_mar ajm H$ao?amp;& 21?amp;&

The words and mind of the conditioned soul cannot approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for material names and forms are not applicable to the Lord, who is entirely spiritual, beyond the conception of gross and subtle forms. The impersonal Brahman is another of His forms. May He, by His pleasure, protect us. [21]

`p_{X? `VMoX?{V?gt;``o{V Om`Vo?amp;
__`opdd _mm{VV_?Vo ~Uo Z_:?amp;& 22?amp;&
`h H$m`?H$maU ?n OJV?{OZgo Cn?hmoVm h? {OZ_| pWV h? Ama {OZ_| brZ hmoVm h?VWm Omo {_?gt;r H$s dVwAm| _| `m?_{mH$m Ho$ g_mZ g~_| AmoV-moV h?--- CZ na~d?n AmnH$mo _?Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 22?amp;&

As pots made completely of earth are situated on earth after being created and are transformed into earth again when broken, this cosmic manifestation is caused by the Supreme Brahman, situated in the Supreme Brahman, and annihilated in the same Supreme Brahman. Therefore, since the Supreme Lord is the cause of Brahman, let us offer Him our respectful obeisances. [22]

`? nepV Z {dXw_Zmo~wrp`mgd:?amp;
AV~{hM{dVV?`mo_dmVmo@`h&& 23?amp;&
`{n Amn AmH$me Ho$ g_mZ ~mha-^rVa EH$ ag `m?h? VWm{n AmnH$mo _Z, ~w{?Ama kmZop`m?AnZr kmZe{? go Zht OmZ gH$Vt Ama mU VWm H$_}p`m?AnZr {H?`m?n e{? go ne?^r Zht H$a gH$Vt?amp; _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 23?amp;&

The Supreme Brahman emanates from the Supreme Personality of Godhead and expands like the sky. Although untouched by anything material, it exists within and without. Nonetheless, the mind, intelligence, senses and living force can neither touch Him nor know Him. I offer unto Him my respectful obeisances. [23]

`Xe{dm: MapV H$_gw?amp;
Zdm`Xm bmoh{_dmV
WmZofw VX??gt;nXoe_o{V?amp;& 24?amp;&
eara, Bp`, mU, _Z Ama ~w{?OmJV?VWm dZ AdWmAm| _| AmnHo$ MV`me go `w? hmoH$a hr AnZm-AnZm H$m_ H$aVo h?VWm gwfw{?Ama _yN>m?H$s AdWmAm| _| AmnHo$ MV`me go `w? Z hmoZo Ho$ H$maU AnZm-AnZm H$m_ H$aZo _| Ag_W?hmo OmVo h?--- R>rH$ dgo hr Ogo bmohm A{?go V?hmoZo na Obm gH$Vm h? A`Wm Zht?amp; {Ogo
">m' H$hVo h? dh ^r AmnH$m hr EH$ Zm_ h? OmJV?Am{X AdWmAm| _| Amn Cgo drH$ma H$a boVo h& dmVd _| Amngo nWH? CZH$m H$moB?ApVd Zht h&& 24?amp;&

As iron has the power to burn when made red-hot in the association of fire, so the body, senses, living force, mind and intelligence, although merely lumps of matter, can function in their activities when infused with a particle of consciousness by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As iron cannot burn unless heated by fire, the bodily senses cannot act unless favoured by the Supreme Brahman. [24]

? Z_mo ^JdVo _hmnwfm` _hmZw^mdm` _hm{d^y{VnV`o gH$bgmdVn[adT>{ZH$aH$a-H$_bHw$S_bmonbm{bVMaUma{dX`wJb na_na-_o{?gt;_Vo?amp;& 25?amp;&
H$ma d?n _hm^mdembr _hm{d^y{Vn{V ^JdmZ?_hmnwf H$mo Z_H$ma h& lo?gt; ^?m| H$m g_wXm` AnZo H$aH$_bm| H$s H${b`m| go AmnHo$ `wJb MaU-H$_bm| H$s godm _| gb?ahVm h& ^mo ! Amn hr gdlo?gt; h& _?AmnH$mo ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 25?amp;&

O transcendental Lord, who are situated in the topmost planet of the spiritual world, Your two lotus feet are always massaged by a multitude of the best devotees with their lotus-bud hands. You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, complete in six opulences. You are the supreme person mentioned in the Purusa-sukta prayers. You are the most perfect, self-realized master of all mystic power. Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [25]

_mhm`--gmgm[aH$ _m`m-_moh _| JV hmoZo Ho$ H$maU amOm {MHo$Vw nw?emoH$ _| `mHw$b hmo aho Wo?amp; _h{f?A{Jam Ama Xod{f?ZmaXOr Zo gwXa-gwXa C{?`m| go g_Pm`m {H$ ggma _| mUr Cn?hmoVo h?Ama Z?gt; hmo OmVo h& Ogo Ob Ho$ doJ go ~mby Ho$ H$U EH$-Xygao go OwS>Vo Ama {~Nw>S>Vo ahVo h? Cgr Vah g_` Ho$ dmh _| m{U`m| H$m {~N>moh Ama {_bZ hmoVm h& _Zw` H$mo O_-_`w Am{X {dH$ma go _w? hmo OmZm Mm{h`o?amp; Bg Vah g_PmZo na amOm {MHo$Vw _| {ddoH$-~w{?OmJV?hB& ^JdmZ?ZmaX Zo XoIm {H$ {MHo$Vw {OVop`, ^Jdغ$ Ama eaUmJV h?Ama V~ Chm|Zo {Og {dm H$m CnXoe {H$`m CgHo$ ^md go amOm {MHo$Vw _m`m_w?, MV` Ama n{d?hmo J`o?amp; ZmaXOr mam Cn{X?gt; {dm H$m AZw?gt;mZ H$aZo go amOm {MHo$Vw H$mo Xodm{YXod ^JdmZ?eofOr Zo XeZ {X`m?amp; Bgr{b`o lrZmaXOr mam {X`o J`o CnXoe H$m ~hV ~S>m _mhm` h& Bg Vw{V Ho$ nmR> go _Zw` _m`mO{ZV gwI-Xw:I Ho$ ^_Omb go _w? hmo OmVm h& `h CnXoe _Zw` H$mo drVamJr ~ZmH$a lrh[a Ho$ MaUm| _| nhMm XoVm h&
Chitraketu said : O unconquerable Lord, although You cannot be conquered by anyone, You are certainly conquered by devotees who have control of the mind and senses. They can keep You under their control because You are causelessly merciful to devotees who desire no material profit from You. Indeed, You give Yourself to them, and because of this You also have full control over Your devotees. [34]

Vd {d^d: Ibw ^JdZ
OJXwX`pW{Vb`mXr{Z ?amp;
V?_fm nYVo nWJ{^_`m?amp;& 35?amp;&
^JdZ?! OJV?H$s Cn{m, pW{V Ama b` AmnHo$ brbm-{dbmg h& {d{Z_mVm ~m Am{X AmnHo$ Ae Ho$ ^r Ae h& {\$a ^r do nWH?-nWH? AnZo H$mo OJH$_?_mZH$a PyR>-_yR> EH$-Xygao go nYm?H$aVo h&& 35?amp;&

My dear Lord, this cosmic manifestation and its creation, maintenance and annihilation are all but Your opulences. Since Lord Brahma and the other creators are nothing but small portions of a portion of You, their partial power to create does not make them God [isvara]. Their consciousness of themselves as separate Lords is therefore merely false prestige. It is not valid. [35]

d_mVmVadVu `{dYwa: ?amp;
AmXmdVo@{n M gdmZm?br> `X?Ywd?VXodmVambo@{n?amp;& 36?amp;&
Zho-go-Zho na_mUw go boH$a ~S>o-go-~S>o _hVdn`V gnyU?dVwAm| Ho$ Am{X, AV Ama _` _| Amn hr {damO_mZ h? VWm d`?Amn Am{X, AV Ama _` go a{hV h& `m|{H$ {H$gr ^r nXmW?Ho$ Am{X Ama AV _| Omo dVw ahVr h? dhr _` _| ^r ahVr h&& 36?amp;&

You exist in the beginning, middle and end of everything, from the most minute particle of the cosmic manifestation - the atom - to the gigantic universes and total material energy. Nonetheless, You are eternal, having no beginning, end or middle. You are perceived to exist in these three phases, and thus You are permanent. When the cosmic manifestation does not exist, You exist as the original potency. [36]

{j`m{X{^aof {H$bmdV:
g{^XeJwUmomaamS>H$moe: ?amp;
ghmS>H$mo{Q>H$mo{Q>{^VXZV: ?amp;& 37?amp;&
`h ~mS>H$mof, Omo ndr Am{X EH$-go-EH$ XgJwZo gmV AmdaUm| go {Kam hAm h? AnZo hr g_mZ Xygao H$amoS>m| ~mS>m| Ho$ g{hV Amn _| EH$ na_mUw Ho$ g_mZ Ky_Vm ahVm h?Ama {\$a ^r Cgo AmnH$s gr_m H$m nVm Zht h& Bg{b`o Amn AZV h&& 37?amp;&

Every universe is covered by seven layers- earth, water, fire, air, sky, the total energy and false ego- each ten times greater than the previous one. There are innumerable universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move about like atoms in You. Therefore You are called unlimited [ananta]. [37]

{df`Vfmo Zanedmo
` CnmgVo {d^yVrZ?na?dm&
Vofm_m{ef Be
VXZw {dZ`pV`Wm amOHw$b&& 38?amp;&
Omo Za-new Ho$db {df`^moJ hr MmhVo h? do AmnH$m ^OZ Z H$aHo$ AmnHo$ {d^y{Vd?n Bm{X XodVmAm| H$s CnmgZm H$aVo h& ^mo ! Ogo amOHw$b H$m Zme hmoZo Ho$ nMmV?CgHo$ AZw`m{``m| H$s Or{dH$m ^r OmVr ahVr h? dgo hr jw?Cnm` Xodm| H$m Zme hmoZo na CZHo$ {X`o hE ^moJ ^r Z?gt; hmo OmVo h&& 38?amp;&

O Lord, O Supreme, unintelligent persons who thirst for sense enjoyment and who worship various demigods are no better than animals in the human form of life. Because of their animalistic propensities, they fail to worship Your Lordship, and instead they worship the insignificant demigods, who are but small sparks of Your glory. With the destruction of the entire universe, including the demigods, the benedictions received from the demigods also vanish, just like the nobility when a king is no longer in power. [38]

kmZ-d?n Ama {ZJwU h& Bg{b`o AmnHo$ {V H$s hB?gH$m_ ^mdZm ^r A`m` H$_m] Ho$ g_mZ O_-_`w ?n \$b XoZo dmbr Zht hmoVr, Ogo ^wZohE ~rOm| go AHw$a Zht AmVo?amp; `m|{H$ Ord H$mo Omo gwI-Xw:I Am{X ?m?hmoVo h? do gdm{X JwUm| go hr hmoVo h? {ZJwU go Zht?amp;& 39?amp;&

O Supreme Lord, if persons obsessed with material desires for sense gratification through material opulence worship You, who are the source of all knowledge and are transcendental to material qualities, they are not subject to material rebirth, just as sterilized or fried seeds do not produce planets. Living entities are subjected to the repetition of birth and death because they are conditioned by material nature, but since You are transcendental, one who is inclined to associate with You in transcendence escapes the conditions of material nature. [39]

{OV_{OV VXm ^dVm
`Xm@@h ^mJdV?Y__Zd_??amp;
{ZpH$#mZm `o _wZ`
Am_mam_m `_wnmgVo@ndJm`?amp;& 40?amp;&
ho A{OV ! {Og g_` AmnZo {dew?^mJdVY_H$m CnXoe {H$`m Wm, Cgr g_` AmnZo g~H$mo OrV {b`m?amp; `m|{H$ AnZo nmg Hw$N> ^r gJh-n[aJh Z aIZodmbo, {H$gr ^r dVw _| AhVm-__Vm Z H$aZo mmbo Am_mam_ gZH$m{X na_{f?^r na_ gm` Ama _moj m?H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Cgr ^mJdV Y_?H$m Aml` boVo h&& 40?amp;&

O unconquerable one, when You spoke about bhagavatadharma, which is the uncontaminated religious system for achieving the shelter of Your lotus feet, that was Your victory. Persons who have no material desires, like the Kumaras, who are self-satisfied sages, worship You to be liberated from material contamination. In other words, they accept the process of bhagavata-dharma to achieve shelter at Your lotus feet. [40]

{df__{VZ? `?ZUm?br> d_h{_{V __ Vdo{V M `X`̟&
{df_{Y`m a{MVmo `:
g {dew? j{`UwaY_~hb:?amp;& 41?amp;&
dh ^mJdV Y_?BVZm ew?h?{H$ Cg_| gH$m_ Y_m] Ho$ g_mZ _Zw`m| H$s dh {df_ ~w{?Zht hmoVr {H$
"`h _?h? `h _oam h? `h Vy h?Ama `h Voam h&' BgHo$ {dnarV {Og Y_?Ho$ _yb _| hr {df_Vm H$m ~rO ~mo {X`m OmVm h? dh Vmo Aew? ZmedmZ?Ama AY_~hb hmoVm h&& 41?amp;&

Being full of contradictions, all forms of religion but bhagavatadharma work under conceptions of fruitive results and distinctions of "you and I" and "yours and mine." The followers of Srimad-Bhagavatam have no such consciousness. They are all krishna conscious, thinking that they are Krishna's and Krishna is their's. There are other, low-class religious systems, which are contemplated for the killing of enemies or the gain of mystic power, but such religious systems, being full of passion and envy, are impure and temporary. Because they are full of envy, they are full of irreligion. [41]

H$: jo_mo {ZOna`mo:
{H$`mZW? dnawhm Y_}U?amp;
dmohmV?Vd H$mon:
nagnrS>`m M VWmY_??amp;& 42?amp;&
gH$m_ Y_?AnZm Ama Xygao H$m ^r A{hV H$aZodmbm h& Cggo AnZm `m nam`m --- {H$gr H$m H$moB?^r `moOZ Ama {hV {g?Zht hmoVm?amp; `wV gH$m_ Y_?go O~ AZw?gt;mZ H$aZodmbo H$m {Mm XwIVm h? V~ Amn > hmoVo h?Ama O~ Xygao H$m {Mm XwIVm h?V~ dh Y_?Zht ahVm --- AY_?hmo OmVm h&& 42?amp;&

How can a religious system that produces envy of one's self and of others be beneficial for oneself and for them ? What is auspicious about following such a system ? What is actually to be gained ? By causing pain to one's own self due to self-envy and by causing pain to others, one arouses Your anger and practises irreligion. [42]

`{^Ma{V Vdojm
``m {^{hVmo ^mJdVmo Y_??amp;
dnWpY`mo `_wnmgVo dm`m??amp;& 43?amp;&
^JdZ?! AmnZo {Og {?gt;go ^mJdV Y_?H$m {Z?nU {H$`m h? dh H$^r na_mW?go {dM{bV Zht hmoVr?amp; Bg{b`o Omo gV nwf Ma-AMa g_V m{U`m| _| g_{?gt; aIVo h? do hr CgH$m godZ H$aVo h&& 43?amp;&

My dear Lord, one's occupational duty is instructed in Srimad-Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita according to Your point of view, which never deviates from the highest goal of life. [43]

Z {h ^JdK{Q>V{_X?br> deZmޥUm_{Ibnmnj`: ?amp;
nwH$gH$mo@{n {d_w`Vo ggmam˟&& 44?amp;&
^JdZ?! AmnHo$ XeZ _m?go hr _Zw`m| Ho$ gmao nmn jrU hmo OmVo h? `h H$moB?Ag^d ~mV Zht h? `m|{H$ AmnH$m Zm_ EH$~ma gwZZo go hr ZrM MS>mb ^r ggma go _w? hmo OmVm h&& 44?amp;&

My Lord, it is not impossible for one to be immediately freed from all material contamination by seeing You. Not to speak of seeing You personally, merely by hearing the holy name of Your Lordship only once, even chandalas, men of the lowest class, are freed from all material contamination. Under the circumstances, who will not be freed from material contamination simply by seeing You ? [44]

AW ^JdZ?d`_YwZm
dXdbmoH$n[a_>me`_bm: ?amp;
gwaF${fUm `Xw{XV?br> VmdHo$Z H$W_`Wm ^d{V?amp;& 45?amp;&
^JdZ?! Bg g_` AmnHo$ XeZ _m?go hr _oao AV:H$aU H$m gmam _b Ywb J`m h? gmo R>rH$ hr h& `m|{H$ AmnHo$ AZ` o_r ^? Xod{f?ZmaXOr Zo Omo Hw$N> H$hm h? dh {_`m H?go hmo gH$Vm h&& 45?amp;&

Therefore, my dear Lord, simply seeing You has now wiped away all the contamination of sinful activities and their results of material attachment and lusty desires, which always filled my mind and the core of my heart. Whatever is predicted by the great sage Narada Muni cannot be otherwise. In other words, I have obtained your audience as a result of being trained by Narada Muni. [45]

g_V?br> Vd OJXm_Zmo OZ[ahmM[aV&
{H$`{Xd g{dVw[ad ImoV??amp;& 46?amp;&
ho AZV ! Amn gnyU?OJV?Ho$ Am_m h& AVEd ggma _| mUr Omo Hw$N> H$aVo h? dh g~ Amn OmZVo hr ahVo h& Bg{b`o Ogo OwJZy gy`?H$mo H$m{eV Zht H$a gH$Vm, dgo hr na_Jw? Amngo _?`m {ZdoXZ H$?amp;&$ 46?amp;&

O unlimited Supreme Personality of Godhead, whatever a living entity does in this material world is well known to You because You are the Supersoul. In the presence of the sun there is nothing to be revealed by the light of a glow worm. Similarly, because You know everything, in Your presence there is nothing for me to make known. [46]

Z_Vw`? ^JdVo
gH$bOJpW{Vb`moX`oem` ?amp;
Hw$`mo{JZm?{^Xm na_hgm`?amp;& 47?amp;&
^JdZ?! AmnH$s hr A`jVm _| gmao OJV?H$sCn{m, pW{V Ama b` hmoVo h& Hw$`moJrOZ ^oX {?gt; Ho$ H$maU AmnH$m dmV{dH$ d?n Zht OmZ nmVo?amp; AmnH$m d?n dmVd _| A`V ew?h& _?AmnH$mo Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 47?amp;&

My dear Lord, You are the creator, maintainer and annihilator of this cosmic manifestation, but persons who are too materialistic and who always see separateness do not have eyes with which to see You. They cannot understand Your real position, and therefore they conclude that the cosmic manifestation is independent of Your opulence. My Lord, You are the supreme pure, and You are full in all six opulences. Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [47]

`? d?gV_Zw {dgO: gpV
`?Mo{H$VmZ_Zw {Mm` CH$pV?amp;
^y_S>b?gfnm`{V `` _ypZ?br> V_?Z_mo ^JdVo@Vw gh_yZ}?amp;& 48?amp;&
AmnH$s {?gt; go Or{dV hmoH$a hr kmZop`m?AnZo-AnZo {df`m| H$mo JhU H$aZo _| g_W?hmoVr h& `h ^y_S>b AmnHo$ {ga na gagm| Ho$ XmZo Ho$ g_mZ OmZ nS>Vm h& _?Amn gherfm? ^JdmZ?H$mo ~ma-~ma Z_H$ma H$aVm h&& 48?amp;&

My dear Lord, it is after You endeavor that Lord Brahma, Indra and the other directors of the cosmic manifestation become occupied with their activities. It is after You perceive the material energy, My Lord, that the senses begin to perceive. The Supreme Personality of Godhead holds all the universes on His heads like seeds of mustard. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, that Supreme Personality, who has thousands of hoods. [48]

_mhm`--amOm {MHo$Vw mam gherf?^JdmZ?eof H$s Vw{V g_V m{U`m| H$mo H$`mU XmZ H$aZodmbr h& Bgr Vw{V Ho$ Vmn go amOm {MHo$Vw H$mo {g{?m?hB& Bg Vw{V Ho$ mam _m`mVrV na_m_m H$m _aU H$aHo$ _Zw` AnZm gdmJ Amp_H$ A`wX` m?H$aVm h& Bggo dh H$_?Ama H$_\$b Ho$ nMS>o _| Zht nS>Vm?amp; Cgo ~ Ama Am_m H$s EH$Vm H$m AZw^d m?hmoVm h&
mXOr mam Zqgh ^JdmZ H$s Vw{V


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