Man is Mortal




AÜ`m` - 1
AnZr _¥Ë`w H$mo {ZH$Q> (gmV{XZ H$s Ad{Y) OmZH$a K~am`o nar{jV² H$mo g_PmVo hþE lr ewH$XodOr H$hVo h¢ --- _¥Ë`wH$m g_` AmZona _Zwî` K~am`o ZhtŸ& Cgo Mm{h`o {H$ dh d¡am½` Ho$ emógo eara Am¡a Cggo gå~ÝY aIZodmbm| Ho$ à{V __Vm H$mo H$mQ> S>mboŸ&& 15Ÿ&&

"Shri Sukdeveji consoles king Pariksit on being afraid of death:- At the last stage of one?s life, one should be bold enough not to be afraid of death. But one must cut off all attachment to the material body and everything pertaining to it and all desires thereof.[15]

Y¡`© Ho$ gmW Kago {ZH$bH$a n{dÌ VrW© Ho$ Ob_| ñZmZ H$ao Am¡a n{dÌ VWm EH$mÝV ñWmZ_| {d{Ynyd©H$ AmgZ bJmH$a ~¡R> Om`Ÿ&& 16Ÿ&&

One should leave home and practice self-control. In a sacred place he should bathe regularly and sit down in a lonely place duly sanctified.[16]

VËníMmV² na_ n{dÌ "A C _²' BZ VrZ _mÌmAm| go `wº$ àUdH$m _Z-hr _Z On H$aoŸ&& 17Ÿ&&

After sitting in above manner, make the mind remember the three transcendental letter (a-u-m) and by regulating the breathing process, control the mind.[17]



AÜ`m` - 2
ewH$XodOr H$hVo h¢ --- g¥{ï> Ho$ àmaå^ _| ~«÷mOr Zo Bgr YmaUm Ho$ Ûmam àgÞ hþE ^JdmZ² go dh g¥{ï>{df`H$ ñ_¥{V àmá H$s Wr, Omo nhbo àb`H$mb _| {dbwá hmo J`r WrŸ& Bggo CZH$s Ñ{ï> A_moK Am¡a ~w{Õ {ZíM`mpË_H$m hmo J`r V~ CÝhm|Zo Bg OJV² H$mo d¡go hr aMm O¡gm {H$ `h àb` Ho$ nhbo WmŸ&& 1Ÿ&&

" Sri Sukdevjee says:-Formerly, prior to the manifestation of the cosmos, Lord Brahma, by meditating on the virat-rupa, regained his  lost consciousness by appeasing the Lord. Thus he was able to rebuild the creation as it was before.[1]

ewH$XodOr H$hVo h¢ --- O~ O_rZ na gmoZo go H$m_ Mb gH$Vm h¡, V~ nb§J Ho$ {b`o à`ËZ H$aZo go Š`m à`moOZŸ& O~ ^wOmE± AnZo H$mo ^JdmZ² H$s H¥$nm go ñd`§ hr {_br hþ`r h¢, V~ V{H$`m| H$s Š`m Amdí`H$VmŸ& O~ AÄO{b go H$m_ Mb gH$Vm h¡, V~ ~hþV go ~V©Z Š`m| ~Q>moa|Ÿ& d¥j H$s N>mb nhZH$a `m dóhrZ ahH$a ^r `{X OrdZ-YmaU {H$`m Om gH$Vm h¡ Vmo dóm| H$s Š`m Amdí`H$VmŸ&& 4Ÿ&&

When there are ample earthly flats to lie on, what is the necessity of cots and beds? When one can use his own arms, what is the necessity of a pillow? When one can use the plams of his hands, what is the necessity of varieties of utensils? When there is ample covering, or the skins of trees, what is the necessity of clothing?[4]

g~ Z ght, Š`m ^JdmZ² ^r AnZo eaUmJVm| H$s ajm Zht H$aVo? Eogr pñW{V _| ~w{Õ_mZ² bmoJ ^r YZHo$ Zeo_| Mya K_ÊS>r Y{Z`m| H$s Mmnbygr Š`m| H$aVo h¢?Ÿ&& 5Ÿ&&

Above all, does the Almighty Lord not protect the fully surrendered souls? Why then do the learned sages go to flatter those who are intoxicated by hard-earned wealthy ? [5]

^JdmZ² Ho$ MaUH$_bm| go boH$a CZHo$ _wñH$mZ`wº$ I-H$_bn`©ÝV g_ñV A§Jm| H$s EH$-EH$ H$aHo$ ~w{Õ Ho$ Ûmam YmaUm H$aZr Mm{h`oŸ& O¡go-O¡go ~w{Õ ewÕ hmoVr Om`oJr, d¡go-d¡go {MÎm pñWa hmoVm Om`oJmŸ& O~ EH$ A§J H$m Ü`mZ R>rH$ R>rH$ hmoZo bJo, V~ Cgo N>mo‹S>H$a Xygao A§J H$m Ü`mZ H$aZm Mm{hEŸ&& 13Ÿ&&

The process of meditation should begin from the lotus feet of the Lord and progress to His smiling face. The mediation should be concentrated upon the lotus feet, then the claves then the thighs, and in this way higher and higher. The more the mind becomes fixed upon the different parts of the limbs, one after another, the more the intelligence becomes purified.[13]

ewH$XodOr Zo nar{jËOr go H$hm ---
^JdmZ² ~«÷ H$mËñÝ`}Z {ÌaÝdrú` _Zrf`mŸ&
VXÜ`doñ`V² Hy$Q>ñWmo a{VamË_Z² `Vmo ^doËŸ&& 34Ÿ&&
^JdmZ² ~«÷mZo EH$mJ« {MÎm go gmao doXm| H$m VrZ dma AZwerbZ H$aHo$ AnZr ~w{Õ go `hr {ZíM` {H$`m {H$ {Oggo gdm©Ë_ ^JdmZ² lrH¥$îU Ho$ à{V AZÝ` ào_ àmá hmo dhr gd©loð> Y_© h¡Ÿ&& 34Ÿ&&

The great personality Brahma, with great attention and concentration of the mind, studied the Vedas three times, and after scrutinizingly examining them, he ascertained that attraction for the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krisna is the highest perfection of religion.[34]

^JdmZ² gd©^yVofw b{jV: ñdmË_Zm h[a:Ÿ&
Ñí`¡~w©X²Ü`m{X^Щï>m bjU¡aZw _mnH¡$:Ÿ&& 35Ÿ&&
g_ñV Ma-AMa àm{U`m| _| CZHo$ AmË_mê$n go ^JdmZ² lrH¥$îU hr b{jV hmoVo h¢; Š`m|{H$ `o ~w{Õ Am{X Ñí` nXmW© CZH$m AZw_mZ H$amZodmbo bjU h¢, do BZ g~Ho$ gmjr EH$_mÌ Ðï>m h¢Ÿ&

The Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krsna is in every living being along with the individual soul. And this fact is perceived and hypothesized in our acts of seeing and taking help form the intelligence.[35]

{ndpÝV `o ^JdV: AmË_Z: gVm§
H$Wm_¥V§ ldUnwQ>ofw gå^yVåŸ&
nwZpÝV Vo {df`{dXy{fVme`§
d«OpÝV VƒaUgamoéhmpÝVH$åŸ&& 37Ÿ&&
amOZ! g§V nwéf AmË_ñdê$n ^JdmZ² H$s H$Wm H$m _Ywa A_¥V ~m±Q>Vo hr ahVo h¢; Omo AnZo H$mZHo$ XmoZm| _| ^a-^a H$a CZH$m nmZ H$aVo h¢, CZHo$ öX` go {df`m| H$m {df¡bm à^md OmVm ahVm h¡, dh ewÕ hmoOmVm h¡ Am¡a do ^JdmZ² H¥$îU Ho$ MaUH$_bm| H$s g{Þ{Y àmá H$a boVo h¢Ÿ&Y

Those who drink through aural reception, fully filled with the nectarean message of Lord Krisna, the beloved of the devotees, purify the  polluted aim of life known as material enjoyment and thus go back to Godhead, to the lotus feet of Him the Personality of Godhead].[37]   


AÜ`m` - 3

ewH$XodOr Zo H$hm --- Am¡a Omo ~w{Õ_mZ² nwéf h¡ --- dh Mmho {ZîH$m_ hmo, g_ñV H$m_ZmAm| go `wº$ hmo AWdm _moj MmhVm hmo --- Cgo Vmo Vrd« ^{º$`moJ Ho$ Ûmam Ho$db nwéfmoÎm_ ^JdmZ² H$s hr AmamYZm H$aZr Mm{h`oŸ&& 10Ÿ&& 

" Shri Sukdevjee said:-A person who has broader intelligence, whether he be full of all material desire, without any material desire, or desiring liberation, must by all means worship the supreme whole, the Personality of Godhead.[10]

em¡ZH$Or Zo gyVOr go H$hm --- Omo _Zwî` ^JdmZ² lrH¥$îU H$s H$Wm H$^r Zht gwZVm, CgHo$ H$mZ {~bHo$ g_mZ h¢Ÿ& Omo Or^ ^JdmZ² H$s brbmAm| H$m Jm`Z Zht H$aVr, dh _oT>H$ H$s Or^ Ho$ g_mZ Q>a© Q>a© H$aZo dmbr h¡; CgH$m Vmo Z ahZm hr AÀN>m h¡Ÿ&& 20Ÿ&&

" Shri Shaunakjee said to Sutaji:-One who has not listened to the messages about the prowess and marvelous acts of the personality of Godhead and has not sung or chanted loudly the worthy songs about the Lord is to be considered to possess earholes like the holes of snakes and a tongue like the tongue of a frog.[20]

Omo {ga H$^r ^JdmZ² lrH¥$îU Ho$ MaUm| _| PwH$Vm Zht, dh aoe_r dógo gwg{‚mV Am¡a _wHw$Q> go `wº$ hmoZo na ^r ~moPm_mÌ hr h¡Ÿ& Omo hmW ^JdmZ² H$s godm-nyOm Zht H$aVo, do gmoZoHo$ H§$JZ go ^y{fV hmoZo na ^r _wX} Ho$ hmW h¢Ÿ&& 21Ÿ&&

The upper portion of the body, though crowned with a silk turban, is only a heavy burden in not bowed down before the Personality of Godhead who can award mukti [freedom]. And the hands , though decorated with glittering bangles, are like those of a dead man if not engaged in the services of the Personality of Godhead Hari.[21]

Omo Am±I| ^JdmZ² H$s `mX {XbmZodmbr _y{V©, VrW©, ZXr Am{XH$m Xe©Z Zht H$aVt, do _moam|H$s nm±I_| ~Zo hþE Am±Im|Ho$ {M•Ho$ g_mZ {ZaW©H$ h¢Ÿ& _Zwî`m| Ho$ do n¡a MbZo dmbr e{º$ aIZona ^r Z MbZo dmbo no‹S>m| --- O¡go hr h¢, Omo ^JdmZ² H$s brbm --- ñW{b`m| H$s `mÌm Zht H$aVoŸ&& 22Ÿ&&

The eyes which do not look at the symbolic representations of the Personality of Godhead Visnu [His] forms, name quality, etc.] are like those printed on the plums of the peacock, and the legs which do not move to the holy places [ where the Lord is remembered] are considered to be like tree trunks.[22]

{Og _Zwî`Zo ^JdËà_r g§Vm| Ho$ MaUm| H$s Yyb H$^r {gana Zht M‹T>m`r, dh OrVm hþAm ^r _wXm© Ÿ& {Og _Zwî` Zo ^JdmZ² Ho$ MaUm| na M‹T>r hþB© Vwbgr H$s gwJÝY boH$a CgH$s gamhZm Zht H$s, dh œmg boVm hþAm ^r œmga{hV ed h¡Ÿ&& 23Ÿ&&

The persons who has not at any time received the dust of the feet of the Lord?s pure devotee upon his head is certainly a dead body. And the person who has never experienced the aroma of the tulasi leaves from the lotus feet of the Lord is also a dead body, although breathing.[23]

gyVOr! dh öX` Zht, bmohm h¡, Omo ^JdmZ² Ho$ _§Jb_` Zm_m|H$m ldU --- H$sV©Z H$aZo na ^r {nKbH$a CÝht H$s Amoa dh Zht OmVmŸ& {Og g_` öX` {nKb OmVm h¡, Cg g_` ZoÌm| _| Am±gy N>bH$Zo bJVo h¢ Am¡a eara H$m amo_-amo_ {Ib CR>Vm h¡Ÿ&& 24Ÿ&&

"Sutajee:-Certainly that heart is steel-framed which , in spite of one?s chanting the holy name of the Lord with concentration, does not change when ecstasy takes place. Tears fill the eyes and the hairs stand on end.[24]

à` gyVOr! AmnH$s dmUr h_mao öX` H$mo _YwaVm go ^a XoVr h¡Ÿ& Bg{b`o ^JdmZ² Ho$ na_ ^º$, AmË_{dÚm-{demaX lr ewH$XodOr Zo nar{jV² Ho$ gwÝXa àý H$aZo na Omo Hw$N> H$hm, dh g§dmX Amn H¥$nm H$aHo$ h_bmoJm| H$mo gwZmB`oŸ&& 25Ÿ&&

O Suta Gosvami, your words are pleasing to our mind. Please therefore explain this to us as it was spoken by the great devotee Sukadeva Gosvami, who is very expert in transcendental knowledge, and who spoke to Maharaja Pariksit upon being asked.[25]



AÜ`m` - 7
^JdmZ² Ho$ brbm~Vmam| H$s H$Wm Ho$ àg§J _|
~«÷mOr H$hVo h¢ --- dm_Z ~ZH$a CÝhm|Zo VrZ nJ n¥Ïdr Ho$ ~hmZo ~{b go gmar n¥Ïdr bo Vmo br, naÝVw ggo `h ~mV {gÕ H$a Xr {H$ gÝ_mJ© na MbZodmZo nwéfm| H$mo `mMZm Ho$ {gdm Am¡a {H$gr Cnm` go g_W© nwéf ^r AnZo ñWmZgo Zht h`m gH$Vo, Eoœ`© go À`wV Zht H$a gH$VoŸ&& 17Ÿ&&

"Sri Brahmajee says:-On the pretense of asking for a measurement of three footsteps of land, He took away all the lands of Bali Maharaja. He asked simply because without begging, no authority can take one?s rightful possession.[17]



AÜ`m` - 9
lr ^JdmZ² Zo ~«÷mOr go H$hm --- AZw^d, ào_m^{º$ Am¡a gmYZm| go `wº$ AË`ÝV JmonZr` AnZo ñdê$n H$m kmZ _¢ Vwåh| H$hVm hÿ±; Vw_ Cgo J«hU H$amoŸ&& 30Ÿ&&

" God said to Brahmajee:-Knowledge about Me as described in the scriptures is very confidential, and it has to be realized in conjunction with devotional services. The necessary paraphernalia for that process is  being explained by Me. You may take it up carefully.[30]

_oam {OVZm {dñVma h¡, _oam Omo bjU h¡, _oao {OVZo Am¡a O¡go ê$n, JwU Am¡a brbmE± h¢ --- _oar H¥$nmgo Vw_ CZH$m VÎd R>rH$-R>rH$ d¡gm hr AZw^d H$amoŸ&& 31Ÿ&&

All of me, namely My actual eternal form and My transcendental existence , color, qualities and activities-let all be awakened within  you by factual realization, out of My causeless mercy.[31]

g¥{ï> Ho$ nyd© Ho$db _¢-hr-_¢ WmŸ& _oao A{V[aº$ ñWyb Wm Z gyú_ Am¡a Z Vmo XmoZm|H$m H$maU AkmZŸ& Ohm± `h g¥{ï> Zht h¢, dhm± _¢ --- hr _¢ hÿ± Am¡a Bg g¥{ï> Ho$ ê$n_| Omo Hw$N> àVrV hmo ahm h¡, dh ^r _¢ hr hÿ± Am¡a Omo Hw$N> ~M ahoJm, dh ^r _¢ hr hÿ±Ÿ&& 32Ÿ&&

Braham, it is I, the Personality of Godhead, who was existence before the creation, when there was nothing but Myself. Nor was there the material nature, the cause of this creation. That which you see now is also I, the Personality of Godhead, and after annihilation what remains will also be I, the Personality of Godhead.[32]

dmñVd _| Z hmoZo na ^r Omo Hw$N> A{Zd©MZr` dñVw _oao A{V[aº$ _wP na_mË_m _| Xmo MÝÐ_mAm| H$s Vah {_Ï`m hr àVrV hmo ahr h¡, AWdm {dÚ_mZ hmoZona ^r AmH$me-_ÊS>b Ho$ ZjÌm| _| amhþ H$s ^m±{V Omo _oar àVr{V Zht hmoVr, Bgo _oar _m`m g_PZm Mm{h`oŸ&& 33Ÿ&&

O Braham, whatever appears to be of any value, if it is without relation to Me, has no reality. Know it as My illusory energy, that reflection which appears to be in darkness.[33]  

O¡go àm{U`m| n#m_hm^yV CZ earam| Ho$ H$m`©ê$n go {Z{_©V hmoZo Ho$ H$maU àdoe H$aVo ^r h¢ Am¡a nhbo go hr CZ ñWmZm| Am¡a ê$nm| _| H$maUê$n go {dÚ_mZ ahZo Ho$ H$maU àdoe Zht ^r H$aVo d¡go hr CZ àm{U`m| Ho$ eara H$s Ñ{ï> go _¢ hr, d¡go CZ_| AmË_m Ho$ ê$n go àdoe {H$`o hþE hÿ± Am¡a AmË_Ñ{ï> go AnZo A{V[aº$ Am¡a H$moB© dñVw Z hmoZo Ho$ H$maU CZ_| à{dï> Zht ^r hÿ±Ÿ&& 34Ÿ&&

The universal elements enter into the cosmos and at the same time do not enter into the cosmos; similarly I myself also exist within everything created, and at the same time I am outside of everything.[34]

"`h ~«÷ Zht, `h ~«÷ Zht' --- Bg àH$ma {ZfoY H$s nÕ{V go Am¡a "`h ~«÷ h¡', "`h ~«÷ h¡' --- Bg AÝd` H$s nÕ{V go, `hr {gÕ hmoVm h¡ {H$ gdm©VrV Ed§ gd©ñdê$n ^JdmZ² hr gd©Xm Am¡a gd©Ì pñWV h¡ , dhr dmñV{dH$ VËd h¢Ÿ& Omo AmË_m AWdm na_mË_m H$m VËd OmZZm MmhVo h¢, CÝh| Ho$db BVZm hr OmZZo H$s Amdí`H$Vm h¡Ÿ&& 35Ÿ&&

A persons who is searching after the Supreme Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead, most certainly search for it up to this, in all circumstances, in all space and time, and both directly and indirectly.[35]

~«÷mOr! Vw_ A{dMb g_m{Y Ho$ Ûmam _oao Bg {gÕmÝV _| nyU© {Zð>m H$a bmoŸ& Bggo Vwåh| H$ën-H$ën _| {d{dY àH$ma H$s g¥{ï> aMZm H$aVo ahZo na ^r H$^r _moh Zht hmoJmŸ&& 36Ÿ&&

O Braham, just follow this conclusion by fixed concentration of mind, no pride will disturb you, neither in the partial nor the final devastation.[36]

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