Krishna's Prayer by Kunti


amOm nar{jV Zo nyN>m ---
AYwZoh _hm^mJ `Wd ZaH$ma:&
ZmZmoJ`mVZmo`mm_o `m`mVw_h{g&& 6&&
A~ _ dh Cnm` OmZZm MmhVm h, {OgHo$ AZw>mZ go _Zw`m| H$mo AZoH$mZoH$ ^`H$a `mVZmAm| go nyU ZaH$m| _| Z OmZm nS>o& Amn H$nm H$aHo$ CgH$m CnXoe H$s{O`o&& 6&&


O greatly fortunate and opulent Sukadeva Gosvami, now kindly tell me how human beings may be saved from having to enter hellish conditions in which they suffer terrible pains. [6]

Z Mo{Xhdmn{MqV `Wmhg:
H$V` Hw$`m_ZC{$nm{U{^:&
Ywd g d o` ZaH$mZwn{V
`o H$s{VVm _o ^dVpV_`mVZm:&& 7&&

lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm --- _Zw` _Z, dmUr Ama eara go nmn H$aVm h& `{X dh CZ nmnm|H$m Bgr O_ _| m`pMV Z H$abo, Vmo _aZo Ho$ ~mX Cgo Ad` hr CZ ^`H$a `mVZm nyU ZaH$m| _| OmZm nS>Vm h, {OZH$m dUZ (nmMd| H$Y Ho$ AV _|) gwZm`m h&& 7&&

Sukadeva Gosvami replied : My dear King, if before ones next death whatever impious acts one has performed in this life with his mind, words and body are not counteracted through proper atonement, one will certainly enter the hellish planets after death and undergo terrible suffering, as I have previously described to you. [7]

V_mnwadm{h nmn{ZH$Vm
`VoV _`moa{dnVm_Zm&
Xmof` Q>m JwbmKd `Wm
{^fH$ {M{H$goV Om {ZXmZ{d˟&& 8&&

Bg{b`o ~S>r gmdYmZr Ama gOJVm Ho$ gmW amoJ Ed _`wHo$ nhbo hr erK-go-erK nmnm| H$s JwVm Ama bKwVm na {dMma H$aHo$ CZH$m m`pMV H$a S>mbZm Mm{hE, Ogo __k {M{H$gH$ amoJm| H$m H$maU Ama CZH$s JwVm-bKwVm OmZH$a PQ>nQ> CZH$s {M{H$gm H$a S>mbVm h&& 8&&

Therefore, before ones next death comes, as long as ones body is strong enough, one should quickly adopt the process of atonement according to sastra; otherwise ones time will be lost, and the reactions of his sins will increase. As an expert physician diagnoses and treats a disease according to its gravity, one should undergo atonement according to
the severity of ones sins. [8]

>lwVm`m `nmn OmZ`m_Zmo@{hV&
H$amo{V ^y`mo {dde: m`pMm_Wmo H$W&& 9&&


amOm nar{jV Zo nwZ: nyN>m --- ^JdZ ! _Zw` amOXS>, g_mOXS> Am{X bm{H$H$ Ama emmo$ ZaH$J_Z Am{X nmabm{H$H$ H$>m| go `h OmZH$a ^r {H$ nmn CgH$m ew h, nmn dmgZmAm| go {dde hmoH$a ~ma-~ma dgo hr H$_m] _| dm hmo OmVm h& Eogr AdWm _| CgHo$ nmnm| H$m m`pMV H$go g^d h ?&& 9&&


Maharaja Parikshit said : One may know that sinful activity is injurious for him because he actually sees that a criminal is punished by the government and rebuked by people in general and because he hears from scriptures and learned scholars that one is thrown into hellish conditions in the next life for committing sinful acts. Nevertheless, in spite of such knowledge, one is forced to commit sins again and again, even after performing acts of atonement. Therefore, what is the value of such atonement ? [9]


${M{dVVo@^m˹${Ma{V VnwZ:&
m`pMm_Vmo@nmW _`o Hw$OaemMd˟&& 10&&


_Zw` H$^r Vmo m`pMV Am{X Ho$ mam nmnm| go Nw>Q>H$mam nm boVm h, H$^r {\$a Ch| hr H$aZo bJVm h& Eogr pW{V _| _ g_PVm h {H$ Ogo ZmZ H$aZo Ho$ ~mX Yyb S>mb boZo Ho$ H$maU hmWr H$m ZmZ `W hmo OmVm h, dgo hr _Zw` H$m m`pMV H$aZm ^r `W hr h&& 10&&


Sometimes one who is very alert so as not to commit sinful acts is victimized by sinful life again. I therefore consider this process of repeated sinning and atoning to be useless. It is like the bathing of an elephant, for an elephant cleanses itself by taking a full bath, but then throws dust over its head and body as soon as it returns to the land. [10]

H$_Um H$_{Zhmamo Z m`pVH$ B`Vo&
A{dX{YH$m[admm`pMm {d_eZ&& 11&&
lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm --- dVwV: H$_ Ho$ mam hr H$_ H$m {Z~uO Zme Zht hmoVm; `m|{H$ H$_ H$m A{YH$mar AkmZr h& AkmZ ahVo nmndmgZmE gdWm Zht {_Q> gH$Vt& Bg{b`o gm m`pMV Vmo Vd kmZ hr h&& 11&&


Sukadeva Gosvami, the son of Vedavyasa, answered : My dear King, since acts meant to neutralize impious actions are also fruitive. They will not release one from the tendency to act fruitively. Persons who subject themselves to the rules and regulations of atonement are not at all intelligent. Indeed, they are in the mode of darkness. Unless one is freed from the mode of ignorance, trying to counteract one action through another is useless because this will not uproot ones desires. Thus even though one may superficially seem pious, he will undoubtedly be prone to act impiously. Therefore real atonement is enlightenment in perfect knowledge, Vedanta, by which one understands the Supreme Absolute Truth. [11]


ZmV: n`_odmާ `mY`mo@{^^dpV {h&
Ed {Z`_H$mOZ eZ: jo_m` H$nVo&& 12&&


Omo nwf Ho$db gwn` H$m hr godZ H$aVm h, Cgo amoJ AnZo de _| Zht H$a gH$Vo& dgo hr nar{jV ! Omo nwf {Z`_m| H$m nmbZ H$aVm h, dh Yrao-Yrao nmndmgZmAm| go _w$ hmo H$`mUX VdkmZ m H$aZo _| g_W hmoVm h&& 12&&


My dear King, if a diseased person eats the pure, uncontaminated food prescribed by a physician, he is gradually cured, and the infection of disease can no longer touch him. Similarly, if one follows the regulative principles of knowledge, he gradually progresses toward liberation from material contamination. [12]


mngm ~M`}U e_oZ M X_oZ M&
`mJoZ g`emMm`m `_oZ {Z`_oZ M&& 13&&
Xohdm~w{O Yram Y_km: l`mpdVm:&
{jn`K _hX{n doUwJw_{_dmZb:&& 14&&


Ogo ~mgm| Ho$ Pwa_wQ> _| bJr AmJ ~mgm| H$mo Obm S>mbVr h --- dgo hr Y_k Ama lmdmZ Yra nwf Vn`m, ~M`, Bp`X_Z, _Z H$s pWaVm, XmZ, g`, ~mha-^rVa H$s n{dVm VWm `_ Ed {Z`_ --- BZ Zm gmYZm| go _Z, dmUr Ama eara mam {H$`o J`o ~S>o-go-~S>o nmnm| H$mo ^r Z> H$a XoVo h&& 13-14&&


One must then control the mind and senses, give charity, be truthful, clean and nonviolent, follow the regulative principles and regularly chant the holy name of the Lord. Thus a sober and faithful person who knows the religious principles is temporarily purified of all sins performed with his body, words and mind. These sins are like the dried leaves of creepers beneath a bamboo tree, which may be burned by fire although their roots remain to grow again at the first opportunity. [13-14]


Ho${MHo$db`m ^`m dmgwXodnam`Um:&
AY YwdpV H$m`}Z Zrhma{_d ^mH$a:&& 15&&
^JdmZ H$s eaU_| ahZo dmbo ^$OZ, Omo {~abo hr hmoVo h, Ho$db ^{$ Ho$ mam AnZo gmao nmnm| H$mo Cgr H$ma ^_ H$a XoVo h, Ogo gy` Hw$hao H$mo&& 15&&


Only a rare person who has adopted complete, unalloyed devotional service to Krishna can uproot the weeds of sinful actions with no possibility that they will revive. He can do this simply by discharging devotional service, just as the sun can immediately dissipate fog by its rays. [15]


Z VWm KdmZ amOZ ny`oV VnAm{X{^:&
`Wm H$Um{nVmUVnyf{Zfod`m&& 16&&

nar{jV ! nmnr nwf H$s Ogr ew{ ^JdmZ H$mo Am_ g_nU H$aZo go Ama CZHo$ ^$m| H$m godZ H$aZo go hmoVr h, dgr Vn`m Am{XHo$ mam Zht hmoVr&& 16&&


My dear King, if a sinful person engages in the service of a bonafide devotee of the Lord and thus learns how to dedicate his life unto the lotus feet of Krishna, he can be completely purified. One cannot be purified merely by undergoing austerity, penance, brahmacharya and the other methods of atonement I have previously described. [16]


mm`pMmm{Z MrUm{Z Zmam`UnamwI&
Z {ZnwZpV amOo gwamHw$^{_dmnJm:&& 18&&


nar{jV ! Ogo eam~ go ^ao KS>o H$mo Z{X`m n{d Zht H$a gH$Vt, dgo hr ~S>o-~S>o m`pMV ~ma-~ma {H$`o OmZo na ^r ^Jd{_wI _Zw` H$mo n{d H$aZo _| Ag_W h&& 18&&


My dear King, as a pot containing liquor cannot be purified even if washed in the waters of many rivers, nondevotees cannot be purified by processes of atonement even if they perform them very well. [18]


gH$_Z: H$UnXma{dX`mo-
{Zdo{eV VwUam{J `[ah&
Z Vo `_ nme^VM VQ>mZ
dZo@{n n`pV {h MrU{ZH$Vm:&& 19&&


{Ohm|Zo AnZo ^JdwUmZwamJr _Z-_YwH$a H$mo ^JdmZ lrH$U Ho$ MaUma{dX-_H$aX H$m EH$ ~ma nmZ H$am {X`m, Chm|Zo gmao m`pMV H$a {b`o& do dZ _| ^r `_amO Ama CZHo$ nmeYmar XyVm| H$mo Zht XoIVo& {\$a ZaH$ H$s Vmo ~mV hr `m h&& 19&&


Although not having fully realized Krishna, persons who have even once surrendered completely unto His lotus feet and who have become attracted to His name, form, qualities and pastimes are completely freed of all sinful reactions, for they have thus accepted the true method of atonement. Even in dreams, such surrendered souls do not see Yamaraja or his order carriers, who are equipped with ropes to bind the sinful. [19]


`y` d Y_amO` `{X {ZX}eH$m[aU:&
~yV Y_` ZVd `Y_` bjU&& 38&&


^JdmZ {dUw Ama `_XyVm| Ho$ gdmX Ho$ gX^ _| ^JdmZ Ho$ nmfXm| Zo `_XyVm| go H$hm --- `{X Vw_ bmoJ gM_wM Y_amO Ho$ AmkmH$mar hmo Vmo h_| Y_ H$m bjU Ama Y_ H$m Vd gwZmAmo&& 38&&


The blessed messengers of Lord Visnu, the Visnudutas, said : If you are actually servants of Yamaraja, you must explain to us the meaning of religious principles and the symptoms of irreligion. [38]


H$WpdX {Y`Vo XS>: qH$ dm` WmZ_rpgV&
XS>m: qH$ H$m[aU: gd} AmhmopdH${V{MޥUm&& 39&&


XS> {H$g H$ma {X`m OmVm h ? XS> H$m nm H$mZ h ? _Zw`m| _| g^r nmnmMmar XS>Zr` h AWdm CZ_| go Hw$N> hr ?&& 39&&


What is the process of punishing others ? Who are the actual candidates for punishment ? Are all karmis engaged in fruitive activities punishable, or only some of them ? [39]


doX{U{hVmo Y_m} Y_V{n``:&
doXmo Zmam`U: gmjmd`^y[a{V ewlw_&& 40&&


`_XyVm| Zo H$hm --- doXm| Zo {OZ H$_m] H$m {dYmZ {H$`m h, do Y_ h Ama {OZH$m {ZfoY {H$`m h, do AY_ h& doX d` ^JdmZ Ho$ d$n h&& 40&&


The Yamadutas replied : That which is prescribed in the Vedas constitutes dharma, the religious principles, and the opposite of that is irreligion. The Vedas are directly the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayana, and are self-born. This we have heard from Yamaraja. [40]


gy`m}@{: I _md: gmo_: g`mhZr {Xe:&
H$ Hw$: H$mbmo Y_ B{V moVo X` gm{jU:&& 42&&


Ord eara AWdm _Zmod{m`m| go {OVZo H$_ H$aVm h, CgHo$ gmjr ahVo h --- gy`, A{, AmH$me, dm`w, Bp`m, M_m, g`m, amV, {XZ, {XemE, Ob, ndr, H$mb Ama Y_&& 42&&


The sun, fire, sky, air, demigods, moon, evening, day, night, directions, water, land and Supersoul Himself all witness the activities of the living entity. [42]

EVaY_m} {dkmV: WmZ XS>` `w`Vo&
gd} H$_mZwamoYoZ XS>_hpV H$m[aU:&& 43

BZHo$ mam AY_ H$m nVm Mb OmVm h Ama V~ XS> Ho$ nm H$m {ZU` hmoVm h& nmn H$_ H$aZo dmbo g^r _Zw` AnZo-AnZo H$_m] Ho$ AZwgma XS>Zr` hmoVo h&& 43&&


The candidates for punishment are those who are confirmed by these many witnessesto have deviated from their prescribed regulative duties. Everyone engaged in fruitive activities is suitable to be subjected to punishment according to his sinful acts. [43]


g^dpV {h ^m{U {dnarVm{Z MmZYm:&
H$m[aUm JwUgJmo@pV XohdmZ Z H$_H$˟&& 44&&


{Znmn nwfmo ! Omo mUr H$_ H$aVo h, CZH$m JwUm| go g~Y ahVm hr h& Bgr{b`o g^r go Hw$N> nmn Ama Hw$N> nw` hmoVo hr h Ama XohdmZ hmoH$a H$moB ^r nwf H$_ {H$`o {~Zm ah hr Zht gH$Vm&& 44&&


O inhabitants of Vaikuntha, you are sinless, but those within this material world are all karmis, whether acting piously or impiously. Both kinds of action are possible for them because they are contaminated by the three modes of nature and must act accordingly. One who has accepted a material body cannot be inactive, and sinful action is inevitable for one acting under the modes of material nature. Therefore all the living entities within this material world are punishable. [44]


`oZ `mdmZ `WmY_m} Y_m} doh g_r{hV:&g Ed V\$b ^wLo$ VWm VmdX_w d&& 45&& Bg bmoH$ _| Omo _Zw` {Og H$ma H$m Ama {OVZm AY_ `m Y_ H$aVm h, dh nabmoH$ _| CgH$m CVZm Ama dgm hr \$b ^moJVm h&& 45&&


In proportion to the extent of ones religious or irreligious actions in this life, one must enjoy or suffer the corresponding reactions of his karma in the next. [45]


Z {h H$pMjU_{n OmVw {V>`H$_H$˟&
H$m`Vo de: H$_ JwU: dm^m{dH$dbm˟&& 53&&


H$moB earaYmar Ord {~Zm H$_ {H$`o H$^r EH$ jU ^r Zht ah gH$Vm& `oH$ mUr Ho$ dm^m{dH$ JwU ~bnydH$ {dde H$aHo$ Cggo H$_ H$amVo h&& 53&&


Not a single living entity can remain unengaged even for a moment. One must act by his natural tendency according to the three modes of material nature because this natural tendency forcibly makes him work in a particular way. [53]


bdm {Z{_m_`$ `$m`$ ^d`wV&
`Wm`mo{Z `Wm~rO d^mdoZ ~br`gm&& 54&&

Ord AnZo nydO_m| Ho$ nmn-nw`_` gH$mam| Ho$ AZwgma Wyb Ama gy_ eara m H$aVm h& CgH$s dm^m{dH$ Ed ~b dmgZmE H$^r Cgo _mVm Ho$ --- Ogm (r$n) ~Zm XoVr h, Vmo H$^r {nVm Ho$ --- Ogm (nwf$n)&& 54&&


The fruitive activities a living being performs, whether pious or impious, are the unseen cause for the fulfillment of his desires. This unseen cause is the root for the living entity's different bodies. Because of his intense desire, the living entity takes birth in a particular family and receives a body which is either like that of his mother or like that of his father. The gross and subtle bodies are created according to his desire. [54]



A`m` - 2

^JdmZ Ho$ nmfXm| Zo `_XyVm| go H$hm ---
OmZm {nVamo `o M emVma: gmYd: g_m:&
`{X `mmofw df` H$ `mpV eaU Om:&& 3&&

Omo Om Ho$ ajH$ h, emgH$ h, g_Xeu Ama namonH$mar h --- `{X do hr Om Ho$ {V {df_Vm H$m `dhma H$aZo bJ| Vmo {\$a Om {H$gH$s eaU boJr ?&& 3&&

A king or governmental official should be so well qualified that he acts as a father, maintainer and protector of the citizens because of affection and love. He should give the citizens good advice and instructions according to the standard scriptures and should be equal to everyone. Yamaraja does this, for he is the supreme master of justice, and so do those who follow in his footsteps. However, if such persons become polluted and exhibit partiality by punishing an innocent, blameless person, where will the citizens go to take shelter for their maintenance and security ? [3]

`XmMa{V lo`m{ZVaVmXrhVo&
g `_mU Hw$Vo bmoH$VXZwdVVo&& 4&&

gnwf Ogm AmMaU H$aVo h& gmYmaU bmoJ ^r dgm hr H$aVo h& do AnZo AmMaU Ho$ mam {Og H$_ H$mo Y_mZwHy$b _m{UV H$a XoVo h, bmoJ Cgr H$m AZwH$aU H$aZo bJVo h&& 4&&

The mass of people follow the example of a leader in society and imitate his behavior. They accept as evidence whatever the leader accepts. [4]

ZH$mpVH$ V{ H$Vo@{n {ZH$Vo
_Z: nwZYmd{V MoXgnWo&
VH$_{Zhma_^rgVm hao-
JwUmZwdmX: Ibw gd^mdZ:&& 12&&

`{X m`pMV H$aZo Ho$ ~mX ^r _Z {\$a go Hw$_mJ _| --- nmn H$s Amoa XmS>o, Vmo dh Ma_ gr_m H$m --- nyam-nyam m`pMV Zht h& Bg{b`o Omo bmoJ Eogm m`pMV H$aZm Mmh| {H$ {Oggo nmn H$_m] Ama dmgZmAm| H$s OS> hr CIS> Om`, Ch| ^JdmZ Ho$ JwUm| H$m hr JmZ H$aZm Mm{h`o;`m|{H$ Cggo {Mm gdWm ew hmo OmVm h&& 12&&

The ritualistic ceremonies of atonement recommended in the religious scriptures are insufficient to cleanse the heart absolutely because after atonement ones mind again runs toward material activities. Consequently for one who wants liberation from the fruitive reactions of material activities, the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, or glorification of the name, fame and pastimes of the Lord, is recommended as the most perfect process of atonement because such chanting eradicates the dirt from ones heart completely. [12]

n{VV: I{bVmo ^: gX>V AmhV:&
h[a[a`deoZmh nw_mmh{V `mVZm:&& 15&&

Omo _Zw` {JaVo g_`, na {\$gbVo g_`, AJ-^J hmoVo g_` Ama gmn Ho$ S>gVo, AmJ _| ObVo VWm MmoQ> bJVo g_` ^r {ddeVm go "h[a-h[a' H$h H$a ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ H$m CmaU H$a boVm h, dh `_-`mVZm H$m nm Zht ah OmVm&& 15&&

If one chants the holy name of Hari and then dies because of an accidental misfortune, such as falling from the top of a house, slipping and suffering broken bones while travelling on the road, being bitten by a serpent, being afflicted with pain and high fever, or being injured by a weapon, one is immediately absolved from having to enter hellish life, even though he is sinful. [15]

AkmZmXWdm kmZmXwm_bmoH$Zm_ `˟&
g>r{VV_K nwgmo XhoXoYmo `WmZb:&& 18&&

Ogo OmZo `m AZOmZo _| BYZ go A{H$m ne hmo Om` Vmo dh ^_ hmo hr OmVm h, dgo hr OmZ-~yP H$a `m AZOmZ _| ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_m| H$m gH$sVZ H$aZo go _Zw` Ho$ gmao nmn ^_ hmo OmVo h&& 18&&
As a fire burns dry grass to ashes, so the holy name of the Lord, whether chanted knowingly or unknowingly, burns to ashes, without fail, all the reactions of ones sinful activities. [18]

em _| H$hm h---"{OgZo "h[a'---`o Xmo Aja EH$~ma ^r CmaU H$a {b`o, CgZo _moj m H$aZo Ho$ {b`o n[aH$a ~mY {b`m, \|$Q> H$g br' Bg dMZ go `h {g hmoVm h {H$ ^Jdm_ _moj H$m ^r gmYZ h& _moj Ho$ gmW-hr-gmW `h Y_, AW Ama H$m_ H$m ^r gmYZ h; `m|{H$ Eogo AZoH$ _mU {_bVo h, {OZ_| {dJ-{g{H$m ^r Zm_ hr H$maU ~Vbm`m J`m h-

Z JJm Z J`mgoVwZ H$mer Z M nwH$a&
{OmJo dVVo `` h[a[a`ja`&&
F$doXmo@W `Owd}X: gm_doXmo mWdU:&
AYrVmVoZ `oZmo$ h[a[a`ja`&&
A_oYm{X{^`kZa_oY: gX{jU:&
`{OV VoZ `oZmo$ h[a[a`ja`&&
mU`mU nmWo` ggma`m{Y^ofO&
Xw:Iboe n[amU h[a[a`ja`&&

"{OgH$s {Om Ho$ ZmoH$na "

h[a' `o Xmo Aja ~gVo h, Cgo JJm, J`m, goVw~Y, H$mer Ama nwH$a H$s H$moB Amd`H$Vm Zht, AWmV CZH$s `mm, ZmZ Am{XH$m \$b ^Jdm_ go hr {_b OmVm h& {OgZo "h[a' BZ Xmo Ajam| H$m CmaU H$a {b`m, CgZo F$JdoX, `Owd}X, gm_doX Ama AWddoX H$m A``Z H$a {b`m& {OgZo "h[a' `o Xmo Aja CmaU {H$`o, CgZo X{jUm Ho$ g{hV A_oY Am{X `km|Ho$ mam `OZ H$a {b`m& "h[a' `o Xmo Aja _`w Ho$ nMmV nabmoH$ Ho$ _mJ _| `mU H$aZo dmbo mUm| Ho$ {b`o nmWo` (_mJ Ho$ {b`o ^moOZ H$s gm_Jr) h, ggma$n amoJ Ho$ {b`o {g AmfY h Ama OrdZ Ho$ Xw:I Ama boem| Ho$ {b`o n[amU h'&
"~mU, j{`, d`, r, ey A`O Am{X Ohm-Vhm {dUw ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ H$m AZwH$sVZ H$aVo ahVo h, do ^r g_V nmnm| go _w$ hmoH$a gZmVZ na_m_m H$mo m hmoVo h'&
Zm_-gH$sVZ _|
"Xoe H$mb H$m {Z`_ Zht h, emM-AemM Am{X H$m {ZU` H$aZo H$s ^r Amd`H$Vm Zht h& Ho$db "

am_-am_' `h gH$sVZ _mgo Ord _w$ hmo OmVm h& ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ H$m gH$sVZ H$aZo _| Z Xoe H$m {Z`_ h Ama Z Vmo H$mb H$m& Bg_| H$moB gXoh Zht& amOZ ! `k, XmZ, VrWWmZ AWdm {d{YnydH$ On Ho$ {b`o ew H$mb H$s Anojm h, naVw ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ Ho$ Bg gH$sVZ _| H$mb-ew{ H$s H$moB Amd`H$Vm Zht h& MbVo-{\$aVo, IS>o ahVo-gmoVo, ImVo-nrVo Ama On H$aVo hE ^r "H$U-H$U' Eogm gH$sVZ H$aHo$ _Zw` nmnHo$ H|$Mwb go Ny>Q> OmVm h& An{d hmo `m n{d --- g^r AdWmAm| _| (Mmho {H$gr ^r AdWm _|) Omo H$_b-Z`Z ^JdmZ H$m _aU H$aVm h, dh ~mha-^rVa n{d hmo OmVm h'&

lr_mJdV _| hr `h ~mV AmVr h {H$ g``wJ _| `mZ go, oVm _| `k go Ama mna _| AMm-nyOm go Omo \$b {_bVm h, H${b`wJ _| dh Ho$db ^Jdm_ go {_bVm h& Ama ^r h {H$ H${b`wJ Xmofm| H$m {Z{Y h, naVw Bg_| _hmZ JwU `h h {H$ lrH$U-gH$sVZ go hr Ord ~YZ _w$ hmoH$a na_m_m H$mo m H$a boVm h&

ZmV: na H$_{Z~YH$VZ
_w_wjVm VrWnXmZwH$sVZm˟&
Z `nwZ: H$_gw gmVo _Zmo
aOV_mo`m H${bb VVmo@`Wm&& 46&&

amOm nar{jV go AOm{_b H$m CXmhaU XoVo hE {H$ do {H$g H$ma "Zm_' Ho$ CmaU go VH$mb nmn-_w$ hmo J`o, lr ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm --- "Omo bmoJ Bg ggma-~YZ go _w$ hmoZm MmhVo h, CZHo$ {b`o AnZo MaUm| Ho$ ne go VrWm] H$mo ^r VrW ~ZmZo dmbo ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ go ~T>H$a Ama H$moB gmYZ Zht h; `m|{H$ Zm_ H$m Aml` boZo go _Zw` H$m _Z {\$a H$_ Ho$ nMS>m| _| Zht nS>Vm& ^Jdm_ Ho$ A{V[a$ Ama {H$gr m`pMV H$m Aml` boZo na _Z aOmoJwU Ama V_moJwU go JV hr ahVm h VWm nmnm| H$m nyam-nyam Zme ^r Zht hmoVm&& 46&&

Therefore one who desires freedom from material bondage should adopt the process of chanting and glorifying the name, fame , form and pastimes of the supreme personality of God head, at whose feet all the holy places stand. one can not drive the proper benefit from other methods, such as pious atonement, speculative knowledge and meditation in mystic yoga, because even after following such methods one takes to fruitive activities again, unable to control his mind, which is contaminated by the base qualities of nature, namely passion and ignorance. [46]

{_`_mUmo haoZm_ JUZ nwmonMm[aV&
AOm{_bmo@`Jmm_ qH$ nwZ: l`m JUݟ&& 49&&
nar{jV ! XoImo --- AOm{_b --- Ogo nmnr Zo _`wHo$ g_` nwHo$ ~hmZo ^JdmZ Ho$ Zm_ H$m CmaU {H$`m ! Cgo ^r dHw$R> H$s m{ hmo J`r ! {\$a Omo bmoJ lm Ho$ gmW ^Jdm_ H$m CmaU H$aVo h, CZH$s Vmo ~mV hr `m h&& 49&&

While suffering at the time of death, Ajamila chanted the holy name of the Lord, and although the chanting was directed toward his son, he nevertheless returned home, back to Godhead. Therefore if one faithfully and inoffensively chants the holy name of the Lord, where is the doubt that he will return to Godhead ? [49]


A`m` - 3
lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h {H$ XyVm| H$mo g~mo{YV H$aVo hE Xod {eamo_{U Om Ho$ emgH$ ^JdmZ `_amO Zo H$hm ---

` d Z Jmo{^_Zgmgw{^dm
Xm {Jam dmgw^Vmo {dMjVo&
Am_mZ_V{X gV_m_Zm
Mjw`WdmH$V`VV: na&& 16&&

{Og H$ma KQ>, nQ> Am{X $ndmZ nXmW AnZo H$meH$ Zo H$mo Zht XoI gH$Vo --- dgo hr AV:H$aU _| AnZo gmjr$n go pWV na_m_m H$mo H$moB ^r mUr Bp`, _Z, mU, X` `m dmUr Am{X {H$gr ^r gmYZ Ho$ mam Zht OmZ gH$Vm&& 16&&(`_amO Zo) H$hm --- AmO _oao XyVm| Zo ^JdmZ Ho$ nmfXm| H$m An_mZ H$aHo$ d` ^JdmZ H$m hr {VaH$ma {H$`m h& `h _oam hr AnamY h& nwamU-nwf ^JdmZ Zmam`U h_bmoJm| H$m `h AnamY j_m H$a|&& 30&&

O my Lord, my servants have surely committed a great offense by arresting a Vaisnava such as Ajamila. O Narayana, O supreme and oldest person, please forgive us. Because of our ignorance, we failed to recognize Ajamila as a servant of Your Lordship, and thus we have certainly committed a great offense. Therefore with folded hands we beg Your pardon. [30]


A`m` - 4
amOm mMrZ~{h Ho$ Xg bS>Ho$ --- {OZHo$ Zm_ MoVm Wo --- O~ g_w go ~mha {ZH$bo, V~ Chm|Zo XoIm {H$ h_mao {nVm Ho$ {Zd{m nam`U hmo OmZo go gmar ndr noS>m| go {Ka J`r h& MoVmAm| H$mo djm| na ~S>m H$moY Am`m& Chm|Zo djm| H$mo Obm S>mbZo Ho$ {b`o AnZo _wI go dm`w Ama A{ H$s g{> H$s& O~ MoVmAm| H$s N>moS>r hB A{ Ama dm`w CZ djm| H$mo ObmZo bJr, V~ djm| Ho$ amOm{YamO M_m Zo CZH$m H$moY emV H$aVo hE g_Pm`m ---
Aާ MamUm_Mam nX: nmXMm[aUm&
AhVm hV`w$mZm {nXm M D$Q> Am{X IoVr ^{V Ho$ mam A H$s Cn{m _| ghm`H$ h&& 9&&


By natures arrangement, fruits and flowers are considered the food of insects and birds; grass and other legless living entities are meant to be the food of four-legged animals like cows and buffalo; animals that cannot use their front legs as hands are meant to be the food of animals like tigers, which have claws; and four-legged animals like deer and goats, as well as food grains, are meant to be the food of human beings. [9]

`y` M {nmdm{X>m XodXodoZ MmZKm:&
OmgJm` {h H$W djmZ {ZXYw_hW&& 10&&
{Znmn MoVmAmo ! AmnHo$ {nVm Ama

{^jyUm JkmZm ~wY: gw˟&& 12&&
Ogo _m-~mn ~mbH$m| H$s, nbH|$ Zom| H$s, n{V nZr H$s, JhW {^jwH$m| H$s Ama kmZr Akm{Z`m| H$s ajm H$aVo h Ama CZH$m {hV MmhVo h --- dgo hr Om H$s ajm Ama {hVH$m CmaXm`r amOm hmoVm h&& 12&&

As the father and mother are the friends and maintainers of their children, as the eyelid is the protector of the eye, as the husband is the maintainer and protector of a woman, as the householder is the maintainer and protector of beggars, and as the learned

One who inquires into self-realization and thus subdues his powerful angerwhich awakens suddenly in the body as if falling from the sky transcends the influence of the modes of material nature. [14]



AmMm`m} ~Umo _y{V: {nVm _y{V: OmnVo:&
^mVm _nVo_y{V_mVm gmjmV {jVoVZw:&& 29&&
X`m`m ^{JZr _y{VY_`m_m{V{W: d`&
Aoa`mJVmo _y{V: gd^yVm{Z Mm_Z:&& 30&&

XodVmAm| Zo H$hm --- AmMm` doX H$s, {nVm ~mOr H$s, ^mB BOr H$s Ama _mVm gmjmV ndr H$s _y{V hmoVr h&
(Bgr H$ma) ~{hZ X`m H$s, A{V{W Y_ H$s, A`mJV A{ H$s Ama OJV Ho$ g^r mUr AnZo Am_m H$s hr _y{V --- Am_d$n hmoVo h&& 29-30&&

The acharya, the spiritual master who teaches all the Vedic knowledge and gives initiation by offering the sacred thread, is the personification of all the Vedas. Similarly, a father personifies Lord Brahma; a brother, King Indra; a mother, the planet earth; and a sister, mercy. A guest personifies religious principles, and invited guest personifies the demigod Agni, and all living entities personify Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. [30]

Z Jh`pV W}fw `{d>mL`{^dmXZ&
N>Xmo`mo@` Z ~Z d`mo `R>` H$maU&& 33&&
({\$a) Amd`H$Vm nS>Zo na AnZo go N>moQ>m| H$m na Ny>Zm ^r {ZXZr` Zht h& doX kmZ H$mo N>moS> H$a Ho$db AdWm ~S>nZ H$m H$maU ^r Zht h&& 33&&

Except in relationship to Vedic mantras, seniority is determined by age, but one may offer respectful obeisances even to a younger person who is advanced in chanting Vedic mantras. Therefore although you are junior in relationship to us, you may become our priest without hesitation. [33]


A`m` - 9
lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h {H$ XodVmAm| Zo ^JdmZ H$s Vw{V H$aVo hE H$hm ---
Z {h {damoY C^` ^Jd`n[aJ{UVJwUJUo Bao@Zd-Jm_mhm`o@dmMrZ{dH$n{dVH${dMma_mUm^m-gHw$VH$emH${bbmV:H$aUml`XwadJhdm{XZm {ddmXmZdga CnaVg_V_m`m_`o Ho$db Edm_-_m`m_VYm` H$mo dWm} XwKQ> Bd ^d{V d$n`m^mdm˟&& 36&&
AmYw{ZH$ bmoJ AZoH$m| H$ma Ho$ {dH$n, {dVH$, {dMma, PyR>o _mU Ama Hw$VH$nyU emm| H$m A``Z H$aHo$ AnZo X` H$mo Xy{fV H$a boVo h Ama `hr H$maU h {H$ do XwamJhr hmo OmVo h&& 36&&

Many modern theologians argue about right and wrong without knowing what is actually right. Their arguments are always false and their judgments inconclusive because they
have no authorized evidence with which to gain knowledge of You. Because their minds are agitated by scriptures containing false conclusions, they are unable to understand the truth concerning You. [36]

rVmo@h d: gwalo>m _XwnWmZ{d`m&
Am_`_{V: nwgm ^{$Md ``m _{`&& 47&&
amOm nar{jV go lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h {H$ O~ XodVmAm| Zo ~S>o AmXa Ho$ gmW ^JdmZ H$m VdZ {H$`m V~ g hmoH$a lr ^JdmZ Zo H$hm --- lo> XodVmAm| ! Vw_ bmoJm| Zo Vw{V`w$ kmZ go _oar CnmgZm H$s h, Bggo _ Vw_bmoJm| na g h& Bg Vw{V Ho$ mam Ordm| H$mo AnZo dmV{dH$ d$n H$s _{V Ama _oar ^{$ m hmoVr h&& 47&&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said : O beloved demigods, you have offered your prayers to Me with great knowledge, and I am certainly most pleased with you. A person is liberated by such knowledge, and thus he remembers My exalted position, which is above the conditions of material life. Such a devotee is fully purified by offering prayers in full knowledge. This is the source of devotional service to Me. [47]

qH$ Xwamn _{` rVo VWm{n {d~wYf^m:&
_`oH$mV_{VZm`_mmodmN>{V Vd{d˟&& 48&&
Xod{eamo_{U`m| ! _oao g hmo OmZo na H$moB ^r dVw Xwb^ Zht ah OmVr& VWm{n _oao AZ` o_r VddoVm ^$ _wPgo _oao A{V[a$ Ama Hw$N> ^r Zht MmhVo&& 48&&

O best of the intelligent demigods, although it is true that nothing is difficult for one to obtain when I am pleased with him, a pure devotee, whose mind is exclusively fixed upon Me, does not ask Me for anything but the opportunity to engage in devotional service. [48]



A`m` - 10

dmgwa H$s goZm H$mo nam{OV H$aZo Ho$ {b`o lrh[a Ho$ AmXoemZwgma XodVmbmoJ (Bg{hV) CXma {eamo_{U AWddoXr XYr{M F${f go eara XmZ H$s `mMZm H$aVo hE H$hVo h ---

ZZw dmWnamo bmoH$mo Z doX nagH$Q>&
`{X doX Z `mMoV Zo{V Zmh `Xra:&& 6&&

^JdZ ! Bg_| gXoh Zht {H$ _mJZo dmbo bmoJ dmWu hmoVo h& CZ_| XoZodmbm| H$s H${R>ZmB H$m {dMma H$aZo H$s ~w{ Zht hmoVr& `{X CZ_| BVZr g_P hmoVr Vmo _mJVo hr `m|& XodJUofw X`:&

H$UmZwHy$bofw `Wm _hgw
jwС: `w$m eVr $jdmM:&& 28&&

X`bmoJ XodVmAm| H$mo nam{OV H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Omo-Omo `Z H$aVo, do g~-Ho$-g~ {Z\$b hmo OmVo --- R>rH$ dgo hr, Ogo ^JdmZ lrH$U Ho$ mam gwa{jV ^$m| na jw _Zw`m| Ho$ H$R>moa Ama A_Jb_` XwdMZm| H$m
H$moB ^md Zht nS>Vm&& 28&&

When insignificant persons use rough words to cast false, angry accusations against saintly persons, their fruitless words do not disturb the great personalities. Similarly, all the efforts of the demons against the demigods, who were favourably situated under the protection of Krishna, were futile. [28]

OmV` _`wYwd Ef gdV:
{V{H$`m `` Z Moh bm&
bmoH$mo `eMmW VVmo `{X _w
H$mo Zm_ _`w Z dUrV `w$&& 32&&
dmgwa Zo AnZm`oJm&& 32&&

Vitrasura said : All living entities who have taken birth in this material world must die. Surely, no one in this world has found any means to be saved from death. Even providence has not provided a means to escape it. Under the circumstances, death being inevitable, if one can gain promotion to the higher planetary systems and he always celebrated here by dying a suitable death, what man will not accept such a glorious death ? [32]

m g_Vm{dh _`y Xwamnm
`X ~gYmaU`m {OVmgw:&
H$boda `moJaVmo {dOmX
&& 33&&

ggma _| Xmo H$ma H$s _`w na_ Xwb^ Ama lo> _mZr J`r h --- EH$ Vmo `moJr nwf H$m AnZo mUm| H$mo de_| H$aHo$ ~-{MVZ Ho$ mam earaH$m n[a`mJ Ama Xygam `w^y{_ _| goZmHo$ AmJo ahH$a {~Zm nrR> {XIm`o OyP _aZm (Vw_ bmoJ ^bm, Eogm ew^ Adga `m| Imo aho hmo)&& 33&&

There are two ways to meet a glorious death, and both are very rare. One is to die after performing mystic yoga, especially bhakti-yoga, by which one can control the mind and living force and die absorbed in thought of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The second is to die on the battlefield, leading the army and never showing ones back. These two kinds of death are recommended in the sastra as glorious. [33]




O Indra, King of heaven, the thunderbolt you carry to kill me has been empowered by the prowess of Lord Vishnu and the strength of Dadhicis austerities. Since you have come here to kill me in accordance with Lord Vishnus order, there is no doubt that I shall be killed by the release of your thunderbolt. Lord Vishnu has sided with you. Therefore your victory, opulence and all good qualities are assured. [20]


A`m` - 13

lr ewH$XodOr amOm nar{jV go H$hVo h---
V`o: _mghV Vmn {Zd{VZm_w_m{de˟&
r_V dm`Vm m gwI``{n Zmo JwUm:&& 11&&

XodamO B Zo dmgwa H$m dY Vmo H$a {X`m {H$Vw ~h`m Ho$ AnamY~moY go nr{S>V Ama ~oMZ hmoZo bJo& gM h, O~ {H$gr gH$moMr gmZ na H$bH$ bJ OmVm h, V~ CgHo$ Y` Am{X JwU ^r Cgo gwIr Zht H$a nmVo&& 11&&

Following the advice of the demigods, Indra killed Vitrasura, and he suffered because of this sinful killing. Although the other demigods were happy, he could not derive happiness from the killing of Vitrasura. Indras other good qualities, such as tolerance and opulence, could not help him in his grief. [11]


A`m` - 14

lr ewH$XodOr Zo amOm nar{jV go _hmamOm {MHo$Vw Ho$ OrdZ-gJ H$m CoI {H$`m& A{Jam F${f Zo g~ Hw$N> ahVo hE AgVw> ahZodmbo amOm {MHo$Vw H$mo g~mo{YV H$aVo hE H$hm ---
``m_mZwdeMo`mgd} VeJm B_o&
bmoH$m: gnmbm `N>pV gd} ~{b_VpVm:&& 20&&
gr ~mV Vmo `h h {H$ {OgH$m _Z AnZo de _| h, CgHo$ `o g^r (am{Z`m, Om, _r, godH$, A_m`, Xoedmgr Ama ZmJ[aH$) de _| hmoVo h& BVZm hr Zht, g^r bmoH$ Ama bmoH$nmb ^r ~S>r gmdYmZr go Cgo ^|Q> XoH$a CgH$s gVm MmhVo h&& 20&&

If the kings mind is fully controlled, all his family members and governmental officers are subordinate to him. His provincial governors present taxes on time, without resistance, and what to speak of lesser servants ? [20]


A`m` - 15
lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h --- nar{jV ! nw H$s _`w go emoH$gV amOm {MHo$Vw H$mo _h{f A{Jam Ama Xod{f ZmaX Or gwXa C{$`m| go g_PmVo h ---
`Wm YmZmgw d YmZm ^dpV Z ^dpV M&
Ed ^yVofw ^yVm{Z Mmo{XVmZre_m``m&& 4&&
amOZ ! Ogo Hw$N> ~rOm| go Xygao ~rO Cn hmoVo Ama Z> hmo OmVo h, dgo hr ^JdmZ H$s _m`m go o[aV hmoH$a m{U`m| go A` mUr Cn hmoVo Ama Z> hmo OmVo h&& 4&

When seeds are shown in the ground, they sometimes grow into plants and sometimes do not. Sometimes the ground is not fertile, and the sowing of seeds in unproductive. Similarly , sometimes a prospective father, being impelled by the potency of the Supreme Lord, can be get a child, but sometimes conception does not take place. Therefore one should not lament over the artificial relationship of parenthood, which is ultimately controlled by the Supreme Lord.[4]



A`m` - 16
lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h --- nar{jV ! {dmYam| H$m AIS> Am{Yn` m H$aZo Ho$ ~mX amOm {MHo$Vw Zo Am{Xnwf ^JdmZ eofOr H$s Vw{V H$aVo hE H$hm ---
H$m_{Y`d{` a{MVm Z na_ amohpV `Wm H$a^~rOm{Z&
JwUJUVmo@` Ombm{Z&& 39&&
na_m_Z ! Amn kmZd$n Ama {ZJwU h& Bg{b`o AmnHo$ {V H$s hB gH$m_ ^mdZm ^r A`m` H$_m] Ho$ g_mZ O_-_`w $n \$b XoZo dmbr Zht hmoVr, Ogo ^wZo hE ~rOm| go AHw$a Zht CJVo& `m|{H$ OrdH$mo Omo gwI-Xw:Im{X m hmoVo h, do gdm{X JwUm| go hr hmoVo h& {ZJwU go Zht&& 39&&

O Supreme Lord, if persons obsessed with material desires for sense gratification through material opulence worship You, who are the source of all knowledge and are transcendental to material qualities, they are not subject to material rebirth, just as sterilized or fried seeds do not produce plants. Living entities are subjected to the repetition of birth and death because they are conditioned by material nature, but since You are transcendental, one who is inclined to associate with You in transcendence escapes the conditions of material nature. [39]

{df__{VZ ` ZUm
d_h{_{V __ Vdo{V M `X`̟&
a{MVmo `:
g {dew: j{`UwaY_~hb:&& 41&&
`h ^mJdV Y_ BVZm ew h {H$ Cg_| gH$m_ Y_m] Ho$ g_mZ _Zw`m| H$s dh {df_ ~w{ Zht hmoVr {H$
`h _ h, `h _oam h, `h Vy h Ama `h Voam h&' BgHo$ {dnarV {Og Y_ Ho$ _yb _| hr {df_Vm H$m ~rO ~mo {X`m OmVm h, dh Vmo Aew, ZmedmZ Ama AY_~hb hmoVm h&& 41&&

Being full of contradictions, all forms of religion but bhagavata-dharma work under conceptions of fruitive results and distinctions of yours and mine. The followers of Srimad-Bhagavatam have no such consciousness. They are all Krishna conscious, thinking that they are Krishnas and Krishna is theirs. There are other, low-class religious systems, which are contemplated for the killing of enemies or the gain of mystic power, but such religious systems, being full of passion and envy, are impure and temporary. Because they are full of envy, they are full of irreligion. [41]

H$: jo_mo {ZOna`mo:
{H$`mZW: dnawhm Y_}U&
dmohmmd H$mon:
nagnrS>`m M VWmY_:&& 42&&
gH$m_ Y_ AnZm Ama Xygao H$m ^r A{hV H$aZodmbm h& Cggo AnZm `m nam`m {H$gr H$m H$moB ^r `moOZ Ama {hV {g Zht hmoVm& `wV gH$m_ Y_ go O~ AZw>mZ H$aZodmbo H$m {Mm XwIVm h, V~ Amn > hmoVo h Ama O~ Xygao H$m {Mm XwIVm h, V~ dh Y_ Zht ahVm--- AY_ hmo OmVm h&& 42&&

How can a religious system that produces envy of ones self and of others be beneficial for oneself and for them ? What is auspicious about following such a system ? What is actually to be gained ? By causing pain to ones own self due to self-envy and by causing pain to others, one arouses your anger and practices irreligion. [42]

Z `{^M[aV Vdojm
``m {^{hVmo ^mJdVmo Y_:&
dnWpY`mo `_wnmgVo dm`m:&& 43&&
^JdZ ! AmnZo {Og {> go ^mJdV Y_ H$m {Z$nU {H$`m h, dh H$^r na_mW go {dM{bV Zht hmoVr&& 43&&

My dear Lord, ones occupational duty is instructed in Srimad-Bhagavatam according to Your point of view, which never deviates from the highest goal of life. [43]

Ah d gd^yVm{Z ^yVm_m ^yV^mdZ:&
eX~ na ~ __mo^o emVr VZy&& 51&&

amOm {MHo$Vw H$s Vw{V go g hmoH$a lr ^JdmZ Zo H$hm --- {MHo$Vmo ! _ hr g_V m{U`m| Ho$ $n _| h, _ hr CZH$m Am_m h Ama _ hr nmbZH$Vm ^r h& eX~ (doX) Ama na~ XmoZm| hr _oao gZmVZ $n h&& 51&&

All living entities, moving and nonmoving, are My expansions and are separate from Me. I am the Supersoul of all living beings, who exist because I manifest them. I am the form of the transcendental vibrations like omkara and Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, and I am the Supreme Absolute Truth. [51]

`XoV{_V nwgmo _md {^_m_Z:&
VV: ggma EV` Xohmohmo _Vo_{V:&& 57&&

O~ Ord _oao d$n H$mo ^yb OmVm h, V~ dh AnZo H$mo AbJ _mZ ~R>Vm h; Bgr go Cgo ggma Ho$ M$a _| nS>Zm nS>Vm h Ama O_-na-O_ VWm _`w-na-_`w m hmoVr h&& 57&&

When a living entity, thinking himself different from Me, forgets his spiritual identity of qualitative oneness with Me in eternity, knowledge and bliss, his material, conditional life begins. In this way, by the influence of his actions, one body comes from another, and after one death, another death takes place. [57]

bdoh _mZwft `moqZ kmZ{dkmZg^dm&
Am_mZ `mo Z ~w`oV Z ${MV j__mZw`m˟&& 58&&

`h _Zw``mo{Z kmZ Ama {dkmZ H$m _yb moV h& Omo Bgo nmH$a ^r AnZo Am_d$n na_m_mH$mo Zht OmZ boVm, Cgo H$ht {H$gr ^r `mo{Z _| empV Zht {_b gH$Vr&& 58&&

A man who obtains birth in such a convenient position but does not understand his self is unable to achieve the highest perfection, even if he is exalted to life in the higher planetary systems. [58]

_dohm`m n[aboe VV: \$b{dn``&
A^` Mm`Zrhm`m g>nm{a_oH${d:&& 59&&

H$_m] go {Zdm hmo OmZo _| {H$gr H$ma H$m ^` Zht h --- `h gmoM H$a ~w{_mZ nwf H$mo Mm{h`o {H$ {H$gr H$ma Ho$ H$_ AWdm CZHo$ \$bm| H$m gH$n Z H$ao&& 59&&

Remembering the great trouble found in the field of activities performed for fruitive results, and remembering how one receives the reverse of the results one desires whether from material actions or from the fruitive activities recommended in the Vedic literatures an intelligent man should cease from the desire for fruitive actions, for by such endeavors one cannot achieve the ultimate goal of life. [59]

>lwVm{^_mm{j{Z_w$: doZ VoOgm&
kmZ{dkmZgVw>mo _غ$: nwfmo ^do˟&& 62&&

`h OmZH$a Bg bmoH$ _| XoIo Ama nabmoH$ Ho$ gwZo hE {df`-^moJm| go {ddoH$ ~w{ Ho$ mam AnZm {nS> Nw>S>m bo Ama kmZ VWm {dkmZ _| hr gVw> ah H$a _oam ^$ hmo Om`&& 62&&

One should further understand that the spirit soul, although very difficult for the materialist to perceive, is above all these conditions, and by the strength of ones discrimination, one should give up the desire for fruitive results in the present life and in the next. Thus becoming experienced in transcendental knowledge, one should become My devotee. [62]

EVmdmZod _ZwO`m}JZnwU~w{{^:&
dmW: gdm_Zm ko`mo `nam_H$XeZ&& 63&&

Omo bmoJ `moJ_mJ H$m Vd g_PZo _| {ZnwU h, CZH$mo ^br^m{V g_P boZm Mm{h`o {H$ OrdZ H$m g~go ~S>m dmW Ama na_mW Ho$db BVZm hr h {H$ dh ~ Ama Am_m H$s EH$Vm H$m AZw^d H$a bo&& 63&&

Persons who try to reach the ultimate goal of life must expertly observe the Supreme Absolute Person and the living entity, who are one in quality in their relationship as part and whole. This is the ultimate understanding of life. There is no better truth than this. [63]


A`m` - 17

^JdmZ eH$a Ho$ {d {H$`o J`o H$Q>mj go H$mo{YV hmoH$a amOm {MHo$Vw H$mo nmdVr Or Zo Agwa`mo{Z _| Mbo OmZo H$m emn {X`m V~ {MHo$Vw Zo emn drH$ma H$aVo hE H$hm ---
Zdm_m Z naMm{n H$Vm `mV gwIXwI`mo:&
H$Vma _`Vo@mk Am_mZ na_od M&& 19&&
_mVm nmdVrOr ! gwI Ama Xw:I H$mo XoZodmbm Z Vmo AnZr Am_m h Ama Z H$moB Xygam& Omo AkmZr h, do hr AnZo H$mo AWdm Xygao H$mo gwI-Xw:I H$m H$Vm _mZm H$aVo h&& 19&&

In this material world, neither the living entity himself nor others [friends and enemies] are the cause of material happiness and distress. But because of gross ignorance, the living entity thinks that he and others are the cause. [19]

dmgwXodo ^Jd{V ^{$_whVm ZUm&
kmZdam`dr`mUm Zoh H$pMX `nml`:&& 31&&
{OZHo$ nmg kmZ Ama dam` H$m ~b h Ama Omo ^JdmZ dmgwXod Ho$ MaUm| _| ^{$^md aIVo h, CZHo$ {b`o Bg OJV _| Eogr H$moB ^r dVw Zht h, {Ogo do ho` `m CnmXo` g_PH$a amJ-of H$a|&& 31&&

Persons engaged in devotional service to Lord Vasudeva, Krishna, have naturally perfect knowledge and detachment from this material world. Therefore such devotees are not interested in the so-called happiness or so-called distress of this world. [31]

Z `mpV {`: H$pMm{`: d: namo@{n dm&
Am_dmgd^yVmZm gd^yV{`mo h[a:&& 33&&
^JdmZ H$mo Z H$moB {` h Ama Z A{`& CZH$m Z H$moB AnZm h Ama Z nam`m& do g^r m{U`m| Ho$ Am_m h, Bgr{b`o g^r m{U`m| Ho$ {`V_ h&& 33&&

He holds no one as very dear and no one as inimical. He has no one for His own relative, and no one is alien to Him. He is actually the soul of the soul of all living entities. Thus He is the auspicious friend of all living beings and is very near and dear to all of them. [33]



A`m` - 18

^JdmZ {dUw Zo B H$m nj boH$a {X{V Ho$ XmoZm| nw {ha`H${enw Ama {ha`mj H$mo _ma S>mbm& Bg na {X{V B go {VemoY boZo Ho$ {b`o Cnm` gmoMZo bJr& AnZo n{V H$`n H$s godm-ewlwfm H$aHo$ AnZr BN>m ny{V (gj_ nw H$s m{) H$amZo H$s drH${V CZgo bo br& Bg ah` H$s Amoa gHo$V H$aVo hE lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h ---
{dbmo`H$mV^yVm{Z ^yVm`mXm Omn{V:&
{` MHo$ dXohmY ``m nwgm _{VVm&& 30&&

g{> Ho$ ^mV_| ~mOr Zo XoIm {H$ g^r Ord AgJ hmo aho h, V~ Chm|Zo AnZo AmYo eara go {`m| H$s aMZm H$s& Ama {`m|Zo nwfm| H$s _{V AnZr Amoa AmH${fV H$a br&& 30&&

In the beginning of creation, Lord Brahma, the father of the living entities of the universe, saw that all the living entities were unattached. To increase population, he then created woman from the better half of mans body, for womans behavior carries away a mans mind. [30]

H$mo H$mZ OmZVm h& BZH$m _wh Vmo Eogm hmoVm h Ogo eaX F$VwH$m {Ibm hAm H$_b& ~mV| gwZZo _| Eogr _rR>r hmoVr h, _mZmo A_V Kmob aIm hmo& naVw X`, dh Vmo BVZm VrIm hmoVm h {H$ _mZmo Ny>ao H$s nZr Yma hmo&& 41&&

A womans face is as attractive and beautiful as a blossoming lotus flower during autumn. Her words are very sweet, and they give pleasure to the ear, but if we study a womans heart, we can understand it to be extremely sharp, like the blade of a razor. In these circumstances, who could understand the dealings of a woman ? [41]



A`m` - 19

lrewH$Xod Or dV H$s {d{Y Ho$ gJ _| H$hVo h ---
H$V_oH$VaoUm{n Xn`mo^`moa{n&
n˳`m Hw$`mXZhm`m n{VaoVV g_m{hV:&& 18&&
nar{jV ! n{V-nZr _| go EH$ ^r H$moB H$m_ H$aVm h, Vmo CgH$m \$b XmoZm| H$mo hmoVm h& Bg{b`o `{X nZr (aOmoY_ Am{X Ho$ g_`) `h dV H$aZo Ho$ A`mo` hmo Om` Vmo ~S>r EH$mJVm Ama gmdYmZr go n{V H$mo hr BgH$m AZw>mZ H$aZm Mm{h`o&& 18&&

Between the husband and wife, one person is sufficient to execute this devotional service. Because of their good relationship, both of them will enjoy the result. Therefore if the wife is unable to execute this process, the husband should carefully do so, and the faithful wife will share the result. [18]


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