All are equal in the eyes of God



AÜ`m` - 3
gwaloð> e§H$a ^JdmZ² go {ZdoXZ H$aVr hþB© gVr Zo H$hm --- n{V, Jwé Am¡a _mVm-{nVm Am{X gwöXm| Ho$ `hm± Vmo {~Zm ~wbm`o ^r Om gH$Vo h¢Ÿ&& 13Ÿ&&

"Praying to Lord Shankar, Sati said:-There is no harm if one goes to the house of one?s friend, husband, spiritual master or father without invitation.[13]

^JdmZ² e§H$a Zo H$hm --- gwÝXar! Vw_Zo Omo H$hm {H$ AnZo ~ÝYwOZ Ho$ `hm± {~Zm ~wbm`o ^r Om gH$Vo h¢, gmo Vmo R>rH$ hr h¡; {H$ÝVw Eogm V^r H$aZm Mm{h`o, O~ CZH$s Ñ{ï> A{Ve` à~b Xohm{^_mZ go CËnÞ hþE _X Am¡a H«$moY Ho$ H$maU Ûof-Xmof go `wº$ Z hmo J`r hmoŸ&& 16Ÿ&&

The great lord replied: My dear beautiful wife, you have said that one may go to a friend house without being invited, and this is true, provided such a friend does not find fault with the guest because of bodily identification and thereby become angry towards him.[16]


{dÚm, Vn, YZ, gwÑ‹T> eara, `wdmdñWm Am¡a Cƒ Hw$b --- `o N>: gËnwéfm| Ho$ Vmo JwU h¢, naÝVw ZrM-nwéfm| _| `o hr AdJwU hmo OmVo h¢; Š`m|{H$ BZgo CZH$m A{^_mZ ~‹T> OmVm h¡ Am¡a Ñ{ï> Xmof_wº$ hmo OmVr h¡ Ed§ {ddoH$- e{º$ Zï> hmo OmVr h¡Ÿ& Bgr H$maU do _hmnwéfm| H$m à^md Zht XoI nmVoŸ&& 17Ÿ&&

Although the six qualities education austerity, wealth, beauty and heritage are for the highly elevated, one who is proud of possessing them becomes blind, and thus he loses his good sense and cannot appreciate the glories of great personalities.[17]


Bgrgo Omo AnZo `hm± Am`o hþE nwéfm| H$mo Hw${Q>b ~w{Õ go ^m¢ M‹T>mH$a amof-^ar Ñ{ï> go XoIVo h¢, CZ Aì`dpñWV{MÎm bmoJm| Ho$ `hm± "`o h_mao ~mÝYd h¢' Eogm g_PH$a H$^r Zht OmZm Mm{h`oŸ&& 18Ÿ&&

One should not go to anyone?s house, even on the consideration of his being a relative or a friend , when the man is disturbed in his mind and looks upon the guest with raised eyebrows and angry eyes.[18]


eÌwAm| Ho$ ~mUm| go q~Y OmZo na ^r Eogr ì`Wm Zht hmoVr, O¡gr AnZo Hw${Q>b~w{Õ ñdOZm| Ho$ Hw${Q>b dMZm| go hmoVr h¡Ÿ& Š`m|{H$ ~mUm| go eara {N>Þ-{^Þ hmo OmZo na Vmo O¡go-V¡go {ZÐm Am OmVr h¡, {H$ÝVw Hw$dmŠ`m| go __©ñWmZ {dÕ hmo OmZo na Vmo _Zwî` öX` H$s nr‹S>m go {XZ- V ~oM¡Z ahVm h¡Ÿ&& 19Ÿ&&

Lord Siva continued: If one is hurt by the arrows of an enemy, one is not as aggrieved as when cut by the unkind words of a relative, for such grief continues to rend one?s heart day and night.[19]


`{X Vw_ _oar ~mV Z _mZH$a dhm± OmAmoJr, Vmo Vwåhmao {bE AÀN>m Z hmoJm, Š`m|{H$ O~ {H$gr à{V{ð>V ì`{º$H$m AnZo AmË_r`OZm| Ho$ Ûmam An_mZ hmoVm h¡, V~ dh VËH$mb CZH$s _¥Ë`wH$m H$maU hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 25Ÿ&&

If in spite of this instruction you decide to go neglecting my wards, the future will not be good for you. You are most respectable, and when you are insulted by your relative, this insult will immediately by equal to death.[25]



AÜ`m` - 4
Xodr gVr Zo H$hm --- {nVmOr! Amn O¡go bmoJ Xygam| Ho$ JwUm| _| ^r Xmof hr XoIVo h¢, {H$ÝVw H$moB© gmYwnwéf Eogm Zhr H$aVoŸ& Omo bmoJ --- Xmof XoIZo H$s ~mV Vmo AbJ ahr --- Xwgam| Ho$ Wmo‹S>o go JwUH$mo ^r ~‹S>o n_| XoIZm MmhVo h¢, do g~go loð> h¢Ÿ&& 12Ÿ&&

" Goddess Sati said:-A man like you can simply find fault in the qualities of others. Lord Siva, however, not only finds on faults with others, Qualities , but if someone has a little good quality, he magnifies it greatly.[12]


gVr Zo nwZ: H$hm --- `{X {Za§Hw$e bmoJ Y_© _`m©Xm H$s ajm H$aZodmbo AnZo nwOZr` ñdm_r H$s {ZÝXm H$a| Vmo AnZo _| Cgo XÊS> XoZo H$s e{º$ Z hmoZo na H$mZ ~ÝX H$aHo$ dhm± go Mbm Om` Am¡a `{X e{º$ hmo Vmo dbnyd©H$ nH$‹S>H$a Cg ~H$dmX H$aZodmbr A_§Jbê$n Xwï> {Oˆm H$mo H$mQ> S>mboŸ& Bg nmn H$mo amoH$Zo Ho$ {b`o ñd`§ AnZo àmUVH$ Xo Xo, `hr Y_© h¡Ÿ&& 17Ÿ&&

If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, one should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer?s tongue and kill the offender, and after that one should give up his own life.[17]


`{X ^yb go H$moB© {ZpÝXV dñVw Im br Om` Vmo Cgo d_Z H$aHo$ {ZH$mb XoZo go hr _Zwî` H$s ew{Õ ~Vm`r OmVr h¡Ÿ&& 18Ÿ&&

If someone has taken food which is poisonous, the best treatment is to vomit.[18]


Bg{bE _Zwî` H$mo Mm{h`o {H$ dh AnZo hr Y_©_mJ© _| pñWV ahVo hþE ^r Xygam| Ho$ _mJ© H$s {ZÝXm Z H$aoŸ&& 19Ÿ&&

It is better to execute one?s own occupational duty than to criticize other?s.[19]



AÜ`m` - 6
lr ~«÷mOr Zo ^JdmZ² e§H$aOr go H$hm --- Omo _hmZw^md AmnHo$ MaUm| _| AnZo H$mo g_{n©V H$a XoVo h¢, Omo g_ñV àm{U`m| _| AmnH$s hr Pm±H$s H$aVo h¢ Am¡a g_ñV Ordm| H$mo A^oX Ñ{ï>go AmË_m _| hr XoIVo h¢, do newAm| Ho$ g_mZ àm`: H«$moY Ho$ AYrZ Zht hmoVoŸ&& 46Ÿ&&

" Shree Brahmajee said to Lord Shankar:-My dear Lord, devotees who have fully dedicated their lives unto your lotus feet certainly observe your presence as Paramatma in each and every being, and as such they do not differentiate between one living being and another. Such persons treat all living entities equally. They never become overwhelmed by anger like animals.[46]


Omo bmoJ ^oX~w{Õ hmoZo Ho$ H$maU H$_m] _| hr Amgº$ h¢, {OZH$s Zr`V AÀN>r Zht h¢, Xygam| H$s CÞ{V XoI H$a {OZH$m {MÎm amV-{XZ Hw$‹S>m H$aVm h¡ Am¡a Omo __©^oXr AkmZr AnZo Xwd©MZm| go Xygam| H$m {MÎm XwIm`m H$aVo h¢, Amn O¡go _hmnwéfm| Ho$ {b`o CÝh| ^r _maZm C{MV Zht h¡; Š`m|{H$ do ~oMmao Vmo {dYmVm Ho$ hr _mao hþE h¢Ÿ&& 47Ÿ&&

Persons who observe everything with differentiation, who are simply attached to frutiuve activities, who are mean minded, who are always pained to see the flourishing condition of others and who thus give distress to them by uttering harsh and piercing words have already been killed by providence. Thus there is no need for them to be killed again by an exalted personality like you.[47]



AÜ`m` - 7
lr ^JdmZ² Zo Xj H$mo gå~moYZ H$aHo$ H$hm--- OJV² H$m na_ H$maU _¢ hr ~«÷m Am¡a _hmXod hÿ±; g~H$m AmË_m, B©œa Am¡a gmjr hÿ± VWm ñd`§àH$me Am¡a Cnm{Y-eyÝ` hÿ±Ÿ&& 50Ÿ&&

" Lord Visnu said to Duksa:- Brahma, Lord Siva and I are the supreme cause of the material manifestation. I am the Supersoul, the self-sufficient witness.[50]

AnZr {ÌJwUmpË_H$m _m`m H$mo ñdrH$ma H$aHo$ _¢ hr OJV² H$s aMZm, nmbZ Am¡a g§hma H$aVm ahVm hÿ± Am¡a _¢Zo hr CZ H$_m] Ho$ AZwê$n ~«÷m, {dîUw Am¡a e§H$a --- `o Zm_ YmaU {H$`o h¢Ÿ&& 51Ÿ&&

I am the original Personality of Godhead, but in order to create, maintain and annihilate this cosmic manifestation, I act through My material energy, and according to the different grades of activity, My representation are differently named.[51]

{Og àH$ma _Zwî` AnZo {ga, hmW Am{X A§Jm| _| ""`o _wPgo {^Þ h¢'' Eogr ~w{Õ H$^r Zht H$aVm, Cgr àH$ma _oam ^º$ àm{U_mÌ H$mo _wPgo {^Þ Zht XoIVmŸ&& 53Ÿ&&

A person with average intelligence does not think the head and other parts of the body to be separate. Similarly, My devotee does not differentiate Visnu, the all pervading Personality of Godhead, from any thing or any living entity.[53]

~«÷Z²! h_---~«÷m, {dîUw Am¡a _hoœa---VrZm| ñdê$nV: EH$ hr h¢ Am¡a h_ hr gånyU© Ordê$n h¡; AV: Omo h__| Hw$N> ^r ^oX Zht XoIVm, dhr empÝV àmá H$aVo h¡Ÿ&& 54Ÿ&&

The Lord continued: One who does not consider Brahma, Visnu, Siva or the living entities in general to be separate from the Supreme, and who knows Brahma, actually realize peace; others do not .[54]


AÜ`m` - 8
P² Y«wd Ho$ dZ J_Z H$m àg§J Q>
gm¡V gwé{M H$s ~mV go XwIr gwZr{V emoH$-g§Vá hmo CR>r Am¡a Jhar gm§g boH$a Y«wd go H$hm, ~oQ>m! Vy Xygam| Ho$ {bE {H$gr àH$ma Ho$ A_§Jb H$s H$m_Zm _V H$a ""Omo _Zwî` Xygam| H$mo Xw:I XoVm h¡, Cgo ñd`§ hr CgH$s \$b ^moJZm n‹S>Vm h¡''Ÿ&& 17Ÿ&&

" On being afflicted with cruel words of Suruchi, Sunitee said to her son Dhruva:- My dear son, don?t wish for anything inauspicious for others, Anyone who inflicts pains upon others suffers himself from that pain.[17]

ZmaXOr Zo Y«wdOr go H$hm --- _Zwî` H$mo Mm{hE {H$ AnZo go A{YH$ JwUdmZ² H$mo XoIH$a àgÞ hmo; Omo H$_ JwUdmbm hmo, Cg na X` H$ao Am¡a Omo AnZo g_mZ JwUdmbm hmo, Cggo {_ÌVm H$m ^md aIoŸ& `m| H$aZo go Cgo Xw:I H$^r Zht X~m gH$VoŸ&& 34Ÿ&&

" Shri Naradajee said to Dhruva:-Every man should act like this: when he meets a person more Qualified than himself, he should be very pleased; when he meet someone less qualified than himself, he should be compassionate toward him; and when he meets someone equal to himself, he should make friendship with him. In this way one is never affected by the threefold  miseries of this material world.[34]

ZmaXOr Zo Y«wdOr go H$hm --- Omo bmoJ à^wH$m _mZg-nyOZ H$aVo h¢, CZHo$ AÝV:H$aU _| do öX`H$_b H$s H${U©H$m na AnZo ZI_{U_pÊS>V _Zoha nmXma{dÝXm| H$mo ñWm{nV H$aHo$ {damOVo h¢Ÿ&& 40Ÿ&&

Real yogis meditate upon the transcendental form of the Lord as He stand on the whorl of the lotus of their hearts, the jewelike nails of His lotus feet glittering.[50]

lr ZmaXOr Zo Y«wdOr go H$hm --- amOHw$_ma! Bg Ü`mZ Ho$ gmW {Og na_ Jwø _§Ì H$m On H$aZm Mm{hE, dh ^r ~VbmVm hÿ±Ÿ& dh _§Ì h¡ ---
""› Z_mo ^JdVo dmgwXodm`''Ÿ& {H$g Xoe Am¡a {H$g H$mb _| H$m¡Z dñVw Cn`moJr h¡ --- BgH$m {dMma H$aHo$ ~w{Õ_mZ² nwéf H$mo Bg _§Ì Ho$ Ûmam Vah-Vah H$s gm_{J«`m| go ^JdmZ² H$s Ðì`_`r nyOm H$aZr Mm{h`oŸ&& 54Ÿ&&

?Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya?. This is the twelve-syllable mantra for worshiping Lord Krisn. One should install  the physical forms of the Lord, and with the chanting of the mantra one should offer flowers and fruits and other varieties of foodstuffs exactly according to the rules and regulations prescribed by authorities. But this should be done in consideration of place, time, And attendant conveniences and inconveniences.[54]

à^wH$m nyOZ {dewÕ Ob, nwîn_mbm, O§Jbr _yb Am¡a \$bm{X, nyOm_| {d{hV Xydm©{X A§Hw$a, dZ_| hr àmá hmoZo dmbo dëH$b dó Am¡a CZH$s ào`gr Vwbgr go H$aZm Mm{h`oŸ&& 55Ÿ&&

One should worship the Lord by offering pure water, pure flower garlands, fruits, flowers and vegetables, which are available in the forest, or by collecting newly grown grasses, small buds of flowers or even the skins of trees, and if possible, by offering tulasi leaves.[55]

`{X {ebm Am{X H$s _y{V© {_b gHo$ Vmo Cg_|, Zht Vmo n¥Ïdr `m Ob Am{X _| hr ^JdmZ² H$s nyOm H$aoŸ& gd©Xm g§`V{MÎm, _ZZerb, emÝV Am¡a _m¡Z aho VWm O§Jbr \$b-_ybm{X H$m {na{_V Amhma H$aoŸ&& 53Ÿ&&

It is possible to worship a form of the Lord made of physical elements such as earth, water, pulp, wood and metal. It the forest one can make a form with no more than earth and water and worship Him according to the above principles, A devotee who has full control over his self should be very sober and peaceful and must be satisfied simply with eating whatever fruits and vegetable are available in the forest.[56]



AÜ`m` - 9
Y«wdOr Ho$ Ka bm¡Q>Zo na CÎmmZnmX g{hV g^r bmoJ AmZÝX_Z hmo CR>oŸ& {Og àH$ma Ob ñd`§ hr ZrMo H$s Amoa ~hZo bJVm h¡ --- Cgr àH$ma _¡Ìr Am{X JwUm| Ho$ H$maU {Og na lr ^JdmZ² àgÞ hmo OmVo h¢, CgHo$ AmJo g^r Ord PwH$ OmVo h¢Ÿ&& 47Ÿ&&

Unto one who has transcendental Qualities due to friendly behavior with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, all living entities offer honor, just as water automatically flows down by nature.[47]


AÜ`m` - 11
Y«wdOr Ho$ qhgm ^md H$s {ZÝXm H$aVo hþE _ZwOr Zo H$hm --- gdm©Ë_m lrh[a Vmo AnZo go ~‹S>o nwéfm| Ho$ à{V ghZerbVm, N>moQ>m| Ho$ à{V X`m, ~am~a mmbm| Ho$ gmW {_ÌVm Am¡a g_ñV Ordm| Ho$ gmW g_Vm H$m ~Vm©d H$aZo go hr àgÞ hmoVo h¢Ÿ&& 13Ÿ&&

" Disliking the feeling of violence in Dhruva, Manujee said:-The Lord very satisfied with His devotee when the devotee greets other people with tolerance, mercy, friendship and equality.[13]

O¡go dm`w Ho$ MbZo na Yyb CgHo$ gmW-gmW C‹S>Vr h¡, Cgr àH$ma g_ñV Ord AnZo-AnZo H$_m] Ho$ AYrZ hmoH$a H$mbH$s J{V H$m AZwgaU H$aVo h¢ - AnZo-AnZo H$_m©Zwgma gwI-Xw:Im{X \$b ^moJVo h¢Ÿ&& 20Ÿ&&

Within the jurisdiction of the time element, everyone enjoys or suffer the result of his own karma, or fruitive activities. As when the wind blows, small particles of dust fly in the air, so according to one?s particular karma, one suffers or enjoys material life.[20]

H«$moY Ho$ der^yV hþE nwéf go g^r bmoJm| H$mo ~‹S>m ^` hmoVm h¡; Bg{b`o Omo ~w{Õ_mZ² nwéf Eogm MmhVm h¡ {H$ _wPgo {H$gr ^r àmUrH$mo ^` Z hmo Am¡a _wPo ^r {H$gr go ^` Z hmo, Cgo H«$moY Ho$ de_| H$^r Z hmoZm Mm{h`oŸ&& 32Ÿ&&

A person who desires liberation from this material world should not fall under the control of anger because when bewildered by anger one becomes a source of dread for all others.[32]



AÜ`m` - 12
lr Hw$~oaOr Zo Y«wdO go H$hm --- dmñVd _| Z Vw_Zo `jm| H$mo _mam h¡ Am¡a Z `jm|Zo Vwåhmao ^mB© H$moŸ& g_ñV Ordm| H$s CËn{Îm Am¡a {dZme H$m H$maU Vmo EH$_mÌ H$mb hr h¡Ÿ&& 3Ÿ&&

" Shri Kuberjee said to Dhruva:-Actually, you have not killed the Yaksas, nor have they killed your brother, for the ultimate cause of generation and annihilation is the eternal time feature of the Supreme Lord.[3]

`h _¢ --- Vy Am{X {_Ï`m~w{Õ Vmo OrdH$mo AkmZde ñdßZ Ho$ g_mZ earam{X H$mo hr AmË_m _mZZo go CËnÞ hmoVr h¡Ÿ& Bgr go _Zwî` H$mo ~ÝYZ Ed§ Xw:Im{X {dnarV AdñWmAm| H$s àm{á hmoVr h¡Ÿ&& 4Ÿ&&

Misidentification of oneself and others as  ?I? and ?You?on the basis of the bodily concept of life is a product of ignorance. This bodily concept is the cause of repeated birth and death, and it makes us go on continuously in material existence.[4]



AÜ`m` - 13
amOm A§J AnZo nwÌ doZ H$s Xwï> àH¥${V go V§J AmH$a _Z-hr-_Z H$hZo bJo {OZ J¥hñWm| Ho$ nwÌ Zht h¢, CÝhm|Zo Adí` hr nyd©OÝ_ _| lrh[a H$s AmamYZm H$s hmoJr; Bgr go CÝh| Hw$nyV H$s H$aVyVm| go hmoZodmbo Agø Šboe Zht ghZo n‹S>VoŸ&& 43Ÿ&&

"On being agitated with evil nature of his son Vene, King Aung thought To himself:- Persons who have no son are certainly fortunate. They must have worshiped the Lord in their previous lives so that they would not have to suffer the unbearable unhappiness caused by a bad son.[13]

{OgH$s H$aZr go _mVm-{nVm H$m gmam gw`e {_Å>r _| {_b Om`, CÝh| AY_©H$m ^mJr hmoZm n‹S>o, g~go {damoY hmo Om`, H$^r Z Ny>Q>Zodmbr {MÝVm _mob boZr n‹S>o Am¡a Ka ^r Xw:IXm`r hmo Om` --- Eogr Zm__mÌ H$s gÝVmZ Ho$ {b`o H$m¡Z g_PXma nwéf bbMmdoJm? dh Vmo AmË_m Ho$ {b`o EH$ àH$ma H$m _moh_` ~ÝYZ hr h¡Ÿ&& 44-45Ÿ&&

A sinful son cause a person?s reputation to vanish. His irreligious activities at home cause irreligion and quarrel among everyone, and this creates only endless anxiety.[44]

Who, if he is considerate and intelligent would desire such a worthless son? Such a son is nothing but a bond of illusion for the living entity, and he makes one?s home miserable.[45]



AÜ`m` - 16
doZ Ho$ _¥VH$ eara go OÝ_ boZo dmbo àVmndmZ² g_Xeu _hmamO n¥Ww H$s àe§gm _| gyV Am¡a Jm`H$ bmoJ H$hZo bJo ---
{Og àH$ma gy`© XodVm AmR> _hrZo VnVo ahH$a Ob ItMVo h¢ Am¡a dfm©F$Vw _| Cgo C‹S>ob XoVo h¢, Cgr àH$ma `o H$a Am{X Ho$ Ûmam H$^r YZ g§M` H$a|Jo Am¡a H$^r CgH$m àOmHo$ {hV Ho$ {b`o ì`` H$a S>mb|JoŸ&& 6Ÿ&&

" In praise of Prithu maharaja Suta and Singers began to say:-Just as the sungod evaporates water for eight month and , during the rainy season, returns it profusely, this King will also exact taxes from the citizens and return these monies in times of need.[6]

H$^r dfm© Z hmoJr Am¡a àOmHo$ àmU g§H$Q> _| n‹S> Om`|Jo, Vmo `o amOdofYmar lrh[a BÝÐ H$s ^m±{V Ob ~agm H$a AZm`mg hr CgH$s ajm H$a b|JoŸ&& 8Ÿ&&

When there is no rainfall and the citizens are in great danger due to the scarcity of water, this royal Personality of Godhead will be able to supply rains exactly like the heavenly King Indra. Thus he will very easily be able to protect the citizens from drought.[8]



AÜ`m` - 17
àOm Ho$ H$éU H«$ÝXZ H$m H$maU, n¥Ïdr H$mo _mZH$a _hmamO n¥Ww Zo n¥Ïdr H$mo bú` ~Zm H$a dmU M‹T>m`m, V~ _hmamOm n¥Ww Or go ^`^rV n¥Ïdr ajmW© {dZVr H$aVr hþB© H$hVr h¡ --- {ó`m§ H$moB© AnamY H$a| Vmo gmYmaU Ord ^r CZ na hmW Zht CR>mVo; {\$a Amn O¡go H$éUm_` Am¡a XrZ dËgb Vmo Eogm H$a hr H¡$go gH$Vo h¢?Ÿ&& 20Ÿ&&

" The Earth, being of afraid of Maharaja Prithu prays to him for her protection:- Even if a women does commit some sinful activity, no one should place his hand upon her. And what  to speak of you, dear King, who are so merciful. You are a protector , and you are affectionate to the poor.[20]

_hmamO n¥WwOr H$hVo h¢ --- Omo Xwï> AnZm hr nmofU H$aZodmbm VWm AÝ` àm{U`m| Ho$ à{V {ZX©` hmo --- dh nwéf, ór AWdm Znw§gH$ H$moB© ^r hmo --- CgH$m _maZm amOmAm| Ho$ {b`o Z _maZo Ho$ hr g_mZ h¡Ÿ&& 26Ÿ&&

" Maharaja Prithu says:-Any cruel person-be he man, women or impotent eunuch-who is only interested in his personal maintenance and has no compassion for other living entities may be killed by the king Such killing can never be considered actual killing.[26]



AÜ`m` - 18
n¥Ïdr Zo H«$mo{YV n¥Ww go àmW©Zm H$aVo hþE H$hm
--- CZ àmMrZ F${f`m| Ho$ ~Vm`o hþE Cnm`m| H$m Bg g_` ^r Omo nwéf lÕmnyd©H$ ^br^m±{V AmMaU H$aVm h¡, dh gwJ_Vm go A^rï>\$b àmá H$a boVm h¡Ÿ&& 4Ÿ&&

" Praying to angry Prithu the Earth said:-One who follows the principles and instructions enjoyed by the great sages of the past can utilize thee instruction for practical purposes. Such a person can very easily enjoy life and pleasures.[4]

naÝVw Omo AkmZr nwéf CZH$m AZmXa H$aHo$ AnZo _Z:H$pënV Cnm`m| H$m Aml` boVm h¡, CgHo$ g^r Cnm` Am¡a à`ËZ ~ma~ma {Zî\$b hmoVo ahVo h¢Ÿ&& 5Ÿ&&

A foolish person who manufactures his own way and means through mental  speculation and does not recognize the authority of the sages who lay down unimpeachable directions is simply unsuccessful again and in his attempts.[5]



AÜ`m` - 19
_hmamO n¥Ww Ho$ Aœ_oY `k _| ~mYm S>mbZo Ho$ {bE BÝÐ Zo Aœ haU H$s BÀN>m go Omo Omo ê$n YmaU {H$`o Wo, do nmn Ho$ IÊS> hmoZo Ho$ H$maU nmIÊS> H$hbm`oŸ& Bg àH$ma n¥WwHo$ `kH$m {dÜd§g H$aZo Ho$ {b`o `knew H$mo MwamVo g_` BÝÐ Zo {OÝh| H$B©~ma J«hU H$aHo$ Ë`mJm Wm, CZ ""Z¾'' "aº$må~a' VWm ""H$mnm{bH$'' Am{X nmIÊS>nyU© AmMmam| _| _Zwî`m| H$s ~w{Õ àm`: _mo{hV hmo OmVr h¡; Š`m|{H$ `o ZmpñVH$ _V XoIZo _| gwÝXa h¢ Am¡a ~‹S>r ~‹S>r `w{º$`m| go AnZo njH$m g_W©Z H$aVo h¢Ÿ& dmñVd _| `o CnY_©_mÌ h¢Ÿ& bmoJ ^«_de Y_© _mZH$a CZ_| Amgº$ hmo OmVo h¢Ÿ&& 24-25Ÿ&&

In this way, King Indra, in order to steal the horse from King Prthu?s sacrifice, adopted several orders of sannyasa. Some sannysais go naked, and sometimes they wear red garments and pass under the name of  kapalika. These are simply symbolic representation of their sinful activities. These so-called sannyasis are very much appreciates by sinful men because they are all godless atheists and very expert  in putting forward arguments and reasons to support their case. We must know, however, that they are only passing as adherents of religion and are not so in fact. Unfortunately, bewildered persons accept them as religious, and being attracted to them.[24-25]



AÜ`m` - 20
lr {dîUw ^JdmZ² BÝÐ H$mo j_m H$a XoZo Ho$ {bE _hmamO n¥Ww go H$hVo h¢ --- Omo loð> _mZd gmYw Am¡a g×w{Õ gånÞ hmoVo h¢, do Xygao Ordm| go Ðmoh Zht H$aVo; Š`m|{H$ `h eara AmË_m Zht h¡Ÿ&& 3Ÿ&&

"Lord Vishnu told Prthu to forgive Indra:-An advanced human being is never malicious to others. Those with advanced intelligence are always conscious that this material body is different from the soul.[3]

amOZ! Omo nwéf {H$gr àH$ma H$s H$m_Zm Z IH$a AnZo dUm©l_ Ho$ Y_m]Ûmam {ZË`à{V lÕmnyd©H$ _oar AmamYZm H$aVm h¡, CgH$m {MÎm Yrao-Yrao ewÕ hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 9Ÿ&&

My dear King Prthu, when one situated in his occupational duty engages in My loving service without motivate for material gain, he gradually becomes very satisfied within.[9]


{MÎm ewÕ hmoZo na CgH$m {df`m| go gå~ÝY Zht ahVm VWm Cgo VÎdkmZ H$s àm{á hmo OmVr h¡Ÿ& {\$a Vmo dh _oar g_Vmê$n pñW{V H$mo àmá hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ& `hr na_ empÝV, ~«÷ AWdm H¡$dë` h¡Ÿ&& 10Ÿ&&

When the heart is cleansed of all material contamination, the devotee?s mind becomes broader and transparent, and he can see things equally. At that stage of life there is space, and one is situated equally with Me as sac-cid-ananda-vigraha.[10]

amOm H$m H$ë`mU àOm nmbZ _| hr h¡Ÿ& Bggo Cgo nabmoH$ _| àOm Ho$ nwÊ` H$m N>R>m ^mJ {_bVm h¡Ÿ& BgHo$ {dnarV Omo amOm àOmH$s ajm Vmo Zht H$aVm; {H$ÝVw Cggo H$a dgyb H$aH$m OmVm h¡, CgH$m gmam nwÊ` Vmo àOm N>rZ boVr h¡ Am¡a ~Xbo _| Cgo àOm Ho$ nmn H$m ^mJr hmoZm n‹S>Vm h¡Ÿ&& 14Ÿ&&

To give  protection to the general mass of people who are citizens of the state is the prescribed occupational duty for a King. By acting in that way, the king in his next life shares one sixth of the result of the pious activities of the citizens. But a king or executive head of state who simply collects taxes from the citizens but does not give them proper protection as human beings has the results of his own pious activities taken away by the citizens, and in exchange for his not giving protection  he becomes liable to punishment for the impious activities of his subjects.[14]

Am{XamO n¥Ww Zo lr ^JdmZ² H$s ñVw{V H$aVo hþE H$hm --- gËg§J _| AmnHo$ _§Jb_` gw`e H$mo X¡dde EH$~ma ^r gwZ boZo na H$moB© new~w{Õ nwéf ^bo hr V¥á hmo Om`; JwUJ«mhr Cgo H¡$go N>mo‹S> gH$Vm h¡? g~ àH$ma Ho$ nwéfmWm© H$s {g{Õ Ho$ {b`o ñd`§ bú_rOr ^r AmnHo$ gw`e H$mo gwZZm MmhVr h¡Ÿ&& 26Ÿ&&

" Offering prayers to Lord Bhagawan king Prithu said:- My dear highly glorified Lord, if one in the association of pure devotees, hears even once the glories of Your activities, he does not , unless he in nothing but an animal, give up the association of devotees, for no intelligent person would be so careless as to leave their association. The perfection of chanting and hearing about Your glories was accepted even by the goddess of fortune, who desired to hear of Your unlimited activities and transcendental glories.[26]


AÜ`m` - 21
_hmamO n¥Ww Zo {dÛËOZ H$mo gå~mo{YV H$aVo hþE H$hVo h¢ --- gä`JU! {Og àH$ma ñdÀN> Xn©U _| à{V{då~ H$m ^mZ hmoVm h¡ --- Cgr àH$ma {Oggo Bg gånyU© àn#m H$m R>rH$-R>rH$ kmZ hmoVm h¡, Cg {ZË`, ewÕ Am¡a gZmVZ ~«÷ (doX) H$mo Omo na_mW©-VËd H$s CnbpãY Ho$ {b`o lÕm, Vn, _§Jb_` AmMaU, ñdmÜ`m`{damoYr dmVm©bmn Ho$ Ë`mJ VWm g§`_ Am¡a g_m{Y Ho$ Aä`mg Ûmam YmaU H$aVo h¢, CZ ~«m÷Um| Ho$ MaUH$_bm| H$s Yy{b H$mo _¢ Am`wn`©ÝV AnZo _wHw$Q> na YmaU H$ê±$; Š`m|{H$ Cgo gd©Xm {gana M‹T>mVo ahZo go _Zwî` Ho$ gmao nmn VËH$mb Zï> hmo OmVo h¢ Am¡a gånyU© JwU CgH$s godm H$aZo bJVo h¢Ÿ&& 42-43Ÿ&&

" Addressing to the learned persons Maharaja Prithu says:- In brahmincial culture a brahmana?s transcendental position is eternally maintained because the injunctions of the Vedas are accepted with faith, austerity, scriptural conclusions, full sense and mind control, and meditation. In this way the real goal of life is illuminated, just as one?s face is fully reflected in a clear mirror.[42]

I beg the blessings of all of you that I may perpetually carry on my crown the dust of the lotus feet of such brahmansa and Vaisnvas until the end of my life. He who can carry such dust on his head is very  soon  relieved of all reactions which arise from sinful life, and eventually he develops all good and desirable qualities.[43]

Cg JwUdmZ, erbgånÞ H¥$Vk Am¡a JwéOZm| H$s godm H$aZo dmbo nwéf Ho$ nmg gmar gånXmE§ AnZo Amn Am OmVr h¢Ÿ& AV: _oar Vmo `hr A{^bmfm h¡ {H$ ~«m÷UHw$b, Jmod§e Am¡a ^º$m| Ho$ g{hV lr JdmZ² _wP na gXm àgÞ ah|Ÿ&& 44Ÿ&&

Whoever acquires the brahminical qualifications ?whose only wealth is good behavior, who is grateful and who takes shelter of experienced persons-gets all the opulence of the world. I therefore wish that the Supreme Personality of Godhead and his associates be pleased with the brahmana calss, with the cows and with me. [44]



AÜ`m` - 22
_hmamO n¥WwOr Zo _wZrœam| H$mo gå~mo{YV H$a H$hm --- Amn g§gmamZb go gÝVá Ordm| Ho$ na_ gwöX² h¢, Bg{b`o Amn_| {dœmg H$aHo$ _¢ `h nyN>Zm MmhVm hÿ± {H$ Bg g§gma _| _Zwî`H$m {H$g àH$ma gwJ_Vm go H$ë`mU hmo gH$Vm h¡?Ÿ&& 15Ÿ&

" Maharaja Prithu said to the greatest sages(Munis shwars):-I am completely assured that personalities like you are the  only friends for persons who are blazing in the fire of material existence. I therefore ask you how in this material world we can very soon achieve the ultimate goal of life.[15]

`h {ZíM` h¡ {H$ `mo AmË_dmZ² (Yra) nwéfm| _| "AmË_m' ê$n go àH$m{eV hmoVo h¢ Am¡a CnmgH$m| Ho$ öX` _| AnZo ñdê$nH$mo àJQ> H$aZo dmbo h¢, do AOÝ_m ^JdmZ² Zmam`U hr AnZo ^º$m| na H¥$nm H$aZo Ho$ {b`o Amn --- O¡go {gÕ nwéfm| Ho$ ê$n_| Bg n¥Ïdrna {dMam H$aVo h¢Ÿ&& 16Ÿ&&

The Supreme Personality of Godhead is always anxious to elevate the living entities, who are His parts and parcels, and for their special benefit, the Lord travels all over the world in the form of self-realized persons like you.[16]

lr gZËHw$_maOr Zo _hmamO n¥WwOr go H$hm---Omo bmoJ {df`-{MÝVZ _| bJo ahVo h¢, CZH$s BpÝÐ`m§ {df`m| _| \±$g OmVr h¢ VWm _ZH$mo ^r CÝht H$s Amoa ItM bo OmVr h¢Ÿ& {\$a Vmo O¡go Obme` Ho$ Vra na CJo hþE Hw$em{X AnZr O‹S>m| go CgH$m Ob ItMVo hVo h¢, Cgr àH$ma dh BpÝÐ`mgº$ _Z ~w{Õ H$s {dMmae{º$ H$mo H«$_e: ha boVm h¡Ÿ&& 30Ÿ&&

" Shri Sanat Kumarjee said to Maharaja Prithu:-When one?s mind and senses are attracted to sense objects for enjoyment, the mind becomes agitated. As a result of continually thinking of sense objects, one?s real consciousness almost becomes lost , like the water in a lake that is gradually sucked up the big grass straws on its bank.[30]

{dMmae{º$ Ho$ Zï> hmo OmZo na nydm©na H$s ñ_¥{V OmVr ahVr h¡ Am¡a ñ_¥{V H$m Zme hmo OmZo na kmZ Zht ahVmŸ& Bg kmZHo$ Zme H$mo hr npÊS>VOZ AnZo-Amn AnZm Zme H$aZm H$hVo h¢Ÿ&& 31Ÿ&&

When one deviates from his original consciousness, he loses the capacity to remember his previous position or recognize his present one. When remembrance is lost , all knowledge acquired is based on a false foundation. When this occurs, learned scholars consider that soul is lost.[31]

{OgHo$ CÔoí` go AÝ` g~ nXmWm] _| {à`Vm H$m ~moY hmoVm h¡ --- Cg AmË_mH$m AnZo Ûmam hr Zme hmoZo go Omo ñdmW©hm{Z hmoVr h¡, Cggo ~‹T>H$a bmoH$ _| Ord H$s Am¡a H$moB© hm{Z Zht h¡Ÿ&& 32Ÿ&&

There  is no stronger obstruction to one?s self-interest than thinking other subject matters to be more pleasing than one?s self-realization.[32]

{Ogo AkmZm?YH$ma go nma hmoZo H$s B?N>m hmo, Cg nw?f H$mo {df`m| _| Amg{? H$^r Zht H$aZr Mm{h`o; ?`m|{H$ `h Y_? AW? H$m_ Am?a _moj H$s ?m{?_| ~?S>r ~mYH$ h??&& 34?amp;&

Those who strongly desire to cross the ocean of nescience must not associate with the modes of ignorance, for hedonistic activities  are the greatest obstructions to realization of religious principals, economic development, regulated sense gratification and, at last liberation.[34]

BZ Mma nwéfmWm] _| ^r g~go loð> _moj hr _mZm OmVm h¡; Š`m|{H$ AÝ` VrZ nwéfmWm] _| gd©Xm H$mbH$m ^` bJm ahVm h¡Ÿ&& 35Ÿ&&

Out of the four principles-namely religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation- liberation has to be taken very seriously. The other three are subject to destruction by the stringent law of nature-death.[35]

Omo ^JdmZ² Xoh, BpÝÐ`, àmU ~w{Õ Am¡a Ah§H$ma go Amd¥V g^r ñWmda-O§J_ àm{U`m| Ho$ öX`m| _| Ord Ho$ {Z`m_H$ AÝV`m©_r AmË_mê$n go gd©Ì gmjmV² àH$m{eV hmo aho h¢ --- CÝh| Vw_ ""dh _¢ hr hÿ±'' Eogm OmZmoŸ&& 37Ÿ&&

My dear King Prthu, try to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is living within everyone?s of heart along with the individual soul, in each and every body, either moving or not moving. The individual souls are fully covered by the gross material body and subtle body made of the life air and intelligence.[37]

Omo bmoJ _Z Am¡a BpÝÐ`ê$n _Jam| go ^ao hþE Bg g§gma-gmJa H$mo `moJm{X XwîH$a gmYZm| go nma H$aZm MmhVo h¢, CZH$m Cg nma nhþ±MZm H${R>Z hr h¡; Š`m|{H$ CÝh| H$Um©Ymaê$n lrh[a H$m Aml` Zht h¡Ÿ& AV: Vw_ Vmo ^JdmZ² Ho$ AmamYZr` MaU-H$_bm| H$mo Zm¡H$m ~ZmH$a AZm`mg hr Bg XwñVa g_wÐH$mo nma H$a bmoŸ&& 40Ÿ&&

The ocean of nescience is very difficult to cross because it is infested with many dangerous sharks. Although those who are non-devotees undergo severe austerities and penances to cross that ocean, we recommend that you simply take shelter the lotus feet the Lord, which are like boats for crossing the ocean. Although the ocean is difficult to cross, by taking shelter of His lotus feet you will overcome all dangers.[40]

lr _¡Ìo`Or Zo {dXwaOr go _hmamO n¥Ww Ho$ ~mao _| H$hm --- Bg àH$ma EH$mJ«{MÎm go g_ñV H$_m]H$m \$b na_mË_m H$mo An©U H$aHo$ AmË_m H$mo H$_m]H$m gmjr Ed§ àH¥${V go AVrV XoIZo Ho$ H$maU do gd©Wm {Z{b©á ahoŸ&& 51Ÿ&&

" Shri Maitreyejee told Vidurjee about Maharaja Prithu:-Maharaja Prithu completely dedicated himself to be an eternal servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, transcendental to material nature, Consequently all the fruits of his activities were dedicated to the Lord , and he always thought of himself as the servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.[51]



AÜ`m` - 24
Y_©k Am¡a erbgånÞ amOHw$_mam| H$mo Omo ^JdmZ {ed Zo ñVmoÌ gwZm`m Cgr H$m `h A§e-- ^JdmZ²! `h _mohJ«ñV Ord à_mXde ha g_` Bgr {MÝVm _| ahVm h¡ {H$ "A_wH$ H$m`© H$aZm h¡'Ÿ& BgH$m bmo^ ~‹T> J`m h¡ Am¡a Bgo {df`m| H$s hr bmbgm ~Zr ahVr h¡Ÿ& {H$ÝVw Amn gXm hr gOJ ahVo h¢; ^yI go Or^ bnbnmVm hþAm gn© O¡go Myho H$mo MQ> H$a OmVm h¡, Cgr àH$ma Amn AnZo H$mbñdê$n go Cgo ghgm brb OmVo h¢Ÿ&& 66Ÿ&&

" This part is the extract from the song(Stotra), said by Lord Shiva (addressing to the cultured devotees princes Prachetas):- My dear Lord, all living entities within this material world are mad after planning for things and they are always busy with a desire to do this or that. This is due to uncontrollable greed. The greed for material enjoyment is always existing in the living entity, but Your Lordship is always alert, and due course of time You strike him, just as a snake seizes a mouse and very easily swallows him.[66]

AmnH$s AdhobZm H$aZo Ho$ H$maU AnZr Am`wH$mo ì`W© _mZZo dmbm Eogm H$m¡Z {dÛmZ² hmoJm, Omo AmnHo$ MaU-H$_bm| H$mo {~gmaoJm? BgH$s nyOm Vmo H$mb H$s Ame§H$m go hr h_mao {nVm ~«÷mOr Am¡a ñdm`å^wd Am{X Mm¡Xh _ZwAm|Zo ^r {~Zm H$moB© {dMma {H$`o Ho$db lÕm go hr H$s WrŸ&& 67Ÿ&&
My dear Lord, any learned person knows that unless he worships You, his entire life is spoiled. Knowing this, how could he give up worshiping Your lotus feet? Even our father and spiritual master, Lord Braham, unhesitatingly worshiped You, and the fourteen Manus followed in his footsteps.[67]

~«÷Z! Bg àH$ma gmam OJV ê$Ðê$n H$mbHo$ ^` go ì`mHw$b h¡Ÿ& AV: na_mË_Z²! Bg VÎdH$mo OmZZo dmbo h_bmoJm| Ho$ Vmo Bg g_` Amn hr gd©Wm ^`eyÝ` Aml` h¢Ÿ&& 38Ÿ&&

Although the entire universe is afraid of Lord Rudra, who ultimately annihilates everything, for the learned devotees You are the fearless destination of all.[68]



AÜ`m` - 28
n{V {d`moJ _| XwIr d¡X^u H$mo g_PmVo hþE ~«m÷U Zo H$hm --- {_Ì! Omo _¢ (B©œa) hÿ±, dhr Vw_ (Ord) hmoŸ& Vw_ _wPgo {^Þ Zht hmo Am¡a Vw_ {dMmanyd©H$ XoImo, _¢ ^r dhr hÿ± Omo Vw_ hmoŸ& kmZr nwéf h_ XmoZm| _| H$^r Wmo‹S>m-gm ^r AÝVa Zht XoIVoŸ&& 32Ÿ&&

" Consoling bereaved Vaidarbhi the Brahaman said:-My dear friend, I, the Supersoul, and you, the individual soul, are not different in quality, for we are both spiritual. In fact, My dear friend , you are qualitatively not different from Me in your constitutional position. Just try to consider this subject. Those who are actually advanced scholars, who are in knowledge, do not find any qualitative difference between you and Me.[62]



AÜ`m` - 29
nwaÄOZmonm»`mZ Ho$ àg§J _| lr ZmaXOr Zo H$hm
--- ~{h©î_Z²! Vw_ Bg H$_m] _| na_mW© ~w{Õ _V H$amoŸ& `o gwZZo _| hr {à` OmZ n‹S>Vo h¢, na_mW© H$m Vmo ñne© ^r Zht H$aVoŸ& `o Omo na_mW©dV² XrI n‹S>Vo h¢, Bg_| Ho$db AkmZ hr H$maU h¡Ÿ&& 47Ÿ&&

" In reference  to the Puranjanopakhyan(the story of Puranjan) Shri Naradajee said:-My dear King Barthisman, you should never out of ignorance take to the Vedic ritual or to fruitive activity, which may be pleasing to hear about or which may appear to be goal of self interest. You should never take these to be the ultimate goal of life.[47]

Omo _{bZ_{V H$_©dmXr bmoJ ~oX H$mo H$_© naH$ ~VmVo h¢, do dmñVd _| CgH$m __© Zht OmZVoŸ& BgH$m H$maU `hr h¡ {H$ do AnZo ñdê$n^yV bmoJ (AmË_VÎd) H$mo Zht OmZVo, Ohm± gmjmV² lr OZmX©Z ^JdmZ² {damO_mZ h¢Ÿ&& 48Ÿ&&

Those who are less intelligent accept the Vedic ritualistic as all in all . They do not know that the purpose of the Vedas is to understand one?s own home, where the Supreme Personality of Godhead lives. Not being interested in their real home, they are illusioned and search after other homes.[48]

lr ZmaXOr Zo nwZ: H$hm ---
H$^r-H$^r XoIm OmVm h¡ {H$ {Og dñVwH$m Bg eara go H$^r AZw^d Zht {H$`m --- {Ogo Z H$^r XoIm, Z gwZm hr --- CgH$m ñdßZ _|, dh O¡gr hmoVr h¡, d¡gm hr AZw^d hmo OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 64Ÿ&&

Sometime we suddenly experience sometime that was never experienced in the present body by sight or hearing. Sometimes we see such things suddenly in dreams.[64]

VoZmñ` VmÑe§ amO±q„{JZmo Xohgå^dåŸ&
lÕËñdmZZw^yVmo@Wm} Z _Z: ñàïw>_h©{VŸ&& 65Ÿ&&
amOZ! Vw_ {ZíM` _mZmo {H$ qbJ Xoh Ho$ A{^_mZr OrdH$mo CgH$m AZw^d nyd©OÝ_ _| hmo MwH$m h¡; Š`m|{H$ Omo dñVw nhbo AZw^d H$s hþB© Zht hmoVr, CgH$s _Z _| dmgZm ^r Zht hmo gH$VrŸ&& 65Ÿ&&

Therefore, my dear King, the living entity, who has a subtle mental covering, develops all kinds of thoughts and images because of his previous body. Take this from me as certain. There is no possibility of concocting anything mentally without having perceived it in the previous body.[65]

Ord O~ BpÝÐ`O{ZV ^moJm|H$m {MÝVZ H$aVo hþE ~ma~ma CÝht Ho$ {b`o H$_© H$aVm h¡, V~ CZ H$_m] Ho$ hmoVo ahZo go A{dÚmde dh Xohm{X Ho$ H$_m] _| ~±Y OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 78Ÿ&&

As long as we desire to enjoy sense gratification, we create material activities. When the living entity acts in the material field, he enjoys the senses, and while enjoying the senses, he creates another series of material activities. In this way the living entity becomes entrapped as a conditioned soul.[78]

AVEd Cg H$_©~ÝYZ go Nw>Q>H$mam nmZo Ho$ {b`o gånyU© {dœH$mo ^JdÐwn XoIVo hþE g~ àH$ma lrh[a H$m ^OZ H$amoŸ& CÝhtgo Bg {dœ H$s CËn{Îm Am¡a pñW{V hmoVr h¡ VWm CÝht _| b` hmoVm h¡Ÿ&& 79Ÿ&&

You should always know that this cosmic manifestation is created, maintained and annihilated by the will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Consequently, everything within this cosmic manifestation is under the control of the Lord. To be enlightened by this perfect knowledge, one should always engage himself in the devotional services of the Lord.[79]



AÜ`m` - 30
P² àMoVmAm| H$mo lr {dîUw ^JdmZ² H$m daXmZ Q>lr _¡Ìo`Or Zo {dXwaOr go H$hm --- à^wH$s AmR> ^wOmAm| _| AmR> Am`wY Wo; XodVm, _w{Z Am¡a nmf©XJU godm _| CnpñWV Wo VWm Jé‹S>Or {H$Þam| H$s ^m±{V gm__` n§Im|H$s Üd{Z go H$s{V©JmZ H$a aho WoŸ&& 6Ÿ&&

The Lord had eight arms, which each held a particular weapon. The Lord was sages and other associates. These were all engaged in His service. Garuda, the carrier of the Lord glorified the Lord with Vedic hymns by flapping his wings.[6]

CZH$s AmR> bå~r-bå~r ñWyb ^wOmAm| Ho$ ~rM _| bú_rOr go ñnYm© H$aZodmbr dZ_mbm {damO_mZ WrŸ& Am{Xnwéf lrZmam`UZo Bg àH$ma nYmaH$a AnZo eaUmJV àMoVmAm| H$s Amoa X`mÑ{ï> go {ZhmaVo hþE _oK Ho$ g_mZ Jå^ra dmUr _| H$hm
--- Omo bmoJ gm`§H$mb Am¡a àmV:H$mb EH$mJ«{MÎm go éÐJrV Ûmam _oar ñVw{V H$a|Jo, CZH$mo _¢ A^rï> da Am¡a ewÕ ~w{Õ àXmZ H$ê§$JmŸ&& 7Ÿ&&

Around the neck of the Personality of Godhead hung a lower garland that reached to His knees. His eight stout and elongated arms were decorated with that garland, which challenged the beauty of the goddess of fortune. With a merciful glance and a voice like thunder, the Lord address the sons of King Pracinabarhisat, who were mush surrendered unto Him.[7]

àMoVmAm| Zo H$hm --- h_ Amngo Ho$db `hr _m±JVo h¢ {H$ O~ VH$ AmnH$s _m`m go _mo{hV hmoH$a h_ AnZo H$_m©Zwgma g§gma _| ^«_Vo ah|, V~ VH$ OÝ_-OÝ_ _| h_| AmnHo$ ào_r ^º$m| H$m g§J àmá hmoVm ahoŸ&& 33Ÿ&&

Dear Lord, as long as we have to remain within this material world due to our material contamination and wander from one type of body to another and from one planet to another, we pray that we may associate with those who are engaged in discussing Your pastime.[33]

h_ Vmo ^Jdغ$m| Ho$ jU ^aHo$ g§J Ho$ gm_Zo ñdJ© Am¡a _mojHo$ ^r Hw$N> Zht g_PVo; {\$a _mZdr ^moJm|H$s Vmo ~mV hr Š`m h¡Ÿ&& 34Ÿ&&

Even a moment's association with a pure devotee cannot be compared to being transferred to heavenly planets or even merging into the Brahman effulgence in complete liberation.[34]

^Jdغ$m| Ho$ g_mO _| gXm-gd©Xm ^JdmZ² H$s _Ywa-_Ywa H$WmE§ hmoVr ahVr h¢, {OZHo$ ldU_mÌ go ^moJ V¥îUm emÝV hmo OmVr h¡Ÿ& dhm± àm{U`m| _| {H$gr àH$ma H$m d¡a-{damoY `m CÛoJ Zht ahVmŸ&& 35Ÿ&&

Whenever pure of the transcendental world ate discussed, the members of the audience forget all kinds of material hankerings, at least for the time being. Not only that, but they are no longer envious of one another, nor do they suffer from anxiety or fear.[35] 

AÀN>o-AÀN>o H$Wm àg§Jm| Ûmam {ZîH$m_ ^md go g§Ý`m{g`m| Ho$ EH$_mÌ Aml` gmjmV² lrZmam`UXodH$m ~ma~ma JwUJmZ hmoVm ahVm h¡Ÿ&& 36Ÿ&&

Lord Narayana is the ultimate goal of sannyasis, those in the renounced order of life, and Narayana is worshipped through this sankiriana movement by those who are liberated from material contamination. Indeed, they recite the holy fame again and again.[36] 

AmnHo$ do ^º$OZ VrWm] H$mo n{dÌ H$aZo Ho$ CÔoí` go n¥Ïdrna n¡Xb hr {dMaVo ahVo h¢Ÿ& ^bm, CZH$m g_mJ_ g§gmago ^`^rV hþE nwéfm| H$mo H¡$go é{MH$a Z hmoJmŸ&& 37Ÿ&&

Dear Lord, Your personal associates, devotees, wander all over the world to purify even the holy places of pilgrimage. Is not such activity pleasing to those who are actually afraid of material existence?[37]


AÜ`m` - 31
lr ZmaXOr Zo àMoVmAm| H$mo kmZmonXoe XoVo hþE H$hm --- Bg bmoH$ _| _Zwî` H$m dhr OÝ_, dhr H$_©, dhr Am`w, dhr _Z Am¡a dhr dmUr g\$b h¡, {OgHo$ Ûmam gdm©Ë_m gd}œa lr h[a H$m godZ {H$`m OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 9Ÿ&&Ûmam gdm©Ë_m gd}œa lr h[a H$m godZ {H$`m OmVm h¡Ÿ&& 9Ÿ&&

" Giving wise teachings to Prachetas Shri Naradajee told:-When a living entity is born to engage in the devotional service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the supreme controller, his birth, all his fruitive activities, his life-span, his mind and his words are all factually perfect.[9]

{Og àH$ma d¥j H$s O‹S> gtMZo go CgHo$ VZm, emIm, CnemIm Am{X g^r H$m nmofU hmo OmVm h¡ Am¡a O¡go ^moOZ Ûmam àmUm| H$mo V¥á H$aZo go g_ñV BpÝÐ`m§ nwï> hmoVr h¢, Cgr àH$ma lr ^JdmZ² H$s nyOm hr g~H$s nyOm h¡Ÿ&& 14Ÿ&&

As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk, branches, twigs and everything else, and as supplying food to the stomach enlivens the sense and limbs of the body, simply worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead through devotional  service automatically satisfies the demigods who are parts of that Supreme Personality.[14]

Omo bmoJ AnZo emókmZ, YZ, Hw$b Am¡a H$_m] Ho$ _X go CÝ_Îm hmoH$a, Eogo {ZpîH$#mZ gmYwOZm| H$m {VañH$ma H$aVo h¢, CZ Xw~w©{Õ`m| H$s nyOm Vmo à^w ñdrH$ma hr Zht H$aVoŸ&& 21Ÿ&&

Those who are puffed up with material education, wealth, aristocracy and fruittive activity are very proud of possessing material things, and they often deride the devotees. Even if such people offer the Lord worship, the Lord never accepts them.[21]

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