Lords Prayers by Brahma ji



lr ewH$XodOr amOm nar{jV?go H$hVo h?{H$ J?mh go _w{? Ho$ {b`o AnZr ~w{? go g~Ho$ Aml` ?^w H$s eaU _| OmZo H$m {Z?M` H$aHo$ JOo?? Zo AnZo _Z H$mo ?X` _| EH$mJ?{H$`m Am?a {\$a nyd?O?_ _| grIo h?E lo?gt; ?Vmo?Ho$ On ?mam ^JdmZ?H$s ?Vw{V Bg ?H$ma H$aZo bJm--- (JOo?? _moj) ?Z_mo ^JdVo V?_?`V EV{?Xm?_H$?&
nw?fm`m{X~rOm` naoem`m{^Yr_{h?amp;& 2?amp;&
JOo?? Zo H$hm --- Omo OJV?Ho$ _yb H$maU h?Am?a g~Ho$ ?X` _| nw?f Ho$ ?n _| {damO_mZ h?Ed?g_?V OJV?Ho$ EH$_m??dm_r h? {OZHo$ H$maU Bg g?gma _| MoVZVm H$m {d?Vma hmoVm h?--- CZ ^JdmZ? H$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h?? ?o_ go CZH$m ?`mZ H$aVm h???&& 2?amp;&

The King of the elephants, Gajendra, said : I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Person, Vasudeva [om namo bhagavate vasudevaya]. Because of Him this material body acts due to the presence of spirit, and he is therefore the root cause of everyone. He is worshipable for such exalted persons as Brahma and Siva, and He has entered the heart of every living being. Let me meditate upon Him. [2]

p?_{?X? `V?MoX?`oZoX?` BX??d`?&
`mo@?_mV?na?_m?na?V??n?o ?d`?^wd?&& 3?amp;&
`h g?gma C?ht _| p?WV h? C?ht H$s g?mm go ?VrV hmo ahm h? do hr Bg_| ?`m?hmo aho h?Am?a ?d`?do hr BgHo$ ?n _| ?JQ> hmo aho h??& `h g~ hmoZo na ^r do Bg g?gma Am?a BgHo$ H$maU --- ?H?{V go gd?Wm nao h??& CZ ?d`??H$me, ?d`?{g?g?mm?_H$ ^JdmZ?H$s _?eaU J?hU H$aVm h???&& 3?amp;&

The Supreme Godhead is the supreme platform on which everything rests, the ingredient by which everything has been produced, and the person who has created and is the only cause of this cosmic manifestation. Nonetheless, He is different from the cause and the result. I surrender unto Him, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is self-sufficient in everything. [3]:

?dm?_ZrX? {ZO_m``m{n?V?br> ?{MX?{d^mV?? M VV?{Vamo{hV?&
A{d??H? gm?`w^`?VXrjVo
g Am?__ybmo@dVw _m?nam?na:?amp;& 4?amp;&
`h {d??n?M C?ht H$s _m`m go CZ_| A?`?V h??& `h H$^r ?VrV hmoVm h? Vmo H$^r Zht?amp; na?Vw CZH$s ?{?gt; ?`m|-H$s-?`m| --- EH$-gr ahVr h??& do BgHo$ gmjr h?Am?a CZ XmoZm| H$mo hr XoIVo ahVo h??& do g~Ho$ _yb h?Am?a AnZo _yb ^r dhr h??& Xygam CZH$m H$maU Zht h??& do hr g_?V H$m`?Am?a H$maUm| go AVrV ?^w _oar ajm H$a|?amp;& 4?amp;&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, by expanding His own energy, keeps this cosmic manifestation visible and again sometimes renders it invisible. He is both the supreme cause and the supreme result, the observer and the witness, in all circumstances. Thus He is transcendental to everything. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead give me protection. [4]

`?V?` nmao@{^{damOVo {d^w:?amp;& 5?amp;&
?b` Ho$ g_` bmoH$, bmoH$nmb Am?a BZ g~Ho$ H$maU g?nyU?_w?g?Jm _wZ`: gwgmYd:?amp;
^yVm?_^yVm: gw?X: g _o J{V:?amp;& 7?amp;&
{OZHo$ na_ _?Jb_` ?d?n H$m Xe?Z H$aZo Ho$ {b`o _hm?_mJU g?gma H$s g~ Amg{?`m| H$m n[a?`mJ H$a XoVo h?Am?a dZ _| OmH$a AI?S> ^md go ~??M`?Am{X Abm?{H$H$ d?Vm| H$m nmbZ H$aVo h?VWm AnZo Am?_mH$mo g~Ho$ ?X` _| {damO_mZ XoIH$a ?dm^m{dH$ hr g~H$s ^bmB? H$aVo h?--- do hr _w{Z`m| Ho$ gd??d ^JdmZ?_oao ghm`H$ h? do hr _oar J{V h??&& 7?amp;&

Renunciants and great sages who see all living beings equally, who are friendly to everyone and who flawlessly practice in the forest the vows of brahmacharya, vanaprastha and sannyasa desire to see the all-auspicious lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. May that same Supreme Personality of Godhead. May that same Supreme Personality of Godhead be my destination. [7]

{d?Vo `?` M O?_ H$_?dm
Z Zm_?no JwUXmof Ed dm ?amp;
VWm{n bmoH$m?``g?^dm` `:
?d_m``m Vm?`ZwH$mb_??N>{V?amp;& 8?amp;&
V?_?Z_: naoem` ~??Uo@Z?Ve?`o?amp;
A?nm`mo??$nm` Z_ Am?M`?H$_?Uo?amp;& 9?amp;&
Z CZHo$ O?_-H$_?h?Am?a Z Zm_-?n; {\$a CZHo$ g?~?Y _| JwU Am?a Xmof H$s Vmo H$?nZm hr H?go H$s Om gH$Vr h?? {\$a ^r {d?H$s g?{?gt; Am?a g?hma H$aZo Ho$ {b`o g_`-g_` na do C?h| AnZr _m`m go ?drH$ma H$aVo h??&& 8?amp;&
C?ht AZ?V e{?_mZ?gd???`?_` na~?? na_m?_m H$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???& do A?n hmoZo na ^r ~h??$n h??& CZHo$ H$_?A?`?V Am?M`?_` h??& _?CZHo$ MaUm| _| Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 9?amp;&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead has no material birth, activities, name, form, qualities or faults. To fulfill the purpose for which this material world is created and destroyed, He comes in the form of a human being like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna by His original internal potency. He has immense potency, and in various forms, all free from material contamination, He acts wonderfully. He is therefore the Supreme Brahman. I offer my respects to Him. [8-9]

_m_ Am?_?Xrnm` gm{jUo na_m?_Zo?amp;
Z_mo {Jam?{dXyam` _Zg?MoVgm_{n?amp;& 10?amp;&
?d`??H$me, g~Ho$ gmjr na_m?_m H$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???& Omo _Z, dmUr Am?a {M?m go A?`?V Xya h?--- CZ na_m?_m H$mo _? Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 10?amp;&

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the self-effulgent Supersoul, who is the witness in everyone?s heart, who enlightens the individual soul and who cannot be reached by exercises of the mind, words or consciousness. [10]

H$mboZ n#m?d{_Vofw H???Zemo
bmoHo$fw nmbofw M gd?hoVwfw?amp;
V_?VXm@@grX?JhZ?J^ra?br> g?doZ ?{Vb?`m` Z??H??`oU {dnp?MVm?amp;
Z_: H?d?`ZmWm` {Zdm?UgwIg?{dXo?amp;& 11?amp;&
{ddoH$s nw?f H$_?g??`mg AWdm H$_?g_n?U Ho$ ?mam AnZm A?V:H$aU ew?H$aHo$ {O?h| ?m?H$aVo h?VWm Omo ?d`?Vmo {Z?`_w?, na_mZ?X Ed?kmZ-?d?n h?hr, Xygam| H$mo H?d?`-_w{? XoZo H$s gm_??` ^r Ho$db C?ht _| h?--- CZ ?^w H$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 11?amp;&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead is realized by pure devotees who act in the transcendental existence of bhakti-yoga. He is the bestower of uncontaminated happiness and is the master of the transcendental world. Therefore I offer my respect unto Him. [11]

Z_:em?Vm` Kmoam` _yT>m` JwUY{_?Uo?amp;
{Z{d?eofm` gm?`m` Z_mo kmZYZm` M?amp;& 12?amp;&
Omo g?d, aO, V_ --- BZ VrZ JwUm| H$m Y_??drH$ma H$aHo$ H?_e: em?V, Kmoa Am?a _y?T> Ad?Wm ^r YmaU H$aVo h? CZ ^oXa{hV g_^md go p?WV Ed?kmZ-KZ ?^w H$mo _?~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 12?amp;&

I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Vasudeva, who is all-pervading, to the Lord?s fierce form as Lord Nrsimhadeva, to the Lord?s form as an animal [Lord Varahadeva], to Lord Dattatreya, who preached impersonalism, to Lord Buddha, and to all the other incarnations. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord, who has no material qualities but who accepts the three qualities goodness, passion and ignorance within this material world. I also offer my respectful obeisances unto the impersonal Brahman effulgence. [12

jo?km` Z_?Vw?`?gdm??`jm` gm{jUo?amp;
nw?fm`m?__ybm` _yb?H?V`o Z_:?amp;& 13?amp;&
Amn g~Ho$ ?dm_r, g_?V jo?m| Ho$ EH$_m?kmVm Ed?gd?gmjr h? AmnH$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???& Amn ?d`?hr AnZo H$maU h??& nw?f Am?a _yb ?H?{V Ho$ ?n _| ^r Amn hr h??& AmnH$mo _oam ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma?amp;& 13?amp;&

I beg to offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who are the Supersoul, the superintendent of everything, and the witness of all that occurs. You are the Supreme Person, the origin of material nature and of the total material energy. You are also the owner of the material body. Therefore, You are the supreme complete. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [13]

gd}p??`JwU???gt;o gd???``hoVdo?amp;
AgVm?N>m``mo?m` gXm^mgm` Vo Z_:?amp;& 14?amp;&
Amn g_?V Bp??` Am?a CZHo$ {df`m| Ho$ ??>m h? g_?V ?Vr{V`m| Ho$ AmYma h??& Ah?H$ma Am{X N>m`m?n AgV?d?VwAm| Ho$ ?mam AmnH$m hr Ap?V?d ?JQ> hmoVm h??& g_?V d?VwAm| H$s g?mm Ho$ ?n _| ^r Ho$db Amn hr ^mg aho h??& _?AmnH$mo Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 14?amp;&

My Lord, You are the observer of all the objectives of the senses. Without Your mercy, there is no possibility of solving the problem of doubts. The material world is just like a shadow resembling You. Indeed, one accepts this material world as real because it gives a glimpse of Your existence. [14]

Amn g~Ho$ _ybH$maU h? AmnH$m H$moB?H$maU Zht h??& VWm H$maU hmoZo na ^r Amn_| {dH$ma `m n[aUm_ Zht hmoVm, Bg{b`o Amn AZmoIo H$maU h??& AmnH$mo _oam ~ma-~ma Z_?H$ma ! O?go g_?V ZXr-PaZo Am{X H$m na_ Aml` g_w?h? d?go hr Amn g_?V doX Am?a em?m| Ho$ na_ Vm?n`?h??& Amn _moj?d?n h?Am?a g_?V g?V AmnH$s hr eaU J?hU H$aVo h? AV: AmnH$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 15?amp;&

My Lord, You are the cause of all causes, but You Yourself have no cause. Therefore You are the wonderful cause of everything. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who are the shelter of the Vedic knowledge contained in the sastras like the Pancaratras and Vedanta-sutra, which are Your representations, and who are the source of the parampara system. Because it is You who can give liberation, You are the only shelter for all transcendentalists. Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [15]

V?jmo^{d?\y${O?V_mZgm` ?amp;
Z??H??`^mdoZ {dd{O?VmJ_-
?d`??H$mem` Z_?H$amo{_?amp;& 16?amp;&
O?go `k Ho$ H$m?gt; Aa{U _| A{?Jw?ahVr h? d?go hr AmnZo AnZo kmZH$mo JwUm| H$s _m`m go T>H$ aIm h??& JwUm| _| jmo^ hmoZo na CZHo$ ?mam {d{dY ?H$ma H$s g?{?gt;aMZm H$m Amn g?H$?n H$aVo h??& Omo bmoJ H$_?g??`mg AWdm H$_?g_n?U Ho$ ?mam Am?_V?d H$s ^mdZm H$aHo$ doX-em?m| go D$na CR> OmVo h? CZHo$ Am?_m Ho$ ?n _| Amn ?d`?hr ?H$m{eV hmo OmVo h??& AmnH$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 16?amp;&

My Lord, as the fire in arani wood is covered, You and Your unlimited knowledge are covered by the material modes of nature. Your mind, however, is not attentive to the activities of the modes of nature. Those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge are not subject to the regulative principles directed in the Vedic literatures. Because such advanced souls are transcendental, You personally appear in their pure minds. Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You. [16]

_w?m` ^y[aH$?Um` Z_mo@b`m`?amp;
?dm?eoZ gd?VZw^??_Z{g ?VrV-
??`??eo ^JdVo ~?hVo Z_?Vo?amp;& 17?amp;&
O?go H$moB?X`mbw nw?f \?Xo _| n?S>o h?E newH$m ~?YZ H$mQ> Xo, d?go hr Amn _oao ---O?go eaUmJVm| H$s \$m?gr H$mQ> XoVo h??& Amn {Z?`_w? h? na_H$?Um_` h?Am?a ^?m| H$m H$?`mU H$aZo _| Amn H$^r Amb?` Zht H$aVo?amp; AmnHo$ MaUm| _| _oam Z_?H$ma h??& g_?V ?m{U`m| Ho$ ?X` _| AnZo A?e Ho$ ?mam A?Vam?_m Ho$ ?n _| Amn Cnb?Y hmoVo ahVo h??& Amn gd??`?nyU?Ed? AZ?V h??& AmnH$mo _?Z_?H$ma H$aVm h???&& 17?amp;&

Since an animal such as I has surrendered unto You, who are supremely liberated, certainly You will release me from this dangerous position. Indeed, being extremely merciful, You incessantly try to deliver me. By your partial feature as Paramatma, You are situated in the hearts of all embodied beings. You are celebrated as direct transcendental knowledge, and You are unlimited. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. [17]

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