Krishna's Prayer by Kunti


A`m` - 1

amOm nar{jV Ho$ nyN>Zo na {H$ _hmamO {`dV Zo r, Ka Ama nwm{X _| Amg$ ah H$a ^r {H$g H$ma {g{ m H$a br Ama `m| H$a CZH$s ^JdmZ lrH$U _| A{dMb ^{$ hB, lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm ---
~mT>_w$ ^JdV Cm_bmoH$` lr_aUma-{dX_H$aXag Amdo{eVMoVgmo ^mJdVna_hg X{`VH$Wm {H${#mXVam`{dhVm dm {edV_m nXdt Z m`oU {hdpV&& 5&&
{OZH$m {Mm n{d H$s{V lr h[a Ho$ na_ _Ywa MaU-H$_b _H$aX Ho$ ag _| gam~moa hmo J`m h, do {H$gr {dZ-~mYm Ho$ H$maU H$mdQ> Am OmZo na ^r ^Jdغ$ na_hgm| Ho$ {` lr dmgwXod ^JdmZ Ho$ H$Wm ldU$nr na_ H$`mU_` _mJ H$mo m`: N>moS>Vo Zht&& 5&&

One who is attached to the nectarean honey of the Lords lotus feet, and whose mind is always absorbed in His glories, may sometimes be checked by some impediment, but he still never gives up the exalted position he has acquired. [5]

^` _m` dZod{n `mX
`V: g AmVo ghfQgnZ:&
Jhml_: qH$ Zw H$amo`d&& 17&&
lr ~mOr Zo {`dV H$mo g~mo{YV H$aVo hE H$hm --- Omo nwf Bp`m| Ho$ der^yV h, dh dZ-dZ _| {dMaU H$aVm aho Vmo ^r Cgo O_-_aU H$m ^` ~Zm hr ahVm h; `m|{H$ {~Zm OrVo hE _Z Ama Bp`$nr CgHo$ N>: ew H$^r CgH$m nrN>m Zht N>moS>Vo& Omo ~w{_mZ nwf Bp`m| H$mo OrV H$a AnZr Am_m _| hr a_U H$aVm h, CgH$m JhWml_ ^r `m {~JmS> gH$Vm h ?&& 17&&

Even if he goes from forest to forest, one who is not self-controlled must always fear material bondage because he is living with six co-wives the mind and knowledge-acquiring senses. Even householder life, however, cannot harm a self-satisfied, learned man who has conquered his senses. [17]

`: fQ> gnZmZ {d{OJrf_mUmo
Jhofw {Z{d` `VoV nyd&
A`o{V XwJm{lV D${OVmarZ
jrUofw H$m_ {dMao{npM˟&& 18&&

{Ogo BZ N>: ewAm| H$mo OrVZo H$s BN>m hmo, dh nhbo Ka_| ahH$a hr CZH$m A`V {ZamoY H$aVo hE Ch| de_| H$aZo H$m `Z H$ao& {H$bo _| gwa{jV ahH$a bS>Zodmbm amOm AnZo ~b ewAm| H$mo ^r OrV boVm h& {\$a O~ BZ ewAm|H$m ~b A`V jrU hmo Om`, V~ {dmZ nwf BN>mZwgma {dMa gH$Vm h&& 18&&

One who is situated in household life and who systematically conquers his mind and five sense organs is like a king in his fortress who conquers his powerful enemies. After one has been trained in household life and his lusty desires have decreased, he can move anywhere without danger. [18]

A`m` - 5
Chapter - 5:

^JdmZ F$f^Or AnZo nwm| H$mo CnXoe XoVo hE H$hVo h ---
_hgodm ma_mh{d_wo$-
V_moma `mo{fVm g{JgJ&
_hmVVo g_{Mmm: emVm
{d_`d: gwX: gmYdmo `o&& 2&&

emm| Zo _hmnwfm| H$s godm H$mo _w{$ H$m Ama rgJrH$m{_`m| Ho$ gJ H$mo ZaH$ H$m ma ~Vm`m h&& 2&&

One can attain the path of liberation from material bondage only by rendering service to highly advanced spiritual personalities. For those who are not interested in such activities, who associate with people fond of women and sex, the path to hell is wide open.[2]

hgo Jwam _{` ^`mZwd`m
{dVU`m {V{Vj`m M&
gd OVmo`gZmdJ`m
{Okmg`m Vngohm{Zd`m&& 10&&
_H$_{^_H$W`m M {Z`
_odgJmX JwUH$sVZm_o&
{Zdagm`mone_oZ nwm
{Ohmg`m XohJohm_~wo:&& 11&&
A`m_`moJoZ {d{d$god`m
mUop`m_m{^O`oZ g`&
gN>`m ~M`}U eX
Ag_mXoZ `_oZ dmMm&& 12&&
gd _md{dMjUoZ
kmZoZ {dkmZ{dam{OVoZ&
`moJoZ Y`w_gd`w$mo
qbJ `nmohoHw$ebmo@h_m`&& 13&&

F$f^Or H$hVo h --- nwmo ! ggma gmJa go nma hmoZo _| Hw$eb VWm Y`, C_ Ed gdJwU{d{e> nwf H$mo Mm{h`o {H$ g~Ho$ Am_m Ama Jwd$n _wP ^JdmZ _| ^{$^md aIZo go, _oao nam`U ahZo go, VUm Ho$ `mJ go, gwI-Xw:I Am{X m| Ho$ ghZo go "

Ord H$mo g^r `mo{Z`m| _| Xw:I hr CR>mZm nS>Vm h' --- Bg {dMma go, Vd-{Okmgm go, Vn go, gH$m_ H$_ Ho$ `mJ go, _oao hr {b`o H$_ H$aZo go, _oar H$WmAm| H$m {Z`{V ldU H$aZo go, _oao ^$m| Ho$ gJ Ama _oao JwUm| Ho$ H$sVZ go, da `mJ go, g_Vm go, empV go Ama eara VWm Ka Am{X _| _ -- _oaonZ Ho$ ^md H$mo `mJZo H$s BN>m go, A`m_ em Ho$ AZwerbZ go, EH$mV godZ go, mU, Bp` Ama _Z Ho$ g`_ go, em Ama gnwfm| Ho$ dMZ _| `WmW ~w{ aIZo go, nyU ~M` go, H$V`H$_m] _| {ZaVa gmdYmZ ahZo go, dmUr Ho$ g`_ go, gd _oar hr gmm XoIZo go, AZw^dkmZg{hV Vd{dMma go Ama `moJgmYZ go AhH$ma$n AnZo qbJeara H$mo brZ H$a Xo&& 10-13&&

O My sons, you should accept a highly elevated paramahansa, a spiritually advanced spiritual master. In this way, you should place your faith and love in Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You should detest sense gratification and tolerate the duality of pleasure and pain, which are like the seasonal changes of summer and winter. Try to realize the miserable condition of living entities, who are miserable even in the higher planetary systems. Philo-sophically inquire about the truth. Then undergo all kinds of austerities and penances for the sake of devotional service. Give up the endeavor for sense enjoyment and engage in the service of the Lord. Listen to discussions about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and always associate with devotees. Chant about and glorify the Supreme Lord, and look upon everyone equally on the spiritual platform. Give up enmity and subdue anger and lamentation. Abandon identifying the self with the body and the home, and practice reading the revealed scriptures. Live in a secluded place and practice the process by which you can completely control your life air, mind and senses. Have full faith in the revealed scriptures, the Vedic literatures, and always observe celibacy. Perform your prescribed duties and avoid unnecessary talks. Always thinking of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, acquire knowledge from the right source. Thus practicing bhakti-yoga, you will patiently and enthusiastically be elevated in knowledge and will be able to give up the false ego. [10-13]

JwZ g `mdOZmo Z g `mV
{nVm Z g `mmZZr Z gm `m˟&
Xd Z V`m n{VM g `m-
_moM`o: g_wnoV_`w&& 18&&
Omo AnZo {` g~Yr H$mo ^Jd{$ H$m CnXoe XoH$a _`w H$s \$mgr go Zht Nw>S>mVm, dh Jw Jw Zht h, dOZ dOZ Zht h, {nVm {nVm Zht h, _mVm _mVm Zht h, B>Xod B>Xod Zht h Ama n{V n{V Zht h&& 18&&

One who cannot deliver his dependents from the path of repeated birth and death should never become a spiritual master, a father, a husband, a mother or a worshipable demigod. [18]

^wVofw drX` CXwm_m `o
gargnmVofw g~moY{Z>m:&
VVmo _Zw`m: _WmVVmo@{n
JYd{gm {d~wYmZwJm `o&& 21&&
Xodmgwao`mo _KdYmZm
XjmX`mo ~gwVmVw Vofm&
^d: na: gmo@W {d[a#mdr`:
g _namo@h {OXodXod:&& 22&&

A` g~ ^yVm| H$s Anojm dj A`V lo> h, CZgo MbZo dmbo Ord lo> h Ama CZ_| ^r H$sQ>m{X H$s Anojm kmZ`w$ new Am{X lo> h& newAm| go _Zw`, _Zw`m| go _WJU, _Wm| go JYd, JYdm] go {g Ama {gm| go XodVmAm| Ho$ AZw`m`r {H$am{X lo> h&& 21&&
CZgo Agwa, Agwam| go XodVm Ama XodVmAm| go ^r B lo> h& B go ^r ~mOr Ho$ nw Xjm{X Omn{V lo> h, ~mOr Ho$ nwm| _| g~go lo> h& do ~mOr go Cn hE h, Bgr {b`o ~mOr CZgo lo> h& do ^r _wPgo Cn h Ama _oar CnmgZm H$aVo h, Bg{b`o _ CZgo ^r lo> h& naVw ~mU _wPgo ^r lo> h, `m|{H$ _ Ch| ny` _mZVm h&& 22&&

Of the two energies manifest [spirit and dull matter], beings possessing living force [vegetables, grass, trees and plants] are superior to dull matter [stone, earth, etc.]. Superior to nonmoving plants and vegetables are worms and snakes, which can move. Superior to worms and snakes are animals that have developed intelligence. Superior to animals are human beings, and superior to human beings are ghosts because they have no material bodies. Superior to ghosts are the Gandharvas, and superior to them are the Siddhas. Superior to the Siddhas are the Kinnaras, and superior to them are the asuras. Superior to the asuras are the demigods, and of the demigods, Indra, the King of heaven, is supreme. Superior to Indra are the direct sons of Lord Brahma, sons like King Daksa, and supreme among Brahmas sons is Lord Siva. Since Lord Siva is the son of Lord Brahma, Brahma is considered superior, but Brahma is also subordinate to Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Because I am inclined to the brahmanas, the brahmanas are best of all. [21-22]

Z ~mUVwb`o ^yV_`V
n`m{_ {dm: {H$_V: na Vw&
`p_ޥ{^: hV l`mh-
_m{_ H$m_ Z VWm{hmoo&& 23&&

g^m _| CnpWV ~mUm| H$mo b` H$aHo$Q> {dJU ! Xygao {H$gr ^r mUr H$mo _ ~mUm| Ho$ g_mZ ^r Zht g_PVm, {\$a CZgo A{YH$ Vmo _mZ hr H$go gH$Vm h& _ {OZ ~mUm| go lmnydH$ ^moOZ H$s Amh{V H$mo
ImH$a V hmoVm h, A{hmo _| dgo V Zht hmoVm& 23&&

O respectful brahmanas, as far as I am concerned, no one is equal or superior to the brahmanas in this world. I do not find anyone comparable to them. [23]

YVm VZyeVr _o nwamUr
`oZoh gd na_ n{d&
e_mo X_: g`_ZwJhM
VnpV{VjmZw^dM `̟&& 24&&
{Ohm|Zo Bg bmoH$ _| A``Zm{X Ho$ mam _oar doX$nm A{V gwXa Ama nwamVZ _y{V H$mo YmaU H$a aIm h VWm Omo na_ n{d gdJwU, e_, X_, g`, X`m, Vn, {V{Vjm Ama kmZm{X AmR> JwUm| go gn h --- CZ ~mUm| go ~T> H$a Ama H$mZ hmo gH$Vm h&& 24&&

The brahmanas are situated in the supreme transcendental mode of naturesattva-guna. Because of this, they are fixed in mind control [sama], sense control [dama], and truthfulness [satya]. They describe the Vedas in their original sense, and out of mercy [anugraha] they preach the purpose of the Vedas to all conditioned souls. They practice penance [tapasya] and tolerance [titiksa], and they realize the position of the living entity and the Supreme Lord [anubhava]. These are the eight qualifications of the brahmanas. Therefore among all living entities, no one is superior to the brahmanas. [24]

_mmo@`ZVmnaV: na_mV
dJmndJm{YnVoZ {H${#m˟&
`ofm {H$_w `m{XVaoU Vofm-
_{H$#mZmZm _{` ^{$^mOm&& 25&&

_ ~m{X go ^r lo> Ama AZV h VWm dJ-_moj Am{X XoZo H$s ^r gm_` aIVm h; {H$Vw _oao AqH$MZ ^$ Eogo {Z:nh hmoVo h {H$ do _wPgo ^r H$^r Hw$N> Zht MmhVo; {\$a am`m{X A` dVwAm| H$s Vmo do BN>m hr H$go H$a gH$Vo h ?&& 25&&

I am fully opulent, almighty and superior to Lord Brahma and Indra, the King of the heavenly planets. I am also the bestower of all happiness obtained in the heavenly kingdom and by liberation. Nonetheless, the brahmanas do not seek material comforts from Me. They are very pure and do not want to possess anything. They simply engage in My devotional service. What is the need of their asking for material benefits from anyone else ? [25]

gdm{U _{`V`m ^d{--
Mam{U ^yVm{Z gwVm Ywdm{U&
g^m{dV`m{Z nXo nXo dmo
{d{d$p^VXwhmhU _o&& 26&&
Vw_ gnyU MamMa ^yVm| H$mo _oam hr eara g_PH$a ew ~w{ go nX-nX na CZH$s godm H$amo, `hr _oar gr nyOm h&& 26&&

My dear sons, you should not envy any living entity be he moving or nonmoving. Knowing that I am situated in them, you should offer respect to all of them at every moment. In this way, you offer respect to Me. [26]

gmjmH$V _o n[a~hU {h&
{dZm nw_mZ `oZ _hm{d_mohmV
H$VmVnmem {d_mow$_reo˟&& 27&&
_Z, dMZ, {> VWm A` Bp`m| H$s Mo>mAm| H$m gmjmV \$b _oam Bg H$ma H$m nyOZ hr h& BgHo$ {~Zm _Zw` AnZo H$mo _hm_moh_` H$mbnmego Nw>S>m Zht gH$Vm&& 27&&

The true activity of the sense organs mind, sight, words and all the knowledge-gathering and working senses is to engage fully in My service. Unless his senses are thus engaged, a living entity cannot think of getting out of the great entanglement of material existence. [27]


A`m` - 6

lr ewH$XodOr Zo amOm nar{jV go H$hm---
Z Hw$`mH${h{Mg` _Z{g ZdpWVo&
`{l^m{amrU MH$X Vn Eoa&& 3&&

Bg MMb {Mm go H$^r _r Zht H$aZr Mm{h`o& Bg_| {dmg H$aZo go hr _mo{hZr $n _| \$g H$a _hmXodOr H$m {MaH$mb g{MV Vn jrU hmo J`m Wm&& 3&&

The mind is by nature very restless, and one should not make friends with it. If we place full confidence in the mind, it may cheat us at any moment. Even Lord Siva became agitated upon seeing the Mohini form of Lord Krishna. [3]

{Z` XXm{V H$m_`pN>Ч V_Zw `o@a`:&
`mo{JZ: H$V_` n`wOm`od nwMbr&& 4&&

Ogo `{^Mm[aUr r Oma nwfm| H$mo AdH$me XoH$a CZHo$ mam AnZo _| {dmg aIZo dmbo n{V H$m dY H$am XoVr h --- Cgr H$ma Omo `moJr _Z na {dmg H$aVo h, CZH$m _Z H$m_ Ama CgHo$ gmWr H$moYm{X ewAm| H$mo AmH$_U H$aZo H$m Adga XoH$a Ch| Z>-^> H$a XoVm h&& 4&&

An unchaste woman is very easily carried away by paramours, and it sometimes happens that her husband is violently killed by her paramours. If the yogi given his mind a chance and does not restrain it, his mind will give facility to enemies like lust, anger and greed, and they will doubtlessly kill the yogi. [4]

H$m_mo _`w_Xmo bmo^: emoH$_moh^`mX`:&
H$_dYM `_yb: drHw$`m$mo Zw VX ~wY:&& 5&&
H$m_, H$moY, _X, bmo^, _moh Ama ^` Am{X ewAm| H$m VWm H$_~YZ H$m _yb Vmo `h _Z hr h; Bg na H$moB ~w{_mZ H$go {dmg H$a gH$Vm h ?&& 5&&

The mind is the root cause of lust, anger, pride, greed, lamentation, illusion and fear. Combined, these constitute bondage to fruitive activity. What learned man would put faith in the mind ? [5]

Chapter - 9

mr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm ---
Ed_od Ibw _hX{^Mmam{VH$_:
H$m`}Zm_Zo \$b{V&& 19&&
gM h, _hmnwfm| Ho$ {V {H$`m hAm A`mMma$n AnamY Bgr H$ma `m|-H$m-`m| AnZo hr D$na nS>Vm h&& 19&&

When an envious person commits an offense before a great personality, he is always punished in the same way. [19]

A`m` - 10

Chapter - 10

EH$~ma {gYwgmadra Xoe H$m dm_r amOm ahJU nmbH$s na MT>H$a Om ahm Wm& O~ dh Bjw_Vr ZXr Ho$ {H$Zmao nhMm V~ CgH$s nmbH$s CR>mZo dmbo H$hmam| Ho$ O_mXma H$mo EH$ H$hma H$s Amd`H$Vm nS>r& H$hma H$s ImoO H$aVo g_` Xdde Cgo OS>^aV {_b J`o& Bh| >-nw> XoIH$a CgZo ~oJma _| nH$S>o hE A` H$hmam| Ho$ gmW Bh| ^r ~bmV nmbH$s _| OmoS> {X`m& `h ~mU XodVm OS>^aV nam| Ho$ ZrMo {H$gr Ord Ho$ X~ OmZo Ho$ S>a go Yrao-Yrao Mb aho Wo& A` H$hmam| go BZH$m _ob Zht ~R>Vm Wm& nmbH$s Q>oT>r-_oT>r hmoZo bJr& Bg na amOm ahJU Zo Oam H$moY go H$hmam| H$mo S>mQ>m& H$hmam| Zo amOm go R>rH$-R>rH$ nmbH$s Ho$ Z MbZo H$m H$maU ~Vm`m& Bgr gX^ _| amOm ahJU Zo gmoMm :--
gmg{JH$mo Xmof Ed ZyZ_oH$`m{n gd}fm gmJ{JH$mUm ^{dVw_hVr{V {ZpM` {Ze` H$nUdMmo amOm ahJU Cnm{gVdmo@{n {ZgJ}U ~bmH$V BfXwpWV_`wa{dn>~VoOg OmVdoXg{_d aOgm@@dV_{Vamh&& 5&&
ggJ go Cn hmoZodmbm Xmof EH$ `{$_| hmoZo na ^r Cggo g~Y aIZo dmbo g^r nwfm| _| Am gH$Vm h&& 5&&

He could also understand that simply due to the fault of one person, the palanquin was not being carried properly. [5]

Zmh {deHo$ gwaamOdOm-
`jeybm `_` XS>m˟&
N>Ho$ ^e ~Hw$bmd_mZm˟&& 17&&

lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h {H$ ahJU Zo nmbH$s go CVa H$a OS>^aV Ho$ AWdmZ dMZm| H$mo gwZH$a CZgo (^aV go) H$hm --- _wPo B Ho$ dO H$m H$moB S>a Zht h, Z _ _hmXodOr Ho$ {eyb go S>aVm h Ama Z `_amO Ho$ XS> go& _wPo A{, gy`, M, dm`w Ama Hw$~oa Ho$ A-em| H$m ^r H$moB ^` Zht h; naVw _ ~mUHw$b Ho$ An_mZ go ~hV hr S>aVm h&& 17&&

My dear sir, I am not at all afraid of the thunderbolt of King Indra, nor am I afraid of the serpentine, piercing trident of Lord Siva. I do not care about the punishment of Yamaraja, the superintendent of death, nor am I afraid of fire, scorching sun, moon, wind, nor the weapons of Kuvera. Yet I am afraid of offending a brahmana. I am very much afraid of this.

Chapter - 11

A`m` -11

.OS>^aV Zo amOm ahJU go H$hm ---
VWd amOwJmh_oY-
{dVmZ{dmo{dOp^Vofw &
Z doXdmXofw {h VddmX:
m`oU ewmo Zw MH$mpV gmYw:&& 2&&

bm{H$H$ `dhma Ho$ g_mZ hr d{XH$ `dhma ^r g` Zht h, `m|{H$ doX dm` ^r A{YH$Va JhWOZmo{MV `k{d{YHo$ {dVma _| hr `V h, amJ-ofm{X Xmofm| go a{hV {dew VdkmZ H$s nyar-nyar A{^`{$ m`: CZ_| ^r Zht hB h&& 2&&

People interested in material activities, which are expounded in the Vedas, are intent on performing material sacrifices and placing faith in their material activities. For such people, spiritual advancement is definitely not manifest. [2]


A`m` - 12

amOm ahJU go OS>^aV Zo H$hm ---
kmZ {dewէ na_mW_oH$-
_ZVa d~{h~ g`&
`H$ emV ^JdN>Xgk
`mgwXod H$d`mo dXpV&& 11&&

{dew na_mW$n, A{Vr` VWm ^rVa-~mha Ho$ ^oX go a{hV n[anyU kmZ hr g` dVw h& dh gdmVdVu Ama gdWm {Z{dH$ma h& Cgr H$m Zm_ ^JdmZ h Ama Cgr H$mo npS>VOZ "dmgwXod' H$hVo h&& 11&&

Nondual knowledge is the ultimate truth. It is devoid of the contamination of material qualities. It gives us liberation. It is the one without a second, all-pervading and beyond imagination. The first realization of that knowledge is Brahman. Then Paramatma, the Super-soul, is realized by the yogis who try to see Him without grievance. This is the second stage of realization. Finally, full realization of the same supreme knowledge is realized in the Supreme Person as Vasudeva, the cause of Brahman, Paramatma and others. [11]

kmZm{gZohd {ddU_moh:&
h[a VXrhmH$WZlwVm`m
bY_{V`m`{Vnma_dZ: && 16&&

gmame `h h {H$ {da$ _hmnwfm| Ho$ ggJ go m kmZ$n ISJ Ho$ mam _Zw` H$mo Bg bmoH$ _| hr AnZo _moh-~YZ H$mo H$mQ> S>mbZm Mm{h`o& {\$a lrh[a H$s brbmAm| Ho$ H$WZ Ama ldU go ^Jd_{V ~Zr ahZo Ho$
H$maU dh gwJ_Vm go hr ggma-_mJ H$mo nma H$aHo$ ^JdmZ H$mo m H$a gH$Vm h&& 16&&

Simply by associating with exalted devotees, anyone can attain perfection of knowledge and with the sword of knowledge can cut to pieces the illusory associations within this material world. Through the association of devotees, one can engage in the service of the Lord by hearing and chanting [sravanam kirtanam]. Thus one can revive his dormant krishna consciousness and, sticking to the cultivation of Krishna conscious-ness, return home, back to Godhead, even in this life. [16]

A`m` - 19

Chapter - 19

lrewH$XodOr H$hVo h---
Z ` dHw$R>H$WmgwYmnJm
Z gmYdmo ^mJdVmVXml`m:&
Z ` `koe_Im _hmogdm:
gwaoebmoH$mo@{n Z d g go`Vm&& 24&&

"Ohm ^JdH$Wm H$s A_V_`r g[aVm Zht ~hVr, Ohm CgHo$ C_WmZ ^Jdغ$ gmYwOZ {Zdmg Zht H$aVo Ama Ohm Z`-JrVm{X Ho$ gmW ~S>o g_mamoh go ^JdmZ `k nwf H$s nyOm-AMm Zht H$s OmVr --- dh Mmho ~bmoH$ hr `m| Z hmo, CgH$m godZ Zht H$aZm Mm{h`o&& 24&&

An intelligent person does not take interest in a place, even in the topmost planetary system, if the pure Ganges of topics concerning the Supreme Lords activities does not flow there, if there are not devotees engaged in service on the banks of such a river of piety, or if there are no festivals of sankirtana-yajna to satisfy the Lord [especially since sankirtana-yajna is recommen-ded in this age]. [24]

g` {Xe`{WV_{WVmo ZUm
ZdmWXmo `nwZa{WVm `V:&
d` {dYmo ^OVm_{ZN>Vm-
{_N>m{nYmZ {ZOnmXnd&& 27&&

`h R>rH$ h {H$ ^JdmZ gH$m_ nwfm| Ho$ _mJZo na Ch| A^r> nXmW XoVo h, {H$Vw `h ^JdmZ H$m dmV{dH$ XmZ Zht h; `m|{H$ CZ dVwAm| H$mo nm boZo na ^r _Zw` Ho$ _Z _| nwZ: H$m_ZmE hmoVr hr ahVr h& BgHo$ {dnarV Omo CZH$m {ZH$m_ ^md go ^OZ H$aVo h, Ch| Vmo do gmjmV AnZo MaU-H$_b hr Xo XoVo h --- Omo A` g_V BN>mAm| H$mo g_m H$a XoZo dmbo h&& 27&&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead fulfills the material desires of a devotee who approaches Him with such motives, but He does not bestow benedictions upon the devotee that will cause him to demand more benedictions again. However, the Lord willingly gives the devotee shelter at His own lotus feet, even though such a person does not aspire for it, and that shelter satisfies all his desires. That is the Supreme Personalitys special mercy. [27]


A`m` - 26

amOm nar{jV Ho$ `h nyN>Zo na {H$ bmoJm| H$mo Omo `o D$Mr-ZrMr J{V`m m hmoVr h, CZ_| BVZr {d{^Vm `m| h, lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm ---{JwUdmH$Vw: l`m H$_JV`: nWpdYm: gdm Ed gd` VmaV`oZ ^dpV&& 2&&

H$_ H$aZo dmbo nwf gmpdH$, amOg Ama Vm_g --- VrZ H$ma Ho$ hmoVo h VWm CZH$s lmAm| _| ^r ^oX ahVm h& Bg H$ma d^md Ama lm Ho$ ^oX go CZHo$ H$_m] H$s J{V`m ^r {^-{^ hmoVr h Ama `yZm{YH$$n _| `o g^r J{V`m g^r H$VmAm| H$mo m hmoVr h&& 2&&

The great sage Sukadeva Gosvami said : My dear King, in this material world there are three kinds of activitiesthose in the mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance. Because all people are influenced by the three modes of material nature, the results of their activities are also divided into three. One who acts in the mode of goodness is religious and happy, one who acts in passion achieves mixed misery and happiness, and one who acts under the influence of ignorance is always unhappy and lives like an animal. Because of the varying degrees to which the living entities are influenced by the different modes of nature, their destinations are also of different varieties. [2]

AWoXmZt {V{fbjU`mY_` VWd H$Vw: lm`m dgm`mH$_\$b {dge ^d{V `m Zm{d`m H$VH$m_mZm Vn[aUm_bjUm: gV`: ghe: dmmVmgm mMw`}UmZwdU{``m_:&& 3&&
Bgr H$ma {Z{f H$_$n nmn H$aZo dmbm| H$mo ^r CZH$s lm H$s Ag_mZVm Ho$ H$maU, g_mZ \$b Zht {_bVm&& 3&&

Those who are activated by the material mode of ignorance engage in impious activities, and according to the extent of their ignorance, they are placed in different grades of hellish life. [3]

`o pdh d Xmp^H$m X^`kofw neyZ {degpV VmZ_wp_moHo$ dego ZaHo$ n{VVm{a`nV`mo `mV{`dm {degpV&& 25&&
Omo nmIS>r bmoJ nmIS>nyU `km| _| newAm| H$m dY H$aVo h, Ch| nabmoH$ _| deg ({degZ) ZaH$ _| S>mbH$a dhm Ho$ A{YH$mar ~hV nrS>m XoH$a H$mQ>Vo h&& 25&&

A person who in this life is proud of his eminent position, and who heedlessly sacrifices animals simply for material prestige, is put into the hell called Visasana after death. There the assistants of Yamaraja kill him after giving him unlimited pain. [25]

`pdh dm AmT>m{^_{VahH${VpV`ojU: gdVmo@{^{deH$s AW``Zme{MV`m n[aew`_mU-X`dXZmo {Zd{V_ZdJVmo Jh BdmW_{^aj{V g Mm{n o` mXwnmXZmoH$fUgajUe_bJh: gyMr_wIo ZaHo$ {ZnV{V ` h {dmJh nmnnw$f Y_amOnwfm dm`H$m Bd gdVmo@ofw gy̡: n[ad`pV&& 36&&
ZaH$m| H$s {d{^ J{V`m| Ho$ gJ _| amOm nar{jV go lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm --- Bg bmoH$ _| Omo `{$ AnZo H$mo ~S>m YZdmZ g_PH$a A{^_mZ de g~H$mo Q>oT>rZOa go XoIVm h Ama g^r na gXoh aIVm h, YZ Ho$ `` Ama Zme H$s {MVm go {OgHo$ X` Ama _wh gyIo ahVo h, AV: V{ZH$ ^r MZ Z _mZH$a Omo `j Ho$ g_mZ YZ H$s ajm _| hr bJm ahVm h VWm ngm nXm H$aZo, ~T>mZo Ama ~MmZo _| Omo Vah-Vah Ho$ nmn H$aVm h, `h ZamY_ _aZo na gyMr_wI ZaH$ _| {JaVm h& dhm Cg AW-{nemM nmnm_m Ho$ gmao AJm|H$mo `_amO Ho$ XyV X{O`m| Ho$ g_mZ gyB-YmJo go grVo h&& 36&&

one who in this world or this life is very proud of his wealth always thinks, I am so rich. Who can equal me ? His vision is twisted, and he is always afraid that someone will take his wealth. Indeed, he even suspects his superiors. His face and heart dry up at the thought of losing his wealth, and therefore he always looks like a wretched fiend. He is not in any way able to obtain actual happiness, and he does not know what it is to be free from anxiety. Because of the sinful things he does to earn money, augment his wealth and protect it, he is put into the hell called Sucimukha, where the officials of Yamaraja punish him by stitching thread through his entire body like weavers manufacturing cloth. [36]

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