It is better to execute one's own occupational duty than to criticize other's



AÜ`m` - 5
{dXwaOr Zo lr _¡Ìo`Or go H$hm --- ^JdmZ²! g§gma _| g~ bmoJ gwIHo$ {b`o H$_© H$aVo h¢; naÝVw CZgo Z Vmo CÝh| gwI hr {_bVm h¡ Am¡a Z CZH$m Xw:I hr Xya hmoVm h¡, ~pëH$ Cggo ^r CZHo$ Xw:IH$s d¥{Õ hr hmoVr h¡Ÿ& AV: Bg {df` _| Š`m H$aZm C{MV h¡, `h Amn _wPo H¥$nm H$aHo$ ~VbmB`oŸ&& 2Ÿ&&

"Shri Vidurajee said to Maitreyajee:- O great sage, everyone in this world engages in fruitive activities to attain happiness, but one finds neither satiation nor the mitigation of distress. On the contrary, one is only agravated by such activities. Please, therefore, give us directions on how one should live for all happiness.[2] 


AÜ`m` - 6
 _¡Ìo`Or Zo V~ OJV² H$s CËn{Îm, pñW{V Am¡a b` Ho$ {bE `moJ_m`m Ho$ Ûmam {dñVm[aV hþB© ^JdmZ² H$s {d{dY brbmAm| H$m H«$_e: dU©Z {H$`m 

{\$a g~ Y_m] H$s {g{Õ Ho$ {b`o ^JdmZ² Ho$ MaUm| _| godmd¥{Îm àH$Q> hþB© Am¡a CÝht go nhbo-nhb Cg d¥{ÎmH$m A{YH$mar eyÐdU© ^r àH$Q> hþAm, {OgH$s d¥{Îm go hr lrh[a àgÞ hmo OmVo h¢Ÿ&&& 33Ÿ&&

" Shri Maitreyajee says:-Thereafter, service was manifested from the legs of the Personality of Godhead for the sake of perfecting the religious function. Situated on the legs are the sudras, who satisfy the Lord by service.[33]



AÜ`m` - 7
{dXwaOr Zo _¡Ìo`Or go H$hm --- {dÛZ²! AmnZo `h ~mV ~hþV R>rH$ H$hr {H$ Ord H$mo Omo Šboem{X H$s Vr{V hmo ahr h¡, CgH$m AmYma Ho$db ^JdmZ² H$s _m`m hr h¡Ÿ& dh Šboe {_Ï`m Am¡a {Z_y©b hr h¡; Š`m|{H$ Bg {dœ H$m _yb H$maU hr _m`m Ho$ A{V[aº$ Am¡a Hw$N> Zht h¡Ÿ&& 16Ÿ&&

"Shri Vidurajee said to Maitreyajee:- O learned sage, your explanations are very good, as they should be. Disturbances to the conditioned soul have no other basis than the movement of the external energy of the Lord.[16]

Bg g§gma_| Xmo hr àH$ma Ho$ bmoJ gwIr h¢ --- `m Vmo Omo AË`ÝV _y‹T> (AkmZJ«ñV) h¢ `m Omo ~w{Õ Am{X go AVrV lr^JdmZ² H$mo àmá H$a MwHo$ h¢Ÿ& ~rM H$s loUr Ho$ g§e`mnÞ bmoJ Vmo Xw:I ^moJVo ahVo h¢Ÿ&& 17Ÿ&&

Both the lowest of the fools and he who is transcendental to all intelligence enjoy happiness, whereas persons between suffer the material pangs.[17]



AÜ`m` - 9
~«÷mOr Zo ^JdmZ² H$s ñVw{V H$aVo hþE H$hm--- `{X XodVmbmoJ ^r öX` _| Vah Vah H$s H$m_ZmE§ aI H$a ^m±{V-^m±{V H$s {dnwb gm_{J«`m| go AmnH$m nyOZ H$aVo h¢, Vmo Cggo Amn CVZo àgÞ Zht hmoVo {OVZo g~ àm{U`m| na X`m H$aZo go hmoVo h¢Ÿ& {H$ÝVw dh gd©^yVX`m AgV² nwéfm| H$mo AË`ÝV Xwb©^ h¡Ÿ&& 12Ÿ&&

" Offering prayers to God, Brahmajee said:- My Lord , You are not very much satisfied by the worship of the demigods, who arrange for Your worship very pompously, with various paraphernalia, but who are full of material hankerings. You are situated in everyone?s heart as the Spersoul just to show Your causeless mercy, and You are the eternal well-wisher, but you are unavailable for the non devotee.[12]

Omo H$_© AmnH$mo An©U H$a {X`m OmVm h¡, CgH$m H$^r Zme Zht hmoVm --- dh Aj` hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ& AV: ZmZm àH$ma Ho$ H$_© --- `k, XmZ, H${R>Z Vnñ`m Am¡a d«Vm{X Ho$ Ûmam AmnH$s àgÞVm àmá H$aZm hr _Zwî` H$m g~go ~‹S>m H$_©\$b h¡, Š`m|{H$ AmnH$s àgÞVm hmoZo na Eogm H$m¡Z \$b h¡ Omo gwb^ Zht hmo OmVmŸ&& 13Ÿ&&

But the pious activities of the people, such as performance of Vedic rituals, charity, austere penances, and transcendental service, performed with a view to worship You and satisfy You by offering You the fruitive results, are also beneficial. Such acts of religion never go in vain[13]

lr ^JdmZ² do ~«÷mOr go H$hm --- {Og g_` Ord H$mð> _| ì`má A{¾ Ho$ g_mZ g_ñV ^yVm| _| _wPo hr pñWV XoIVm h¡, Cgr g_` dh AnZo AkmZê$n _b go _wº$ hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 32Ÿ&&

" God told Brahmajee:-You will see Me in all living entities as well as all over the universe, just as fire is situated in wood. Only in that state of transcendental vision will you be able to be free from all kinds of illusion.[32]


AÜ`m` - 14
H$í`nOr Zo {X{V H$mo g_PmVo hþE H$hm --- {Og àH$ma OhmO na M‹T>H$a _Zwî` _hmgmJa H$mo nma H$a boVm h¡, Cgr àH$ma J¥hñWml_r Xygao Aml_m| H$mo Aml` XoVm hþAm AnZo Aml_ Ûmam ñd`§ ^r Xw:I g_wÐ Ho$ nma hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 18Ÿ&&

" Shri Kashyapjee said to Diti:-As one can cross over the ocean with seagoing vessels, one can cross the dangerous situation of the material ocean by living with a wife.[18]



AÜ`m` - 16
O`-{dO` H$m d¡Hw$ÊR> go nVZ Ho$ g§X^© _| lr ^JdmZ² Zo H$hm --- ~«m÷U _oao na_ AmamÜ` h¢; _oao AZwMam| Ho$ Ûmam AmnbmoJm| H$m Omo {VañH$ma hþAm h¡, Cgo _¢ AnZm hr {H$`m hþAm _mZVm hÿ±Ÿ& Bg{b`o _¢ AmnbmoJm| go àgÞVm H$s {^jm _m±JVm hÿ±Ÿ&& 4Ÿ&&

" With reference to the fall of Jaya and Parajaya from Vaikunthdham, God said:- To Me, The brahmana is the highest and most  beloved personality. The disrespect shown by My attendants has actually been displayed by Me because the doormen are My services. I take this to be an offense by Myself; therefore I seek your forgiveness for the incident that has arisen.[14]

godH$m| Ho$ AnamY H$aZo na g§gma CZHo$ ñdm_rH$m hr Zm_ boVm h¡Ÿ& dh An`e CgH$s H$s{V©H$mo Bg àH$ma Xy{fV H$a XoVm h¡, O¡go ËdMm H$mo M_©amoJŸ&& 5Ÿ&&

A wrong act committed by a servant leads people in general  to blame his master, just as a  spot of white leprosy on any part of the body pollutes all of the skin.[5]


AÜ`m` - 18
lr ^JdmZ² Zo H$hm --- Omo AnZr à{Vkm H$m nmbZ Zht H$aVm, dh Agä` h¡ --- ^bo AmX{_`m| _| ~¡R>Zo bm`H$ Zht h¡Ÿ&& 12Ÿ&&

" God preached:-One may be proud, yet he does not deserve a seat in an assembly if he fails to fulfill his promised word.[12]



AÜ`m` - 22
_ZwOr Zo H$hm --- Omo ^moJ ñdV: àmá hmo Om`, CgH$s AdhobZm H$aZm {daº$ nwéf H$mo ^r C{MV Zht h¡; {\$a {df`mgº$ H$s Vmo ~mV hr Š`m h¢ Ÿ&& 12Ÿ&&

" Manujee said:- To deny an offering that has come of itself is not commendable even for one absolutely free from all attachment, much less one addicted to sensual pleasure.[12]

Omo nwéf ñd`§ àmá hþE ^moJ H$m {ZamXa H$a {\$a {H$gr H¥$nU Ho$ AmJo hmW ngmaVm h¡, CgH$m ~hþV \¡$bm hþAm `e ^r Zï> hmo OmVm h¡ Am¡a Xygam| Ho$ {VañH$ma go _mZ ^§J ^r hmoVm h¡Ÿ&& 13Ÿ&&

One who rejects an offering that comes of its own accord but later begs a boon from a miser thus loses his widespread reputation, and his pride is humbled by the neglectful behavior of others.[13]

_ZwOr Ho$ ~mao _| _¡Ìo`Or H$hVo h¢ --- do BÀN>mZwgma ^moJm| H$m {Z_m©U H$aZo _| Hw$eb Wo; {H$ÝVw _ZZerb Amoa ^JdËnam`U hmoZo Ho$ H$maU ^moJ CÝh| qH${MV² ^r {dM{bV Zht H$a nmVo WoŸ&& 34Ÿ&&

" Shree Maitreyajee says of Manujee:-Thus Svayambhuva Manu was a saintly king. Although absorbed in material happiness, he was not dragged to the lowest grade of life, for he always enjoyed his material happiness in a Krsna conscious atmosphere.[34]



AÜ`m` - 23
_ZwnwÌr Xodhÿ{V H$mo Xw~©b XoI H$a Xod{f©-loð> H$X©_Or ~mobo --- g^r XohYm[a`m| H$mo AnZm eara ~hþV {à` Ed§ AmXa H$s dñVw hmoVm h¡, {H$ÝVw Vw_Zo _oar godmHo$ AmJo CgHo$ jrU hmoZo H$s ^r H$moB© nadm Zht H$sŸ&& 6Ÿ&&

"Seeing Devehuti lean and thin, Shri Kardamajee spoke:-Kardama Muni said: O respectful daughter of Svayambhuva Manu, today I am very much pleased with you for your devotion and most excellent loving service. Since the body is so dear to embodied beings, I am astonished that you have neglected your own body to use it on my behalf.[6]



AÜ`m` - 25
^{º$`moJ H$s _{h_m H$m dU©Z H$aVo hþE ^JdmZ² H${nb Zo H$hm --- Omo bmoJ ghZerb, X`mbw, g_ñV XohYm[a`m| Ho$ AH$maU {hVy, {H$gr Ho$ à{V ^r eÌw^md Z aIZodmbo, emÝV, gab ñd^md Am¡a gËnwéfm| H$m gå_mZ H$aZo dmbo hmoVo h¢, Omo _wP_| AZÝ` ^md go gwÑ‹T> ào_ H$aVo h¢, _oao {b`o gånyU© H$_© VWm AnZo gJo gå~pÝY`m| H$mo ^r Ë`mJ XoVo h¢, Am¡a _oao nam`U ahH$a _oar n{dÌ H$WmAm| H$m ldU, H$sV©Z H$aVo h¢ VWm _wP_| hr {MÎm bJm`o ahVo h¢ --- CZ ^º$m| H$mo g§gma Ho$ Vah-Vah Ho$ Vmn H$moB© H$ï> Zht nhþ±MmVo h¢Ÿ&& 21-23Ÿ&&

" Lord Kapil telling the glory of devotion, said:-The symptoms of a Sadhu are that he is tolerant, merciful and friendly to all living entities. He has no enemies, he is peaceful, he abides by the scriptures, and all his characteristics are sublime.[21]

Such a Sadhu engages in staunch devotional services to the Lord without deviation. For the sake of the Lord he renounces all other connections, such as family relationships and friendly acquaintances within the world.[22]

Engaged constantly in changing and hearing about Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Sadhus do not suffer from material miseries because they are always filled with thoughts of My pastimes and activities.[23]

Eogo-Eogo gd©g§J n[aË`mJr _hmnwéf hr gmYw hmoVo h¢, Vwåh| CÝht Ho$ g§J H$s BÀN>m H$aZr Mm{hE, Š`m|{H$ do Amg{º$ go CËnÞ g^r Xmofm| H$mo ha boZo dmbo h¢Ÿ&& 24Ÿ&&

O My mother , O virtuous lady, these are the qualities of great devotees who are free from all attachment. You must seek attachment to such holy men, for this counteracts the pernicious effects of material attachment.[24]

Bg àH$ma àH¥${V Ho$ JwUm| go CËnÞ hþE eãXm{X {df`m| H$m Ë`mJ H$aZo go, d¡am½``wº$ kmZ go, OmoJ go Am¡a _oao à{V H$s hþB© gwÑ‹T> ^{º$ go _Zwî` _wP AnZo AÝVamË_m H$mo Bg Xoh _| hr àmá H$a boVm Ÿ&& 27Ÿ&&

Thus by not engaging in the services of the modes of material nature but by developing Krsna consciousness, knowledge in renunciation, and by practicing Yoga, in which the mind is always fixed in devotional services unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one achieves My association in this very life , for I am the Supreme Personality, the Absolute Truth.[27]

lr ^JdmZ² H${nbOr Zo H$hm --- (Xodhÿ{V go) _oar MaU-godm _| àr{V aIZodmb Am¡a _oar hr àgÞVm Ho$ {b`o g_ñV H$m`© H$aZodmbo {H$VZo hr ~‹S>^mJr ^º$, Omo EH$ Xygao go {_bH$a ào_nyd©H$ _oar hr namH«$_m| H$s MMm© {H$`m H$aVo h¢, _oao gmW EH$s^md (gm`wÁ` _moj) H$s ^r BÀN>m Zht H$aVoŸ&& 34Ÿ&&

" Lord Kapil said to devahuti:-A pure devotee, who is attached to the activities of devotional services and who alwaysengages in the services of My lotus feet, never desires to become one with Me. Such a devotee, who is unflinchingly engaged, always glorifies My pastimes and activities.[34]

OZH$m EH$_mÌ _¢ hr {à`, AmË_m, nwÌ, {_Ì, Jwé, gwöX² Am¡a Bï>Xod hÿ± --- do _oao hr Aml` _| ahZodmbo ^º$OZ empÝV_` d¡Hw$ÊR>Ym_ _| nhþ±M H$a {H$gr àH$ma ^r BZ {Xì` ^moJm| go a{hV Zht hmoVo Am¡a Z CÝh| _oam H$mbMH«$ hr J«g gH$Vm h¡Ÿ&& 38Ÿ&&

The Lord continued: My dear mother, devotees who receive such transcendental opulences are never bereft of them; neither weapons nor the changes of time can destroy such opulences. Because the devotees accept Me as their friend, their relative, their son, preceptor, benefactor and Supreme Deity, they cannot be deprived of their  possession at any time.[38]



AÜ`m` - 27
² àH¥${V-nwéf Ho$ {ddoH$ go _moj àm{á H$m dU©Z>

lr ^JdmZ² H$hVo h¢ --- {Og Vah Ob _| à{V{~på~V gya` Ho$ gmW Ob Ho$ erVbVm, M§MbVm {X JwUm| H$m gå~ÝY Zht hmoVm, Cgr àH$ma àH¥${V Ho$ H$m`© eara _| pñWV ahZo na ^r AmË_m dmñVd _| CgHo$ gwI-Xw:Im{X Y_m] go {bá Zht hmoVm, Š`m|{H$ dh ñd^md go {Z{d©H$ma, AH$Vm© Am¡a {ZJw©U h¡Ÿ&& 1Ÿ&&

" The personality of Godhead, Kapila said:-When the living entity is thus unaffected by the modes of material nature, because he is unchanging and does not claim proprietorship, he remains apart from the reactions of the modes, although abiding in a  material body, just as the sun remains aloof from its reflection on water.[1]

H$ÝVw O~ dhr àmH¥$V JwUm| go AnZm gå~ÝY ñWm{nV H$a boVm h¡, V~ Ah§H$ma go _mo{hV hmoH$a ""_¢ H$Îmm© hÿ±'' --- Eogm _mZZo bJVm h¡Ÿ&& 2Ÿ&&

When the soul is under the spell of material nature and false ego, identifying his body as the self, he becomes absorbed in material activities, and by the influence of false ego he thinks that he is the proprietor of everything.[2]

Cg A{^_mZ Ho$ H$maU dh Xoh Ho$ g§gJ© go {H$`o hþE nwÊ`-nmnê$n H$_m] Ho$ Xmof go AnZr ñdmYrZVm Am¡a empÝV Imo ~¡R>Vm h¡ VWm CÎm_, _Ü`_ Am¡a ZrM `mo{Z`m| _| CËnÞ hmoH$a g§gmaMH«$ _| Ky_Vm ahVm h¡Ÿ&& 3Ÿ&&

The conditioned soul therefore transmigrates into different species of life, higher and lower, because of his association with the modes of  material nature. Unless he is relieved of material activities , he has to accept this position because of his faulty work.[3]

`_m{X `moJgmYZm|Ho$ Ûmam lÕmnyd©H$ Aä`mg{MÎm H$mo ~ma§~ma EH$mJ« H$aVo hþE _wP_| gƒm ^md aIZo, _oar H$Wm ldU H$aZo, g_ñV àm{U`m| _| g_^md aIZo, {H$gr go d¡a Z H$aZo, Amg{º$ Ho$ Ë`mJ, ~«÷M`©, _m¡Zd«V Am¡a ~{bð> (AWm©V² ^JdmZ² H$mo g_{n©V {H$`o hþE) ñdY_© go {Ogo Eogr pñW{V àmá mo J`r h¡ {H$---àmaãY Ho$ AZwgma Omo Hw$N> {_b OmVm h¡ Cgr _| gVw§ï> ahVm h¡, n[a{_V ^moOZ H$aVm h¡Ÿ& gXm EH$mÝV _| ahVm h¡, emÝV ñd^md h¡, g~H$m {_Ì h¡, X`mbw Am¡a Y¡`©dmZ² h¡, àH¥${V Am¡a nwéf Ho$ dmñV{dH$ ñdê$n Ho$ AZw^d go àmá hþE VÎdkmZ Ho$ H$maU ór-nwÌm{X gå~pÝY`m| Ho$ g{hV Bg Xoh_| _¢ ---- _oaonZ H$m {_Ï`m A{^{Zdoe Zht H$aVm, ~w{Õ H$s OmJ«Xm{X AdñWmAm| go ^r AbJ hmo J`m h¡ VWm na_mË_m Ho$ {gdm Am¡a H$moB© dñVw Zht X¡IVm ---- dh AmË_Xeu _w{Z ZoÌm| go gy`© H$mo XoIZo H$s ^m±{V AnZo ewÕ AÝV:H$aU Ûmam na_mË_m H$m gmjmËH$ma H$a Cg A{ÛVr` ~«÷nX H$mo àmá hmo OmVm h¡, Omo Xohm{X gånyU© Cnm{Y`m| go n¥WH²$ Ah§H$mam{X {_Ï`m dñVwAm| _| gË`ê$n go ^mgZodmbm, OJËH$maU^yVm àH¥${V H$m A{Yð>mZ, _hXm{X H$m`©dJ© H$m àH$meH$ Am¡a H$m`©-H$maUê$n gånyU© nXmWm]_| ì`má h¡Ÿ&& 6-11Ÿ&&

One has to become faithful by practicing the controlling process of the Yoga system and must elevate himself to the platform of unalloyed devotional services by chanting and hearing about Me.[6]

In executing devotional service, one has to see every living entity equally, without enmity towards anyone yet without intimate connections with anyone, One has to observe celibacy, be grave and execute his eternal activities, offering the result to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.[7]

For his income a devotee should be satisfied with what he earns without great difficulty. He should not eat more that what is necessary. He should live in a secluded place and always be thoughtful, peaceful, friendly, compassionate and self-realized.[8]

One?s seeing power should be increased through knowledge of sprit and matter, and one should not unnecessarily identify himself with the body and thus become attracted by bodily relationships.[9]

One should be situated in the transcendental position beyond the stage of material consciousness, and should be aloof from all other conceptions of life. Thus realizing freedom from false ego, one should see his own self just as he sees the sun in the sky[10]

A liberated soul realizes the Absolute Personality of Godhead, who is transcendental and who is manifest as a reflection even in the false ego. He is the support of the material cause and He enters into everything. He is absolute, one without a second, and He is the eyes of the illusory energy.[11]

lr ^JdmZ² Zo Xodhÿ{V go H$hm --- {Og àH$ma A{¾H$m CËn{ÎmñWmZ Aa{U AnZo go hr CËnÞ A{¾ go ObH$a ^ñ_ hmo OmVr h¡, Cgr àH$ma {ZîH$m_ ^md go {H$`o hþE ñdY_©nmbZ Ûmam AÝV:H$aU ewÕ hmoZo go ~hþV g_` VH$ ^JdËH$Wm --- ldU Ûmam nwï> hþB© _oar Vrd« ^{º$ go, VÎdgmjmËH$ma H$amZodmbo kmZgo, à~b d¡am½` go, d«V-{Z`_m{X Ho$ g{hV {H$`o hþE Ü`mZmä`mg go Am¡a {MÎm H$s àJm‹T> EH$mJ«Vm go nwéf H$s àH¥${V (A{dÚm) {XZ-amV jrU hmoVr hþB© Yrao-Yrao brZ hmo OmVr h¡Ÿ&& 21-23Ÿ&&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: One can get liberation by seriously discharging devotional service unto Me and thereby hearing for long time about Me or from Me. By thus executing one?s prescribed duties, there will be no reaction, and one will be freed from the contamination of matter.[21]  

This devotional services has to be performed strongly in perfect knowledge and with transcendental vision. One must be strongly renounced and must engage in austerity and perform mystic yoga in order firmly in self absorption.[22]

The influence of material has covered the living entity, and thus it is as if the living entity were always in a blazing fire. But by the process of seriously discharging devotional services, this influence can be removed, just as wooden sticks which cause a fire are themselves consumed by it.[23] 

{\$a {ZË` à{V Xmof XrIZo go ^moJ H$a Ë`mJr hþB© dh àH¥${V AnZo ñdê$n _| pñWV Am¡a ñdV§Ì (~ÝYZ _wº$) hþE Cg nwéfH$m Hw$N> ^r Zht {~Jm‹S> gH$VrŸ&& 24Ÿ&&

By discovering the faultiness of his desiring to lord it over material nature and by therefore giving it up, the living entity becomes independent and stands in his own glory.[24]

_mVmOr! `{X `moJr H$m {MÎm `moJ gmYZm go ~‹T>r hþB© _m`m_`r A{U_m{X {g{Õ`m| _|, {OZ H$s àm{á H$m `moJ Ho$ {gdm Xygam H$moB gmYZ Zht h¡, Zht \±$gVm, Vmo Cgo _oam dh A{dZmer na_nX àmá hmoVm h¡ --- Ohm± _¥Ë`w H$s Hw$N> ^r Xmb Zht JbVrŸ&& 30Ÿ&&

When a perfect yogi's attention is no longer attracted to the by-products of mystic powers, which are manifestations of the external energy, his progress towards Me becomes unlimited, and thus the power of death cannot overcome him.[30]  



AÜ`m` - 28
H${nb ^JdmZ² H$hVo h¢ --- _mVmOr! A~ _¢ Vwåh| g~rO (Ü`o`ñdê$n Ho$ Ambå~Z go `wº$) `moJ H$m bjU ~VmVm hÿ±, {OgHo$ Ûmam {MÎm ewÕ Ed§ àgÞ hmoH$a na_mË_m Ho$ _mJ© _| àd¥Îm hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 1Ÿ&&

" Lord kapila said:-Now I shall explain to you the system of Yoga, the object of which is to concentrate the mind. By practicing this systems one can become joyfully and progressively advance towards the path of the Absolute Truth.[1]

`Wme{º$ emó{d{hV ñdY_© H$m nmbZ H$aZm VWm emó{déÕ AmMaU H$m n[aË`mJ H$aZm, àmaãY Ho$ AZwgma Omo Hw$N> {_b Om` Cgr _| gÝVwï> ahZm, AmË_km{Z`m| Ho$ MaUm| H$s nyOm H$aZmŸ&& 2Ÿ&&

One should execute his prescribed duties to the best of his ability and avoid performing duties not allotted to him. One should be satisfied with as much gain as he achieves by the grace of the Lord, and should worship the lotus feet of a spiritual master.[2]



AÜ`m` - 29
^{º$ H$m __© Am¡a H$mb H$s _{h_m Ho$ g§X^© _| lr ^JdmZ² Zo H$hm --- {ZîH$m_ ^md go lÕmnyd©H$ AnZo {ZË`-Z¡{_{ÎmH$ H$Îm©ì`m| H$m nmbZ H$a, {ZË` à{Vqhgma{hV CÎm_ {H«$`m`moJ H$m AZwð>mZ H$aZo, _oar à{V_m H$m Xe©Z, ñne©, nyOm, ñVw{V Am¡a dÝXZm H$aZo, àm{U`m| _| _oar ^mdZm H$aZo, Y¡`© Am¡a d¡am½` Ho$ Adbå~Z, _hmnwéfm| H$m _mZ, XrZm| na X`m Am¡a g_mZ pñW{Vdmbm| Ho$ à{V {_ÌVm H$m ì`dhma H$aZo, `_{Z`_m| H$m nmbZ, AÜ`mË_ emóm| H$m ldU Am¡a _oao Zm_m| H$m Cƒ ñda go H$sV©Z H$aZo go VWm _ZH$s gabVm, gËnwéfm| Ho$ g§J Am¡a Ah§H$ma Ho$ Ë`mJ go _oao Y_m] H$m (^mJdVY_m] H$m) AZwð>mZ H$aZodmbo ^º$ nwéf H$m {MÎm AË`ÝV ewÕ hmoH$a _oao JwUm| Ho$ ldU _mÌ go AZm`mg hr _wP_| bJ OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 15-19Ÿ&&

" Referring to the power of Time and essence of Devotion , the high personality of Godhead said:-A devoted must execute his prescribed duties, which are glorious, without material profit. Without excessive violence, one should regularly perform one?s devotional activities.[15]

The devotee should regularly see My status in the temple, touch My lotus feet and offer worshipable paraphernalia and prayer. He should see in the spirit of renunciation, from the  mode of goodness, and see every living entity as spiritual.[16]

The pure devotee should execute devotional services by giving the greatest respect to the spiritual master and the acharyas. He should be compassionate to the poor and make friendship with persons who are his equals, but all his activities should be executed under regulation and with control of the senses.[17] 

A devoted should always try to hear about spiritual mattes and should always utilize his time in chanting the holy name of the Lord. His behavior should always be straightforward and  simple , and although he is not envious but  friendly to everyone,  he should avoid the company of persons who are not spiritually advanced.[18]

When one is fully qualified with all these transcendental attributes and his consciousness is thus completely purified, he is immediately attracted simple by hearing My name or hearing of My transcendental quality.[19]

Ah§ gd}fw ^yVmË_mdpñWV: gXmŸ&
V_dkm` _m§ _©Ë`: Hw$éVo@Mm©{dS>å~ZåŸ&& 21Ÿ&&
_¢ AmË_mê$ngo gXm g^r Ordm| _| pñWV hÿ±; Bg{b`o Omo bmoJ _wP gd©^yVpñWV na_mË_m H$m AZmXa H$aHo$ Ho$db à{V_m _| hr _oam nyOZ H$aVo h¢, CZH$s dh nyOm ñdm§J _mÌ h¡Ÿ&& 21Ÿ&&

I am presently in  every living entity as the Supersoul. If someone neglects or disregards that Supersoul every where and engages himself in the worship of the Deity in the temple  that is simply imitation[21]

`mo _m§ gd}fw ^yVofw gÝV_mË_mZ_rœa_
{hËdm`mª ^OVo _m¡T>çmØñ_Ý`od Owhmo{V g:Ÿ&& 22Ÿ&&
_¢ g~H$m AmË_m na_oœa g^r _| pñWV hÿ±; Eogr Xem _| Omo _mohde _oar Cnojm H$aHo$ Ho$db à{V_m Ho$ nyOZ _| hr bJm ahVm h¡, dhVmo _mZmo ^ñ_ _| hr hdZ H$aVm h¡Ÿ&& 22Ÿ&&

One who worships the Deity of Godhead in the temples but does not know that the Supreme Lord, as Paramatma, is situated in every living entity?s heart, must be in ignorance and is compared to one who offers oblations into ashes.[22]

Omo ^oXXeu Am¡a A{^_mZr nwéf Xygao Ordm| Ho$ gmW d¡a ~m±YVm h¡ Am¡a Bg àH$ma CZHo$ earam| _| {dÚ_mZ _wP AmË_m go hr Ûof H$aVm h¡, CgHo$ _ZH$mo H$^r empÝV Zht {_b gH$VrŸ&& 23Ÿ&&

One who offers Me respect but is envious of the bodies of other and is therefore a separatist never attains peace of mind, because of his inimical behavior towards other living entities.[23]

_mVmOr! Omo Xygao Ordm| H$m An_mZ H$aVm h¡, dh ~hþV gr K{Q>`m-~{‹T>`m gm_{J«`m| go AZoH$ àH$ma Ho$ {d{Y-{dYmZ Ho$ gmW _oar _y{V©H$m nyOZ ^r H$ao Vmo ^r _¢ Cggo àgÞ Zht hmo gH$VmŸ&& 24Ÿ&&

My dear Mother, even if he worships with proper rituals and paraphernalia, a person who is ignorant of My presence in all living entities never pleases Me by the worship of My Deities in the temple.[24]

_Zwî` AnZo Y_©H$m AZwð>mZ H$aVm hþAm V~ VH$ _wP B©œa H$s à{V_m Am{X _| nyOm H$aVm aho, O~ VH$ Cgo AnZo öX` _| E~§ gånyU© àm{U`m| _| pñWV na_mË_m H$m AZw^d Z hmo Om`Ÿ&& 25Ÿ&&

Performing his prescribed duties, one should worship the Deity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead until one realize My Presence in his own heart and in the hearts of other living entities as well.[25]

Omo ì`{º$ AmË_m Am¡a na_mË_m Ho$ ~rM _| Wmo‹S>m-gr ^r AÝVa H$aVm h¡, Cg ^oXXeu H$mo _¢ _¥Ë`wê$n go _hmZ² ^` CnpñWV H$aVm hÿ±Ÿ&& 26Ÿ&&

As the blazing fire of death, I cause great fear to whoever makes the least discrimination between himself and other living entities because of a differential outlook.[26] 

AV: gånyU© àm{U`m| Ho$ ^rVa Ka ~ZmH$ CZ àm{U`m| Ho$ hr ê$n _| pñWV _wP na_mË_mH$m `Wm`mo½` XmZ, _mZ, {_ÌVm Ho$ ì`dhma VWm g_Ñ{ï> Ho$ Ûmam nyOZ H$aZm Mm{h`oŸ&& 27Ÿ&&

Therefore, through charitable gifts and attention, as well as through friendly behavior and by viewing all to be alike, one should propitiate me, who abide in all creatures as their very Self.[27] 

Vñ_mÝ_æ`{n©Vmeof{H«$`mWm©Ë_m {ZaÝVa:Ÿ&
_æ`{n©VmË_Z: nw§gmo _{` g§Ý`ñVH$_©U:Ÿ&
Z ní`m{_ na§ ^yV_H$Vw©: g_Xe©ZmËŸ&& 33Ÿ&&
CZH$s Anojm ^r Omo bmoJ AnZo gånyU© H$_©, CZHo$ \$b VWm AnZo eara H$mo ^r _wPo hr An©U H$aHo$ ^oX^md N>mo‹S>H$a _oar CnmgZm H$aVo h¢, do loð> h¢Ÿ& Bg àH$ma _wPo hr {MÎm Am¡a H$_© g_n©U H$aZodmbo AH$Îmm© Am¡a g_Xeu nwéf go ~‹T>H$a _wPo H$moB© AÝ` àmUr Zht XrIVmŸ&

Therefore I do not find a greater persons than he who has no interest outside of Mine and who therefore engaged and dedicates all his activities and all his life-everything-unto Me without cessation.[33]



AÜ`m` - 33
Xoh-Joh _| Amgº$ nwéfm| H$s AYmoJ{V Ho$ ~mao _| ^JdmZ² H${nb H$hVo h¢ ---
AÌ¡d ZaH$: ñdJ© B{V _mV: àMjVoŸ&
`m `mVZm d¡ ZmaŠ`ñVm Bhmß`wnb{jV:Ÿ&& 29Ÿ&&
_mVmOr! Hw$N> bmoJm| H$m H$hZm h¡ {H$ ñdJ© Am¡a ZaH$ Vmo Bgr bmoH$ _| h¢, Š`m|{H$ Omo ZmaH$s `mVZmE§ h¢, do `hm± ^r XoIr OmVr h¡Ÿ&& 29Ÿ&&

" Relating to downfall of the persons engaged in family affairs Lord kapila says:- My dear mother, it is sometime said that we experience hell or heaven on this planet, for hellish punishments are sometime visible on this planet also.[29]

Bg àH$ma AZoH$ H$ï> ^moJH$a AnZo Hw$Qw>å~ H$m hr nmbZ H$aZodmbm AWdm Ho$db AnZm hr noQ> ^aZo dmbm nwéf CZ Hw$Qw>å~ Am¡a eara --- XmoZm| H$mo `ht N>mo‹S>H$a _aZo Ho$ ~mX AnZo {H$`o hþE nmnm|H$m Eogm \$b ^moJVm h¡Ÿ&& 30Ÿ&&

After leaving this body, the man who maintained himself and his family members by sinful activities suffers a hellish life, and his relatives suffer also.[30]

AÜ`m` - 33
^JdmZ² H${nb H$mo gå~mo{YV H$aVr hþB© _mVm Xodhÿ{V H$hVr h¡ --- ^JdmZ²! AmnHo$ Zm_m| H$m ldU `m H$sV©Z H$aZo go VWm ^ybo ^Q>Ho$ H$^r H$^r AmnH$m dÝXZ `m ñ_aU H$aZo go hr Hw$ÎmoH$m _m§g ImZo dmbm MÊS>mb ^r gmo_m`mOr ~«m÷U Ho$ g_mZ nyOZr` hmo gH$Vm h¡; {\$a AmnH$m Xe©Z H$aZo go _Zwî` H¥$VH¥$Ë` hmo Om` --- Bg_| Vmo H$hZm hr Š`m h¡Ÿ&& 6Ÿ&&

" Addressing to Lord Kapila, mother Devahuti says:-even a person born in a family of dog-eaters immediately becomes eligible to perform Vedic sacrifices if he once utters the holy name of the Supreme Personality of Godhead or chants about Him, hears about His pastimes, offers Him obeisances  or even remembers Him.[6]

Omo loð> nwéf AmnH$m Zm_ CƒmaU H$aVo h¢, CÝhm|Zo Vn, hdZ, VrW©ñZmZ, gXmMma H$m nmbZ Am¡a doXmÜ``Z --- g~ Hw$N> H$a {b`mŸ&& 7Ÿ&&

Persons who chant the holy name of Your Lordship, they must have executed all kids of austerities and fire sacrifices and achieved all the good manners of the Aryans. To be chanting the holy name of Your Lordship. they must have bathed at holy places of pilgrimage, studied the Vedas and fulfilled everything required.[7]


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