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By the grace of almighty Shree Banke Bihariji, I was born in a religious family where since my childhood, I always had the blessings of SHREEMADBHAGWAT. My grandfather Shree Radhakrishnaji resided at Vrindavan from the age of forty one and we visited him during our vacations. The sacred preachings of  Bhagwatji were and still are recited in Vrindavan regularly. 

 My beloved and respected mother 㭴 Radhadeviji was habituated of reading the Bhagwat everyday and related us the lessons from the sacred book since childhood. In 1980, I heard the discourse by Swami Shree Akhandanandji Saraswati on Shreemadbhagwat for fifteen days at our residence and I was deeply touched by the contents and then it became my cherished desire to enjoy the pious preachings in it. The interpretations by Shree Nityanandji Bhatt of Vrindavan impressed and attracted my attention towards the sweet and simple understandability of Shreemadbhagwatji.

I often wondered, when I heard the Bhawat,  as to how every worldly subject had been immaculately incorporated in this holy literal composition. The interpretations and preachings of Shreemadbhagwatji by laureates like Shree Shrinathji Shastri, Shree Krishnachandraji (Thakurji) and others made me more engrossed and I  could gather the deeply hidden significances in it.

I had been constantly getting an idea for years and mentioned to respected Shree Guruji Shree Swami Karpatriji Maharaj that all other religions have their main religious compositions like Quran  for Muslims, Bible for Christians etc. whereas for Hindus, there are many books like four Vedas, eighteen Purans, Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat etc. but which one is the best of all where we should concentrate to learn and know spirits of our religion is difficult to know.

We are facing great difficulties in recognizing our religion with the disappearance of religious teachings from our educational system. Maharajji sincerely considered this and inspired some of the religious scholars to compose a book with substantial matters in short from the precious writings of our various sacred compositions to fulfill the inquisitive needs of the upcoming generations. But with the sad demise of Shree Maharajji, this remained undone. I requested many scholars time and again in this respect but without any result.

Once, while enjoying all the pleasantries and facing miseries of life, I was immensely encircled by all the worldly anxieties and grief. I felt very lonely and depressed. Even all types of medical treatments, pilgrimages and worships at holy places and  temples  did not help to get relieved from the acute tension and restlessness. I found myself completely lost. While in such a state of my mind, a scholar sage suggested me to take shelter of Shreemadbhagwatji and chant one chapter everyday which will certainly relieve the tension and grief. It was then that I started reciting daily Shreemadbhagwatji published by Geeta Press wherein explanations in Hindi by Shree Akhandanandji are incorporated.

I observed that apart from solutions to all the worldly problems, one can find  in Shreemadbhagwatji, reference to any matter related to past, present as well as future. This sacred composition contains references to all the inventions that scientists have successfully made including the so-called most modern Nuclear weapons, Rockets and satellites, sex transplant, insemination etc.. One can refer this sacred book for solution to all the queries of life through illustrations and anecdotes.

I was fully convinced by repeated reading of Shrimadbhagwatji that it is the only simplest medium to gain knowledge and adopt the preachings of Hindu religion. At the same time it flashed in my mind  that in this modern age, life is so busy that it will be of great difficulty for everyone to spare enough time to attentively and minutely understand the contents from the volumes sacred Shreemadbhagwatji. Keeping this in my mind, I planned to publish some quotes from the Bhagwat in four volumes each having three parts.

Some valuable quotes from Shreemadbhagwatji which are useful in day to day life, have been incorporated in this first part. Prayers and  quotes in respect of meditation devoted to the great Lord Shree Banke Bihariji are reproduced in the second part. The third part comprises of various lessons and teachings lying scattered in Shreemadbhagwatji.

These books contain original interpretations by Shree Akhandanandjee Maharaj and I have not made any changes herein. As, any such changes in the contents would be undesired meddling with the works of the great scholars.

Considering the popularity of English language in the upcoming generations and also paying due respect to the feelings and suggestions of my children, I have incorporated the English version by Shree Swami Prabhupadji also in this book to make it more simple and popular to follow.

I am indebted to my teacher Shree Sakaldeep Singhjee for his guidance and inspiration to attain the objective.

 I sincerely hope and wish that people all around the world would take advantage from these publications to get relief from all the worldly anxieties and tensions and attain eternal peace.

This publication could not have taken shape without  the blessings of my respected and beloved Grandfather and Father.

Om Prakash Dhanuka


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