I so eat the masses, in the crowd after the fear of the angels of the angels, endless feelings in the Chinese wind in foreign hot, and crooked nuts design concept. Chinese style is not popular in foreign countries two days, foreigners on the re-creation of Chinese art and culture is not a day or two. Since the Chinese culture into the West, this cultural exchange has not stopped. No Christmas, first through the Spring Festival? Spicy Year of the Year Design! Clothing, porcelain, and even those uk replica watches, have been looking at the bright and rich Chinese culture above. Take the clocks and watches products, the Beijing Palace Museum, the collection of Jacques De Luo in the Qianlong years of the design and manufacture of bird bell bell; even the table Patek Philippe also done in the early years for the Chinese market, China clock watch products. In addition to this, all kinds of Chinese stories, legends and folklore, have also become the source of inspiration for these crooked nuts. These love of Chinese culture and art of crooked nuts for a stubble and stubble, but the love of Chinese culture is the same. This is not, China's monkey years have not gone, foreigners have begun to wait to meet the arrival of China's Golden Rooster! Bear the brunt of Vacheron Constantin in the recently launched Chicken theme watch, watch or use the Vacheron Constantin grand watch the basic design. Carved cock shape dial, and four-window display of the calendar function display. Maybe you think Vacheron Constantin's design is a little bit mean, we do not worry, there is behind it! Has always been in the eyes of everyone more style Chopin, but also once again the replica watches uk Chinese zodiac elements into their own new table theme. 2017 is the Chinese chicken year, and Chopard's watch has adopted the Japanese traditional painting process (which is a few mean?). Although everyone on this chicken year watch mixed, but personally think that this is still better than some other models. Do not believe, you look at yourself! Count, just two days before you boast you, you will be heaven! Earl Altiplano also launched a new Chicken theme watch, although the process used in the black and white gray enamel process, but this artistic effect, tut! After all, thousands of people in the eyes of a thousand Hamlet. Fortunately, the advantages of the count in its jewelry watch craftsmanship, the quality should be or bar! In addition, the AP on the dial is not Audemars Piguet, but the designer's name abbreviation. Have to say, in the design, the watch in the fashion Caspian Qi is still remarkable. At the end of the year, Swatch also launched his own grand watch this year.rolex replica watches with a festive red as the theme of color, watch the birthday chicken also uses a red paper-cut design. If this is to say something less, then do not know if you can accept the Golden Rooster's honey gaze, and cool color. In addition to tabulation, other luxury brands are not idle. Like Dior, Givenchy, Armani, etc., have also joined the melee. Cosmetics we do not understand, it is not limited. Has always been very style Dior, also launched his own year of the work of the chicken. Although not a watch, is the jewelry, but this design is really innocence is not obliterate. However, with a Chinese flavor of the red rope, or quite like that matter. In short this is the red rope and stay Meng co-save the design. Although this is a classic design, there are some spicy eyes of the Chinese style design, but we are still very happy to this cultural exchange. The nation is the world, China's history and culture and art profound, in the Western world will inevitably acclimatized. But the major brands each year on the Chinese elements of perseverance, but also reflects the importance of Chinese culture, and desire to understand the mood. Crooked nuts want to know China, but always no means, but as the descendants of the future we have the protection and promotion of Chinese culture. I hope that China's culture can not only wall outside the wall, but also hope to be more people in the country's attention and love.