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By the grace of Shri Bridavan Vihariji , after publishing the first part of “ Bhagwat Kahati Hai”. I am now glad to present before you the first part of’ Bhagwat Stavan Se Krishnaprapti’ ( Prayers of Bhagwat to Achieve Krishana). It is with the blessing of my ancestors and elders that I received continual inspiration to complete this task.

On the basis of my personal experience, I can say with full assurance that Srimad Bhagwat contains such stories, prayers and dialogues which after proper though if applied to our life then attainment of “ Pramanand’( the ultimate bliss) is certain. There is no end to the desires in life. The more one’s carving is satisfied, it doubles and grows. But one who takes shelter with Shri Bhagwad and based on it gains self knowledge, can be satisfied and happy.

To reach ‘ Parmanand in other words ‘Shri Krishna’ neither do we need to leave anything nor take to sanyas. If one has similar vision for the entire mankind rather that having a craving or possessiveness for an individual, has an attitude of live for all and in any kind of circumstances happy or sad, the mind focuses only on Shri Krishna, then we must understand that ‘ Parmanand  is attained.

Our all activities such as waking up, sitting, eating, drinking, doing business, studying, teaching or any other activity related to our daily life if entrusted to ‘ Kanha”( Krishna’s name) is enough to attain God. Work naturally becomes pure in this process. For  example if a renowned person like a king is invited to our house then all activities performed for his reception will naturally be according to his taste and comfort. Similarly if we invite ‘ Banke Biharji’ everybody and keeping his taste and wants in mind, prepare food, bath and get dressed, make money for his service etc. then all our work will involve God and will be for His attainment, and so experiencing ‘Parmanand we will make our life a meaningful one.

Other methods of ways to reach God are through worship, prayer or devotional singing, so says Bhagwad. But the prayers in Bhagwat play a different and special role. Through various prayers, God’s virtues and activities have been described which base the importance of God, this has been proved.

It is evident for the ordinary people that prayer is a simple method.

I have quoted some important prayers word to word from Srimad Bhagwat in this compilation. To rise above the biggest of problems these prayers are like free medicines for our betterment and convenience. Now it depends on us, how we use these for our uncountable problems and various diseases and cure them. Prayer, teaches us to bend, it makes us bow, which destroys pride and that removes anger, jealously etc. also and then comes politeness and in politeness seats ‘Parmanand’, hence prayer is a simple means.

Affectionately yours,

Om Prakash Dhanuka

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