Krishna's Prayer by Kunti

Shree Radhe

Blessings from respected Gurus and your encouraging appraisal on publication of four parts each of ‘‘Bhagwat Stavan Se Krishna Prapti’’ and ‘‘Bhagwat Kahti Hai’’ have made me feel successful in achieving my objective. I had selected short stories from Bhagwat scripts sometime back but ill health of my mentor Sri Sakal Deep Sing (Masterji) caused delay in publication. Simplicity of language was very essential since they were primarily meant for children. I sought advice and discussed with many including my so-called sister Smt. Usha Garodia (Disciple of Sri Anubhavanandji Maharaj) who has transformed the discourses by Maharajji into book form. She solved my problem and completed the work very efficiently in the shortest of time. Now the issue was to translate in English and my old acquaintance Sri Geeteshji suggested the name of Sri Prem Kapur of ‘‘Jan Sansar’’ and he translated the matter in simple English appreciably.

These stories from Bhagwat brings forward many faces of life and guides us how to maintain and balance during those times. All the teaching is through short stories only. Through these stories we can enlighten future of our children to lead life idealistically. Bhagwat is a complete science in itself. Since today’s science is incomplete numerous scientists are busy finding solution to problem and inventing something new every now and then. Shreemad Bhagwat is a precise volume containing the whole of today’s science and solution to every problem. We just need to know them and learn how to locate in Bhagwat.

I firmly believe that our new generation will find solution to every problem through these stories.

With Gratitude



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